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Peace World Poems

These Peace World poems are examples of World poems about Peace. These are the best examples of World Peace poems written by international poets.

How beautiful this world is
How beautiful this world is
How charming everything seems
Oceans, deserts, breeches 
mountains, Forests and fields

Every bit is so pleasing
At peace
Air, water, fruit and all our food

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Categories: world, life,

A Reminder That This World Has An End
A pandemic coronated our world with thorns.
It stings came with fame
And locked down the busiest cities;
A reminder that this world has an end.

The miracle workers...

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Categories: world, earth, earth day, environment,

Premium Member A World Without Pity Part II
I will begin my story with this concise summary,
Of the amazing things that have happened to me;

After I had lost a home, where I'd lived...

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Categories: world, adventure, earth, fantasy, love,

Premium Member What If
Cova 19 may be the beginning of world Peace. All nuclear warfare will seaze so our world leaders can come together to stop this deadly...

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Categories: world, america, appreciation, earth, emotions,

Premium Member on a roll
curious humans
nations working together—
toilet paper wars...

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Categories: anxiety, future, peace, world,

The crows are singing their haunting melodies , death is in the air .
People walk aimlessly , cops driving by the sirens blare. Covid-19 the...

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Categories: world, death, humanity, sick, society,

Premium Member Upbuilding Poetry
My cousin Nick and I went down to town
To take a gander at what’s goin’ down
Long lines of people at the coffee shop
So many people...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, anxiety, encouraging, poetry, poets,

Deadly Intruder
POEM " DEADLY INTRUDER" by martin gedge

What is this intrusion of each breath I'm taking in
to move with every muscle nestled neath my blood and...

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Categories: world, animal, death, environment, fate,

Screams Screeches Groans and Wails
Screams, screeches, groans and wails, 
Brutalities, agonies, torture, and blood, 
Tear Gases, pallet guns, bullets and bombs
Humanity sobs, world is falling apart 

Kids are blinded

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Categories: world, conflict, confusion, cry, earth,

Premium Member Disease By Dialogue-A Poetic Conversation
The Gloved One 

Halt who goes there? 

The Disease 

I am the health care scare. 

The Gloved One 

Is your name bubonic, measles or tee...

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Categories: world, care, fantasy, grief, health,

Save the world
Save the world 
Let the peaceful 
To be in peace
Cos the world 
Interrogates the innocent
For the rich to be stable
So disallow this act 
If you...

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Categories: world, africa, confidence, courage, dedication,

Ignorant world
Ignorant world
A perfect world 
Never exist again
A defined world 
Is all we got today 
Defined and determined
With out our opinion
Remains the story 
Of our era...

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Categories: world, africa, death, encouraging, freedom,

Premium Member The Virus Coronavirus COVID 19
"V"irus now controlling the world.
"I"n every home changes are coming.
"R"un to the store to get what you need.
"U"se peace not fear to escape the stress.

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Categories: death, prayer, world,


Do not
despair my friend, 
there is still hope a better world
for us to make-kinder, nobler, juster 
I discern, far on the horizon of time,
the dawning...

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Categories: love, peace, world,

Premium Member A Parallel Earth
It was the weekend, and I was sleeping late that day,
Alone with the morning, while savoring marvels of May.

As I drowsed luxuriantly, at the outskirts...

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Categories: world, adventure, earth, fantasy, love,

Another trouble in the world
Another trouble in the world 
I wish we could clean 
Up the world 
Instead of spraying 

I wish we could clean 
Up our soul 

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Categories: world, africa, dedication, deep, humanity,

Pushing agenda
Pushing agenda
It use to be guns
It use to be wars 
It use to be the winner 
Rules them all 
If actually they win 
Cos we...

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Categories: world, africa, corruption, humanity, political,

Premium Member A Mission Of Love
Feel the wonders of every word
bring poetry scent to the world
break any chain of hate and rise
our differences, let's harmonize.

Unleash inner beauty and bond
reach out...

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Categories: world, art, beauty, blessing, earth,



 the gray sky of a virus, angry
            furrowed brows -

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Categories: christian, sick, world,

The hate, the wait
the crimes, the times
endless situations occur
where is love?
why so much hatred?
amongst those that are known
where is the love? Some families are feuding

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Categories: world, change, giving, love, peace,