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We Live In World Poems

These We Live In World poems are examples of poetry about We Live In World. These are the best examples of World We Live In poems written by international poets.

How beautiful this world is
How beautiful this world is
How charming everything seems
Oceans, deserts, breeches 
mountains, Forests and fields

Every bit is so pleasing
At peace
Air, water, fruit and all our food

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Categories: world, life,

Our hearts beat to the rhythm of dreams. 
Our souls are immensely dreamy, 
And our world is following the path of dreams, 
And even the...

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Categories: world, dream, future, girl,

We live in an era 
when you confess to someone 
that he is the one, 
he will just stare blankly at you 
and say: Oh,...

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© Diana Bosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, hurt, life, love, sad

Seeking rhyme and reason in politics these days
Great victory, Boris!
Still reading Horace?
Dear me, Jeremy,
his own worst enemy.
And Nigel Farage?
 must be still at large.
Has Donald Trump
got caught in a sump?
Is Vladimir Putin

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Categories: world, political,

A World Without Poetry
Imagine a world without poetry!
What a sadder world we would have
My late father loved the romantics
Such as Wordsworth and Tennyson
Poetry won't bring you riches
But it...

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Categories: world, love, peace, poetry,

Premium Member HIGH TECH

	  o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o...

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Categories: world, change, life, people, spoken

World of tears
World of tears - 
We live in a sad sad world. 
Full of sad little boys 
And sad little girls 
And despite the shared sadness...

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Categories: world, absence, depression, emotions, feelings,

Cruel World
What a cruel world we live in
A world led by Satan
A world so confused, 
that is so filled with ruse

Oh, you think, at least there...

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© Roy Jacks  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: christian, corruption, faith, world,

Premium Member A World We Live In
-A World We Live In-
Like a wingless bird flying in the dark sky
Like a morbid chime you can’t hear
Like happy evil demons crawling into you

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Categories: world, dark, death, deep, fear,

In a smart world
in a smart world
nowadays the world is growing
smart this smart that 
are now usual among 

nowadays we build our world
in smartness
no wonder moral...

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Categories: world, africa, freedom, humanity, inspirational,

Premium Member Under Control
We live in a society 
that teaches us to control 
all the things we can’t,
and accept no control of the things we can,
and our destiny


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Categories: appreciation, inspirational, life, world,

A world
We live in a world full of hatred and betrayal
A world that will go viral 
As time goes by and we evolve 
They will be...

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Categories: world, betrayal, corruption, evil, hate,

Life Course
At school they always told you:
to follow your dreams, 
but they never mentioned you:
how expensive they are, 
selling your soul to live in the devils...

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Categories: world, life, metaphor, social, society,

Real World We Live In
R-eal world we live in 
H-as made us learn to survive; 
E-very day meets the morrow, 
A-s we keep our hopes alive. 

C-reated real world...

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Categories: world, birthday,

As the world turns
It’s a nice night time,
Long before we ever thought, ever thought
We’d be taught, taught to live
And To live without what we’ve always hold on to,

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Categories: world, philosophy, remember,

Mortal Mother
Does it matter?
The future of our country, our world, the billions we're destined to create 
Legacies built on humble ground form concrete jungles our sun...

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Categories: world, children, environment, humanity, society,

The world keep getting colder and colder
The world  keeps getting colder and colder
I never knew it hard to be human 
I never knew life could be 
this bitter for too...

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Categories: world, africa, courage, dedication, fear,

I Dream
I dream of a world of unique identity,
where we don't group individuals for simplicity.
I dream of a world where you can't accuse systems,
where self reflection...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, age, community, culture, freedom,

A World That Lives In Me
It's funny, the world we live in--a world of 
family, enemies and friends. The planet is a beautiful 
place; it recycles everything and leaves nothing...

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© E Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, love,

This World
This World 

The world we live in 
Has become so cruel
Children are now afraid to go to school
No longer there for an education 
They're fearing...

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