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blame Ruben he engouraged me lolz - Nathan D.'s Blog

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blame Ruben he engouraged me lolz

Blog Posted:7/5/2013 2:20:00 PM
So after watching this movie called “Stay”, which is a total mind binder, I started thinking of some stuff most of which is rather stupid but I did come up with a simple equation. First there is patterns, patterns lead to sense, and sense leads to reason, and reason leads to faith and faith leads to reality. patterns-sense-reason-faith-reality. It’s only a random thought so bear with me. The very first thing that was created was patterns. As soon as all those little atoms started to cluster together they created patterns. First all the quarks started to make patterns and then all the neutrons and then all the atoms and suddenly you have a universe full of patterns. (side note the human brain is designed specifically to find patterns so much so that in the absence of patterns it will create them which does lead to some insanity so I suppose it’s possible there are no patterns in which case the equation looks like this insanity-patterns-sense-reason-faith-reality) we live in a universe of nothing but patterns. (Another side note if we aren’t crazy why our brains are specifically designed to search for and find patterns. We are as they say the most intelligent aminals does the fact the synergy our brains have with patterns the main cause, I mean what patterns do aminals know, well we know a rat can make it through a maze to find the cheese does that mean it knows the pattern of the maze after running it a few times or that it merely remembers the way.?) Once you have a system of patterns developed everything starts to make sense. It’s like everything is the way it is because it makes sense that way. It makes sense that life would evolve on the earth because that is what the patterns dictate. Maybe sense isn’t the right word or should be linked with reasons though. No it should come after reason because once you have the patterns set the reasons all start to fall in place. The reason life evolved on earth is because it’s the only planet that holds all the patterns necessary for life to evolve. Or why did life evolve the way it did, because of all the patterns that were set in place. Even life is a pattern; all those single cell organisms got together and started to make some really complex patterns. Thinking too much of all the patterns and the reason that spawns from such as the gravity forming form the patterns of mass ext.….. Would make this longer than necessary and it’s gonna be too long anyways. Once you have patterns making all those reasons then you have sense because everything makes sense once you see the patterns and the reasons behind them. All you have to do is look at greater knowledge of physics and compare to the past things don’t make as much sense back then as they do now. (Yes they believed the world was flat and that the earth was center of the universe this only proves the last two about faith and reality as well as going off and adding to the first side note that misinterpreting the patterns or the reasons they create also leads to insanity.) You see once things make sense even if it’s an insane and incorrect sense you start to form faith. Do aminals have faith? Doubt it, they only have instinct but what is poems/love'>love if not an instinct. And why are we so concerned about be separate from aminals, since when did they get such a bad rap. Because its neccasary to maintain our dominance which if you must know is bred into all aminals not just the predators and that is the subject for a different rant. So hard to keep track of a train of thought were every answer just leads to a million the real marvel of science is that it has remained focused enough for it to advance as far as it has I suppose we have neccesity for that. Anyways I never said that the faith or the reality drawn from the interpretations of the patterns would be correct after all everything is relative. But it’s very important to note not on a physical level but on a metaphysical level. I could care less about the mechanics of the universe except that we are infinitely more entwined in then I would like. The patterns of normal life not all the patterns merely some. You wake up shower eat brush your teeth head off to work, work some take a lunch break work some go home eat shower sleep., add all your personal little touch to the equation, rinse repeat five or six days of the week and throw in your basic weekend activities and we can see a very general design to the pattern of your live. Let’s not get into a debate about nature vs. nurture but come to an agreement that we all as a whole form an every changing and evolving pattern that started with our ancestors and changes with each generation. The patterns we all established are formed since childhood based wether loosely or tightly on those of the ones that raised us or housed us or what not. So let’s get to juicy stuff the first pattern that comes to mind and the one I believe that has the greatest effect on our lives my old arch nemesis “habit” let’s face it I have smoked enough to know I shouldn’t smoke but damn old habits are to break. You can say I am addicted but what is an addiction but a habit. That doesn’t seem quite right but I know what I mean and I’m not here to discuss the specifics of our language and interruptive meanings. (Side note are do you see how everything is connected, I can’t stick one train of thought when I write them down because all tracks lead in all directions. Again that is for another rant) I must be crazy normal can write on one subject without any problems but please don’t call me absent minded my mind is the opposite of that call me presently minded lolz makes me laugh) where was I yes habits play the biggest part. You don’t brush your teeth because you know you should you brush them because you are in the habit of brushing them.  You need to tie your shoes when you put them on but you don’t really think about tying them you just tie them because you r in the habit of it.  I can take it to a deeper level, for those of you that have wives and husbands when they tell you that they love you and you say it back it’s not because a you love them (which you may or may not regardless of what you tell them) it’s because couples fall into the habit of saying it to each other., not a bad thing in my opinion as habits aren’t. But you know in those moments you say I love you before you head out the door to go work or hang up the phone or fall asleep you don’t really mean like you mean in times of stress or joy. The reason I don’t believe it’s bad because it’s nice to hear it even if isn’t full blown I love you because you a creating a habit of love. Unless you don’t mean it then but that’s the dark side of habits we can create good habits that reinforce good things or bad habits that reinforce bad things. Don’t forget all the gray areas. The world is like 80 percent gray 10 percent black 1 percent good and 9 percent other lolz. But those little habits lead faith the faith that we love the ones we do and that they love us. Wether our faith is misplaced or not is not the issue (everything is relative because everything is connected.) we all have faith.  And that faith leads in the ones we love defines our reality. I hear the funny joke that Christians don’t believe in gravity and in them they always fall to their death. The fact it’s a joke doesn’t deter from the fact that in there reality there is no gravity. Again your personal reality may kill you or worse make you insane. To lead a good life we must find the patterns interpret them correctly be careful of what we have faith in and never trust your own reality because reality is an illusion the fact that your illusion has a better understanding of gravity then some Christian who falls to death because gravity doesn’t exist in his doesn’t mean that your reality is any more real. Now comes the fun stuff. We can look at for example where and how all the people in the United States died. I don’t have the numbers they are important for this mind experiment so I’m just gonna make some random ones up for example lets last year in the united stated 35 percent of deaths occurred while Americans where driving. We now have a general pattern. Of that d 20 percent 25 percent were caused by drunken drivers and 30 percent were caused by people on their phones and the last big percent at 15 involved semis. (Like I said no idea just making them up.) Now we have a better picture of the pattern and a reality starts to form. The deeper we look into those numbers at specific case by case the better the pattern looks and the better reality we can get because it starts to create more reason and make more sense and it creates a faith whether it’s a general faith that you shouldn’t drive drunk or a more deeper faith by looking at every case of drunk driving we can now see unrelated patterns in the lives of drunks driver that we simply don’t have the man power you know what I’m get off track the point is we can change reality now that we see the patterns. The better we see the patterns the more we can change reality. Good question how many lives you think have been saved since they started all those don’t drink and drive ad campaigns. How many more do you think have been saved since they created the designated driver program? If you can see the patterns and interpret them properly you can change reality. I die a little inside when I hear people speak of reality like it’s a wall or that it’s like gravity it’s something that is just there. Yes we can change everything about reality.  No not at this time but it is possible. Science has the potential to do anything. Take it or leave that’s my reality science given the time and the funding and the bodies and the blood will be able to do anything because people reality is not a solid thing. Yes there are guidelines. Gravity is a guideline and we can already bend that a little. Humans can’t fly so we built planes …take that gravity hahahha. Again off track on a personal level it’s a simple as seeing the patterns in your life and the reason they lead to and the sense that it makes and the faith in the things you have faith in and ultimately your own little personal reality. everything is connected and everything is relative that means that we are all wrong or we are all write or some gray in the middle that mind doesn’t want to ponder. Change isn’t just good it’s necessary. Doesn’t have to be something drastic and life altering but you need otherwise you grow stagnant and that leads to nowhere good. Now I sound like some idiot who feels like he knows everything and understands what best for everyone but I don’t this all just random thoughts my reality is mine and I will note share it…..take that gravity hahahahha.

*editors note these are just preliminary thoughts I have thought far more deeply on this subject and the theory is fundamentally flawed but feel free to leave your own thoughts as I am still perfected the design ......hahahah take that gravity
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Date: 7/7/2013 1:49:00 PM
it's like seldomly saying everything everyone has a purpose. in which links to nothing. ..take that pattern and hem a tard for me.... jk... im getting ready to read the blog 3 hours from now... i don't have the peace I need...ATM ..love you
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Date: 7/5/2013 8:37:00 PM
wow... come and think of it' it is long... I'll be back after closing my contest... luv luv.... and I blame me for this one... but, you blame Ruben :-) :-) LOL, that one I put in the bag purposely ...... and now lets talk about them aminals again... (animals) in which you did purposely PLUS others. Ruben might have missed that one...
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Date: 7/5/2013 8:26:00 PM
Interesting read Nate: One of the first questions I remember asking my mother was about gravity. I asked why trees didn't fall over...she also told me there were roots hidden underground. I was only three at the time but had a lifelong fascination with nature and science and the connections. This is why they can make atomic bombs(nuclear) nucleus atoms...it is all interconnected.
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Date: 7/5/2013 8:20:00 PM
Nice Nathan....one must not forget that...in the 20th. Century....97% of deaths in the world....and we're talking MILLIONS of people ....met their death at the hands of their OWN GOVERNMENT....always....after mandatory disarmament of the population.....makes one pause...jimbo
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Date: 7/5/2013 2:29:00 PM
another side note stupid soup why don't you have it set up to show how many views a blog has you know I have a massive ego to feed lolz take that soup hahahaha
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