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War World Poems

These War World poems are examples of World poems about War. These are the best examples of World War poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Valor

Valiant Danish women –
Village of Helsingor –
Virtue's vital vanguard 
Veiled in the Sewing Club
Violence victims freed
Via Oresund’s strait -
Victory of valor

In 1943 after the Nazi...

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Categories: courage, women, world war

The end of the world cometh is the mountains fold and fall They plummet the streams runneth over brooks and lakes dry up. The sun...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, conflict, world,

A World Meant to Grow
My great-grandfather was a farmer,
He yielded crops by the harvest moon
When spring came to bloom 
He had a son, 
My grandfather was a military-man
He disappeared...

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Categories: world, change, culture, environment, family,

Premium Member The Lancashire Lad 1914-18 war

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Categories: world, conflict, courage, emotions, england,

Loos, France, Fall 1915
Slaughter amongst the slag heaps
Bodies bowed over barb wire
Screeching, screaming
artillery arching above
soon to descend
amputating limbs
shattering skulls
blood and brains
splattering stains on
comrades too close
mixing with the mud


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Categories: death, history, war, world

Premium Member Apocalyptic Poems I
These are prophetic poems and apocalyptic poems ...

The Vision of the Overseer’s Right Hand
by Michael R. Burch

“Dust to dust ...”

I stumbled, aghast,
into a valley of...

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Categories: world, earth, earth day, environment,

Premium Member TYNEWALD

This IS the darkest time,
This IS the darkest day,
When men fell,
When women pray;
THIS is the darkest time,
THIS is the darkest day,

When unlived eyes close,
When ...

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Categories: hero, history, world war

Premium Member Our world is crying
Our planet is weeping, and faith is at low and vacillate.
A severe risk as a result of the global warming challenge 
Concerns have arisen as...

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Categories: world, adventure, allusion, angst, animal,

The Last Train to Auschwitz
      1.3 million people sent there
          1.1 million...

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Categories: death, holocaust, jewish, world

The Bullecourt Digger
I stopped looking up at him standing so tall
And I wondered how they stood to the end of it all
When it was mud and blood...

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Categories: remembrance day, world war

Premium Member When Neighbor's Came Around
Remember those days, long ago,
When friends would come to call?
October was a good time, hazy
(Indian summer) anyway, in the fall
After the harvest was in.
The kids...

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Categories: nostalgia, remember, world war

Premium Member A Major World Problem
Human beings a fault of earth's malnourished
We have good reason to be afraid for it
All gone where life once woven and had flourished

Future might find...

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Categories: world, earth,

Premium Member The Forest Of My Dreams

The forest of my dreams grows peacefully,
with varied species living side by side;
the tall and short, robust or willowy-
green oaks, red maples- verdant hues abide.


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Categories: dream, metaphor, world,

Premium Member Last Train to Auschwitz
They mocked him, the old religious fanatic
  Asking God a question with every step
Pleading for mercy for each of the town's Jews

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Categories: world, death, god, jewish, life,

Tears On The Iron Rail
Bodies crammed shoulder to shoulder
Packed in wooden cattle cars
Their destination to them unknown;
Men, women, and children,
Old, young, and grown.

Bodies standing crowded and pressed against each...

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Categories: world, depression, fear, heartbreak, holocaust,