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My Guidance

Walk with me and stand by my side,
Hold my hand and be my guide,
Stay with me throughout of it all,
Catch me when I am begin to fall,

Hold me when I am feeling down,
Make me smile when ever I frown,
Wipe my tears when I begin to cry,
Give me strength when I begin to sigh,

Love me even when I’m wrong or right,
Be my savior all through  the night,
Help me see the mistakes that I make,
Forgive me for things I may do or say,

So if there is a time I may ask too much,
Grant me with your warm special touch,
Watch over me and keep safe from harm,
If I don’t fall I’ll know I’m in your arms …

Written by Shari D Aughtman 

Copyright © Shari Aughtman | Year Posted 2018

To live is to be under Times jurisdiction

He sat glaring at the clock
risking the urge to fight the only way that you can 
his mind whisked him away to an alternate existence without the persistence of the clocks tick tock
for one is a slave to time with its rigid demeanor
watching your life trickle away with every flick of its finger
a constant formality reminding one of their mortality
twisting a rope in his hand wanting time its self to disband
he screamed as he tried to ignore how the walls closed in and the ticking roared
he tightened the noose and stepped off the chair
hoping time couldn't follow him there

Copyright © Cathrine Bailey | Year Posted 2018

Days ending

Twilight you always in the shadow

Copyright © Deborah Beachboard | Year Posted 2018


The more they told me what to do…the more I went astray 
The carnal man inside me said  to do it my own way 
And now the doors are firmly shut…Steel bars help hold me in 
With lots of time to think about the awful depths of sin 

There's nothing I can do or say to help bring my release 
I'm counted as a criminal…My freedom had to cease 
I look around and try to find some weakness in this cell 
But though I work both day and night I still inhabit hell 

My efforts to escape this death all surely are in vain 
I must reside to just endure this suffering and pain 
But then at once I heard good news…
Someone would take my place 
I never knew this man before…I never saw His face 
But He decided it was time a pardon came my way 
He took upon Him all my sin and said that He would pay 

He opened up the prison doors and gave me life again 
And as I eagerly stepped out He lovingly stepped in 

And now I want with all my heart to somehow Him requite 
To put to death this carnal man and strive to do what's right 
No greater love I'll ever know…No greater love I'll see 
Than someone stepping in my place 
And setting my soul free

Copyright © Deborah Bell | Year Posted 2018

Two Souls I Call My Love Story

An emotion I caught at 16
A feeling I want not to come back if not with he
A love that never quiet escapes my mind
How nolstagic my reality has become
Reminiscing on times we once were
The dreams and promises we shared
A memory that forever marks its once was joy in a heart I gave away
To him, and once a woman I fell helplessly for
One who marked her residence in my lovesick heart
And provoked a depth of love I never knew existed in me
A memory that brings a smile on my blur face still
Two souls I call my lovestory 
A tale I proudly speak in delight about
Even though life chose neither for me,
I still believe in love for I met it in both
My two lights, the Sun and Moon
Ones who reside joy and forever mark my heart
Like the rivers meet the seas, and eventually the oceans,
So does my heart for theirs, and eventually to a love infinite.

Copyright © Thato Bernice | Year Posted 2018



Somestimes we think, 
Sometimes we drink!
Sometimes our mind,
Is lost in liquor or wine!
The trouble between both black and white, 
Is that each see their view as right!
Let's work together for a single master,
Instead of fighting, which ends in disaster!
We could try annihilation of others,
But I ask you, who would go first!
With so much deviance in our behaviour, 
The human race is quickly becoming a disgrace!  
With more and more conflict, prejudice, and discrimination, 
What is becoming of our so-called wonderful nation! 
It is not too late for us to live in assimilation,
But the longer it is put off, this leads to disorganized nations!
All of us have God-give rights,
Why can't we live together, peacefully & quiet!
Let's all work together and end this vicious cycle,
Let's stop xenophobia, before it destroys us!!!  

Copyright © Shaun Best | Year Posted 2018

God Loves You

                                             God Loves You
God loves you and the qualities you possess.
He won't change tomorrow.  He will love you none-the-less.
When He made you, He made the color of your eyes.
He knew your problems long before your tries.
When you're poor in Spirit, and you think you've lost it all;
when your heart is sad and broken like pieces from a China doll,
He picks you up with gentleness as He would the cloudy sky,
and blows away the darkness without ever asking why.

Janet Marie Bingham

Copyright © Janet Bingham | Year Posted 2018

I know no different and that's the only thing I know

My mother told me she has never been proud of me and I am a failure.
My brother and sister leave me out whenever they get together.

My mum never praised me, 
all she did was correct me.

My brother and sister think they are better.
The academic brother who is reserved and clever.
The miserable sister, who is just like our mother,
and I'm just the baby, more talented than either.

You'd think I'd be upset but I know no different.
That is just the reality of how this life went.

But still it drives my ambition to do the impossible.
One day they'll be wishing that they were loyal and not selfish and horrible.

Against the world am I,
that I'll be until I die.

Copyright © Bobby Blooby | Year Posted 2018

Someone Special

Like a summers day and a blue sky
Like a deep breath and a long sigh
Like a tear drop in a little cry
That is of coarse you and I
Your eyes are deep like autmn skies 
Your face glows like a eternal sunrise
Your lips do make such beautiful smiles
You have a touch so tender, so caring
You never tire in sharing
You are a angel
A meadow in full bloom
You are the light in every full moon.

Copyright © Darren Bowes | Year Posted 2018

Past My Sell By Date

                                                 Past My Sell By Date

                                           My face is getting wrinkles
                                           My hair is turning white
                                           My bladders getting weaker
                                           I have to get up in the night

                                           All my Joints are creaking
                                           I'm in such a state
                                           I think that I just have to say
                                           I'm past my sell by date

                                           When I go out walking
                                           I have to use a stick
                                           My weight is on the up and up
                                           My waist is getting thick

                                           I need to get much fitter 
                                           But I'm afraid that its too late
                                           I think I must admit it 
                                           I'm past my sell by date

                                           But look there in my cupboard
                                           There is a Christmas pud
                                           I know its past its sell by date
                                           But I bet it still tastes good

                                           I may be old and wrinkly 
                                           With joints that creak but wait
                                           I can still enjoy myself 
                                           Though I'm past my sell by date

                                           I wont live forever
                                           But I can still live well
                                           And if they say I'm past my sell by date 
                                           Well they can go to hell

                                             Denis Briggs 2017

Copyright © Denis Briggs | Year Posted 2018


                      The words I write are what I want to say, but cannot
                              My mind is scrambled with thoughts
                                  I write them to ease my pain
                              Anger sits deep within my memory
                              Blackening my heart of love to hate
                         The actions you play are read clearly in my eyes
                             No words are needed for your betrayal
                           You have no regrets for the actions you played
                                How can I forgive and yet try to forget
                            I cannot change how you hurt me in the past
                          But I will change how my heart feels about you
                                    I will not let you hurt me again
                             You have pulled my heart strings for too long
                                  The fog has been lifted from my mind
                              Your hurtful games will come back to you
                          Do not ask for help, my hands will not reach out
                               My smile will show what you have done
                                    You will always be in my memory
                            I walk away from you; my mind and heart are one

Copyright © Tammy Bromwich | Year Posted 2017

The Quietness of the World

The cancellation of the world 
In my hands, waiting for its turn 
As it calms me on my worst day
Almost like it was a pray granted 

The noises from the outside not to be heard
Only the figures of the flock of birds
Looking as if they were dancing to the melody in my ears 
Or even if they were moping to the sight of my tears 
As it was a way of expression through words 
Wiping out my fears to my following peers 
The music out to be inspired and clear 
Not to be misinterpreted

A way of freedom 
But only a in way pass
To the demon
Who never treated you like glass 

Copyright © Jasmine Cisneros | Year Posted 2018


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