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Changing World Poems

These Changing World poems are examples of World poems about Changing. These are the best examples of World Changing poems written by international poets.

Walking Through This World
Walking through this world, to the other side,
it's easy-going, then a wild ride.  
Times are a-changing, have you heard the news,
there comes the novel,...

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© meru groen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, friend,

Premium Member Walking Into Enlightenment
So many think about changing the whole world,
few think about changing their very selves.
Standing on the precipice, peer beyond.
Pierce your personal, privileged bubble.
View the vast...

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Categories: world, art, heart, love, nature,

The Day The World Died
"The Day The World Died"
By: T.C.Fulton

You were the voice in the crowd..
You were there when they all listened..
How quiet you were? 
How loud was the...

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Categories: world, animal, appreciation, character, nature,

The hate, the wait
the crimes, the times
endless situations occur
where is love?
why so much hatred?
amongst those that are known
where is the love? Some families are feuding

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Categories: world, change, giving, love, peace,

Walking, talking, and dreaming. See between
A world unfolds around, within the land
Green and purple. Do you see what I mean?
The sand will fall as time...

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Categories: world, 11th grade, destiny, dream,

a world without violence
when it's taught
and they see it
or hear it, then
they speak it,
'that's a shame',
but who's to blame
it's not their way
to seek it
weaponry and hate
are a combination

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Categories: world, poetry,

Premium Member In Youth I walked The World So Bold
Frivolous, wanton, devil may care.
pompously, bogus, respectable airs.
an arrogant youth, endowed with beauty.
born of leisure, with no sense of duty.

In youth, I walked the world...

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Categories: world, age, irony,

Premium Member How Do I Feel
How do I feel?
I feel bad,
It doesn’t seem real,
The world’s gone mad.
Everything I‘ve known 
Is changing fast,
An ill wind’s blown,
The die’s been cast.

People are built...

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Categories: world, angst, change, culture, emotions,

Premium Member In a Frenzied World
We plot and arrange and configure and plan.
Keeping busy every ounce of second we can.
Wearing down our heels on human hamster wheel.
Dashing toward solid goals...

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Categories: world, 9th grade,

Premium Member Our Fading World
              I love nature,

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Categories: world, earth, environment,

Premium Member SANTA MAY BE LATE

'Twas the night before Christmas
I had myself a beer
Brushed off my apron
It was time for cheer
After all it’s Christmas eve
Hear! Hear!
It’s so exciting
A lovely atmosphere

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Categories: world, christmas, fantasy, stress, time,

Premium Member The World In Masquerade Game
In the world

There is not barbed wire fencing of romance,
not sterility of bull story,
not indigestible speech of life

There the independence is as the multiform mind

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Categories: games, mystery, world,

Some say that our thoughts create our reality;
moods, colors, stars, birds, maps....
everything changing to our minds' will.
You don't need a magical wand or psychic powers

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Categories: world, art, beautiful, beauty, how

all around beauty
Every day there is a chance
You'll find a reason for a dance
Of joy happiness and cheer
Look around, it will be there
In the sky so bright...

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Categories: beauty, happiness, world,

Premium Member The blue world
We are surrounded by the beauty of this world in which we live,
which asks nothing of us - existing purely just to give.
A lonely blue...

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Categories: life, world,

Changing World

The world has changed since I was born,
and from bad to worse, I fear, has gone.
Politicians once peace defenders
are now its worse fomenters.
Religion’s lost its...

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Categories: world, dark, humor,

Rediscover the Christmas Symbols
Life is like riding a bicycle,
Unless it freezes like the ‘Icicles’
When you were born you were free,
Now it is time to scale up like a...

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Categories: world, christmas, imagination, miracle, new

See The World
Born in a nest of house
First its ambiance chicks loves
Fed and cared by mother
Who wants one day it to go further.

With flapping wings chicks takes...

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Categories: world, 12th grade, bird, life,

According To Time
I do not think there is truths in anything we say
Because it’s like lies... changing in accordance to time
Living with someone or no one... day...

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Categories: world,

Premium Member 2019 Women's World Cup -Overview
women changing the game
Women's World Cup "Dare to Shine"
Women's World Cup Goaaaaaaaaal!!!...

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Categories: french, soccer, sports, world,