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I started writing poems in 2011 and find it an excellent hobby. 

Where I live is in France, but I am English.

My poetic philosophy is this -

Understatement in poetry gives the readers more to think about than overstatement.


Premiere Contests - My View

Blog Posted:4/4/2019 1:49:00 AM

A great pleasure I get from them is sorting out poems into what counts for me (based on good poetic knowledge) as first, second, third, etc.  This is done without my knowing who the poets are, so the next thrill is seeing the names on the winners' list against the poems I have chosen.  Sometimes the winners' list is short and that is often because people have sent in poems far away from the subject matter.  Consequently, these works have to be disqualified altogether.

People are genuinely pleased to do well in these (often under ten) winners' lists, and that crowns my enjoyment.



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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/5/2019 Looking for Button Free versecat,
3/17/2019 A Billion Ponds Free verseemotions,
3/6/2019 Lady with a Bun Free versecharacter,woman,
3/3/2019 Why I should win 1st Place Rhymepoems,poets,
2/28/2019 Shovels Free versemystery,
2/20/2019 The Man at the Fair Rhymescary,
2/4/2019 Taking Stock Personificationencouraging,wisdom,
1/29/2019 Blue Lady Narrativemystery,
1/25/2019 Entertainment in Heaven Monokuheaven,
1/12/2019 A Bus Stop Called LOVE Rhymecute love,fun,
1/9/2019 A Waitress's First Day Imagismgirl,work,
1/2/2019 Wisdom a la Sophie Rhymeinspirational,wisdom,
1/2/2019 January Acrosticjanuary,smart,
12/29/2018 Rhein II - The Photograph Verseperspective,river,
12/22/2018 Snakes and Ladders Monokugames,
12/22/2018 Together Monokucute love,
12/20/2018 Winter Haikudog,tree,winter,
12/13/2018 The Tinker Metrical Talecute love,
11/11/2018 Gorse Verseflower,imagery,
11/11/2018 Say Cheese Rhymedrink,perspective,
10/24/2018 Certitude Senryulife,spiritual,
10/15/2018 Seen You Shapesimple,
9/30/2018 Rumination Free verseanimal,anxiety,remember,
9/28/2018 Wendy Versegirl,
9/25/2018 How Sweet It Is Versenonsense,sweet,
9/23/2018 A Midwife Rhymebaby,jobs,
9/15/2018 Pink City Rhymehappy,
7/10/2018 I Know the Land Lyricfantasy,nice,
7/4/2018 Missing the Beauty Haikubeauty,
6/25/2018 Summer Cooking Verseangst,
6/23/2018 Why There Are Stars Free versebeautiful,meaningful,
6/2/2018 Poor People Didacticchristian,nice,
5/28/2018 Ice-Cream Tree Versefood,sensual,simile,word
5/10/2018 haiku Haikusea,storm,
5/3/2018 Drawing Haikuart,river,
4/29/2018 Jangling Haikufeelings,
4/23/2018 haiku Haikuintrospection,
4/16/2018 Pointer Verseinspirational,
4/15/2018 Haiku Haikubird,sea,
4/14/2018 Yesterdays Acrosticdream,school,
4/12/2018 Lady on the Tree Versemystery,
4/1/2018 Again and Again Lyricangst,
3/24/2018 Watery Violin Rhymemusic,myth,
3/22/2018 Lovers on the Pier Lyricfun,love,
3/14/2018 Red Tomato Market Versefruit,inspiration,
3/8/2018 Mostly Bluebells Monorhymeemotions,flower,spring,
3/5/2018 A Look Out Haikuwater,women,
3/4/2018 Activation Rhymejudgement,
3/4/2018 Poor Mice Verseanimal,science fiction,
2/27/2018 In Wait Haikufear,
2/17/2018 Mother Versehumorous,mother,relations
2/6/2018 Valentine Cometh Monokuvalentines day,
2/5/2018 Little Old Lady Number Light Versetechnology,
1/21/2018 Do Not Depend Didacticlife,metaphor,sea,
1/16/2018 Weather Forecast Rhymehow i feel,humorous,weath
8/3/2017 In Search of Lost Boys Free verseangst,,memorial,
7/28/2017 A Lourdes Arrival Haibunjourney,
7/17/2017 Aquarium Date Free versegoodbye,relationship,
7/13/2017 A Childhood Memory Quintain (English)imagery,
6/11/2017 Multicultural Vespers Free versereligion,
6/5/2017 Bells for Saint Barbara Concreteprayer,
5/13/2017 The City of Toulouse Versecity,
5/2/2017 Goddess of Beer - Mythology Coupletdesire,drink,
4/28/2017 Fancy-Free Monorhymefreedom,poetry,
4/24/2017 ART - Henri Matisse Quaternart,cat,fish,
4/5/2017 The Candy Lady Dramatic Versedark,murder,
4/5/2017 Ode to a Pansy Odeflower,
4/3/2017 Your Favorite Song - Lilacs Lyricinspirational,song,
4/3/2017 A Scarf From South Africa Free verseafrica,culture,
3/28/2017 The Chip Man Verseaddiction,
3/25/2017 Deep Down Lyriclove,love hurts,
3/21/2017 March Middleness Rhymemarch,wind,
3/18/2017 The Beauty Queen Senryutechnology,
3/14/2017 Lavender Light Verseinspiration,poetry,
3/14/2017 Blue Eyes Versebeauty,
3/13/2017 To A Non Nature Lover Rhymenature,
3/9/2017 If Wishes Were Horses Light Versehorse,
3/9/2017 Turn Water Into Wine Lyriccute love,
3/6/2017 Nail Polish Personificationfun,
3/4/2017 Rainbow Colored Camouflage Narrativeimagination,inspirational
2/28/2017 Toothpaste Tube Versefeelings,
2/21/2017 Triad in 7 Beats Verseallusion,nature,
2/20/2017 If We Were Trees Free versecreation,tree,
2/20/2017 Sexy Expletive Haikuclothes,sexy,
2/18/2017 The Hare and the Tortoise Verseinspirational,
2/18/2017 Heartbreak Verseheartbreak,
2/17/2017 Dude ---- Rhymetravel,
2/17/2017 Variance Versemental illness,
2/16/2017 A Nun Sat Me Down - 2 Versefun,perspective,
2/16/2017 Just a Little Bit of Sugar Versebullying,metaphor,prison,
2/14/2017 Pregnancy Test Personificationappreciation,baby,cry,
2/12/2017 A Castle Outline Versesuicide,
2/11/2017 Yours Truly Versebaseball,black african am
2/7/2017 A Nun Sat Me Down Verselife,men,poetry,
2/7/2017 A Chocolate Sponge Wedding Cake Rhymechocolate,food,humorous,w
2/5/2017 Playing Football Limerickboy,car,father son,footba
2/2/2017 The Washer Woman Haibunmystery,new york,
1/31/2017 Song For Beulah Lyriccute love,dance,song,
1/30/2017 If Earth Became Sugar Lyricgod,magic,prayer,
1/28/2017 Stepping Through Time Narrativedance,

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