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I started writing poems in 2011 and find it an excellent hobby. 

Where I live is in France, but I am English.

My poetic philosophy is this -

Understatement in poetry gives more to think about than overstatement.

What Do We Want From A Poem?

Blog Posted:3/16/2017 1:45:00 PM


My Answer - Not Necessarily Imagery

Imagery is not the only criteria for a good poem, and indeed many good poems don't have this.  It is such a shame that SHOW, DON'T TELL is a reminder on some sites, as it doesn't take account of intellectual poems.  The latter is a far more rewarding type to compose and it doesn't have the "look at me - aren't I wonderful?", "forced to be beautiful" presentation in the imagery at all costs poem.  If I want to see a beautiful lake, I can see one in a photo or painting or in real life.  Any of those will do a better job than words.  Words have primarily an intellectual, not descriptive purpose, I would argue.  There is such a thing as an adjectival overload in poems.




to misquote a footle I once saw.

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