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World Poems

World Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about worlds. This list of world poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. The beauty of our planet is incredible; however, the issues associated with this society are mounting. We hope that the world will become a better place and we write poetry about this hope, as well as, the reality of life in this world.Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of world poetry. This list of works about the world is an excellent resource for examples of how to write world poems. 

New Poems

you’re not my judge, nor my jury;
And I don’t have to worry;
I’ve been unforgiven-BY YOU…
And yet I’ve already paid my dues;

I am
Oh, woo a oh

Not of this place;
Just a sinner, saved by grace;
Not of this world;
Yet still I’m a...Read More
Categories: world, analogy, appreciation, encouraging, forgiveness, humanity, inspirational, jesus,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Voice of the Voiceless

hearts fire up
from within the womb
the start up
of a flame
the flicker of hope
for those wonderfully made
in the image of God
the start of no pain
drying of tears
from each chamber
can you hear   can you hear
the cheer of...Read More
Categories: world, abortion,
Form: Free verse
The Parable and the Penguin

All the world a stage
Our love not left on a shelf
Waters edge, in spades

Written in stone, ring
Waddle waddle kind of swing
Will you marry me

As we take the plunge
Into the depths out of blue
Our ceremony

Is a slow walk, true
Is a path...Read More
Categories: world, beach, beautiful, best friend,
Form: Haiku
all of them lied to him
creating a world that made him
ideal to be victim to whatever
they wished of him
the woman they allowed him to
believe loved him
only made opportunity
to him when she found need or was in despair
and she scheduled time...Read More
Categories: world, business, extended metaphor, loneliness, music, song,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member True Love CONTEST
Is there such a thing as true?
Love exist no questions asked
Yet is true really real?
Love is essential and necessary

I guess you can call it, True Love
There are many types of true love
I love your outfit and new shoes
That’s the truth...Read More
Categories: world, love, true love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member A Moment in Time
I stand in the doors of the funeral room and I am afraid,
             afraid-  of how I am going to get through this long day;
I knew the...Read More
Categories: world, grief, mother,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Less Smiles
If there were no poetry...there would be people we would not know 
People like William Shakespeare and Edger Allen Poe 

If there were no poetry...What would Dickinson be 
Would she live in isolation or live a bit more free 

If...Read More
Categories: world, poetry,
Form: Verse
down in the basement it is warm
with memories of
Grandma’s beauty shop
and dusty with
piles of books.

to ward off
my merry-go-round spree
of her chair,
she sends me downstairs
to choose
whatever books that i want.

i was drawn to
Daphne Du Marier’s
funny i never read
but watched the movie

my...Read More
Categories: world, books, memory,
Form: Free verse
Are You Sure Im Mad
People thought I’d lost my head but I was just confused, 
l had facts to make sense of stood in a queue.
others had theories easy to refuse 
loaded with madness showing delude, 
and I got away for reasons unknown 
as...Read More
Categories: world, drug, mental illness, smart,
Form: Rhyme
Bygone Days
Gone are the times when we did play
when laughter swept us through the day 
when sunshine filled the world we knew 
with petals wet from morning dew 
with lilac trees and sagebrush brooms
and e'er the sweet honeysuckle blooms

What would I...Read More
Categories: world, nostalgia, old,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member If You Only Believe - The Balassi Style

~ If  You Only Believe  ~
 ( Balassi )


Jesus is the  only  way 
For Salvation   any  day 
He can Forgive all  your sin 
If you  only  believe 
Salvation you'll...Read More
Categories: world, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Storm of Ages
The Storm of Ages

I was given a taste of something... sweet. 
Innocence reborn a new, 
I... am... born... again. 

While some celebrate, 
others cringe and cry.
They try to mock and separate, 
what is truth and real? 

Yelling openly,
and not the...Read More
Categories: world, allah, america, angel, fate, islamic, jewish, mental
Form: Narrative
It Took Death To Make Me See
When I learned my mother had cancer with zero time to live I went into shock -Like being thrown into another dimension. It felt surreal things looked like when the desktop changes settings, the display switched to high contrast with...Read More
Categories: world, bereavement, blessing, change, death, death of a
Form: Free verse
No More Poetry
Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” ...
Leonardo Da Vinci

What if there was no poetry in this world?

Unpoetic world with no more poetry
No more perfumes to permeate flowerbeds.
No...Read More
Categories: world, poetry,
Form: Free verse
i dont like it here
i am a creation of empty minded sex
and anger that plucks the heads from flowers
i come from broken glass absorbed into the front seat
from a desolated house 
where plates and pillows whisper dirty words
where mirrors dont hold reflections

i dont know...Read More
Categories: world, 11th grade, abuse, anxiety, dark, depression, mental
Form: Free verse
Pagan Creator
Pages of white lust
are recalling Summer moons
tugging a retreating 

roar. God of Insanity:
objects personified shaped
to impact reason 

in his senseless world.
Hands reach within closed eyelids-
chis luring the heart.

Cancerous pain seeps,
then tunnels. A maroon creek
rushing through sand-colored

walls of leek-like tissue.
It is...Read More
Categories: world, allah, allusion, courage, deep, emotions,
Form: Haiku
Heavenly Angels Watch over me
Oh! Heavenly angels watch over me twenty-four hours by hours by night and by day.  Watching over me, by keeping me safe from harm. Holding me in their  strong and secure arms.  Whenever I call out their...Read More
Categories: world, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Lay
Premium Member A Softer Bed to Lie On
Ahh, resting in easy patio chair, knowing so much
Here at my perceived comfortable, materialistic finish line
Oh contented laziness, living within lack in need to rush
Free from schedule and time, dreaming eyes place the only space.

Observing the life and living energies...Read More
Categories: world, 12th grade, appreciation, feelings, joy, meaningful, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Interface

100 seconds to midnight
implosion imminent
or irreverent interface


"One Thing" / Dave Gahan & The  Soulsavers

1. Interface / synonyms:

affiliate, ally, associate, combine, confederate, hang together. band (together), collaborate, concert, concur, conjoin, conspire, cooperate, join, league, team (up), unite. Connive. More
Categories: world, future, humanity, love,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Confused Miles
Confused Miles

are too far away. 
I live here and you live there. 
The world, 
smaller all the time, 
but still. 

Parts are on fire. 
Some are even flooding. 
Be safe my dearest one. 
You are family to me. 
There are...Read More
Categories: world, addiction, america, angel, fantasy, goodbye, political, smart,
Form: Free verse
Categories: world, beautiful, dream, light, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
When The Sky Fell
Before the sky fell, life was perfect. Before the sky fell, I felt like I had my life together. Before the sky fell, my family was strong. Before the sky fell, I felt like I had friends I could depend...Read More
Categories: world, angst,
Form: Free verse
A Wondrous Place
A Wondrous Place
by Dylan Williamson

Started the day like any other,
Without a single care in the world
Went from one place to another
And my sight of the world swirled
‘Til no more, I could could only see stars
That twinkled and shined wondrously
And then...Read More
Categories: world, addiction, angst, dark, death, drug, teen,
Form: Sonnet
The Kiss
It has been with me my whole long life,
Wafted on the gentle breezes of the wind,
It's followed me 
Down the ragged pathways of my mind.

It was in the rain that washed the parched places in my heart,
And I found it...Read More
Categories: analogy, beauty, war, water, wind, wisdom, world,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member In Youth I walked The World So Bold
Frivolous, wanton, devil may care.
pompously, bogus, respectable airs.
an arrogant youth, endowed with beauty.
born of leisure, with no sense of duty.

In youth, I walked the world so bold.
never worried a bit, while growing old.
never noticed my life, wasting away.
only living, and...Read More
Categories: world, age, irony,
Form: Sonnet

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