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Out Of This World Poems

These Out Of This World poems are examples of poetry about Out Of This World. These are the best examples of World Out Of This poems written by international poets.

Europe United Not European Union
The British Empire was built by fate
made rich advanced to stand up straight 
Have knowledge and allies to collaborate 
prevent Europe a Russian satellite state


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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, america, conflict, crazy, england,

Cosmic Jewels

If Keats could have seen through Hubble’s eyes
when the sonnet ‘Bright Star’ he wrote,
meaning its telescope-imaged skies
with those stellar tableaux afloat,

would he have noted ‘aloft...

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Categories: world, earth, fantasy, nature, poetry,

Out of this World
There was a gal who saw little green men
while drinking Guinness - about nine or ten,
she thought they would disappear
if she stopped the Irish beer...

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© George Aul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, holiday, humor,

Premium Member Out of this World
nobody knows where I’m going
I am not a child of this world  
they say I’m just passing through
but I know the difference between the...

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Categories: world, how i feel, lost,

Premium Member The Doomsday Clock - 2- Minutes To Midnight
You go about your daily life,  but do you even care ?
That one day you will wake up and your earth's not there
And what...

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Categories: conflict, war, world,

Your Poetry Is Out Of This World
Intelligent life is out there;
I can't see this being untrue.
So on that premise let's be fair,
There are alien poets too.

My only question is therefore,
How "human"...

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Categories: world, appreciation, humanity, introspection, poets,

Premium Member Out Of This World

Heard the term “out of this world” a few times
Should be used sparingly for special moments divine
Like a pizza supreme
A belly satisfying dream
Or a roll...

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Categories: world, appreciation,


I am writing this poem about love.
Mostly for the loveless,
the love hurts and heart breaks.
The love saints believing in fairytale endings.
Love emojis.
Blindingly selecting gains.
You do...

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Categories: world, crush, deep, desire, loneliness,

Premium Member An Out-Of-This-World Vacation

Such wondrous vista on high, what magical secrets will it share
Since the very beginning, we've dreamt of this voyage extraordinaire
Not too many years from now

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Categories: world,

Premium Member The world is a small plane
I have travelled through the cluttered corridors of my tired mind countless times. 
I have reached deep into the dark abyss of my captive soul...

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Categories: world, appreciation, faith, inspirational, love,

Dungeon of Thoughts
Where am I? Where has my vision brought?
Am I in the boundless horizon?
Or prisoned in my thought?
Is there a way out of this dungeon? 


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Categories: feelings, happiness, world,

Out of This World
each page is a portal
to another dimension
opened by the spell
of poetic intention

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Categories: world, imagination, poetry,

Out of this world
How do you mock he who's chosen by the Gods?
Enslaved minds failing to acknowledge the reality before their eyes,
Cut from different cloths courage cooked from...

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Categories: world, faith,

Premium Member Out Of This World
Another day gone
I come home
And see you standing there

Arms open wide
You hold me like
I've been away for years

Moon light glow
First thing I know
your touch takes...

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Categories: world, angel, desire, journey, love,

Premium Member The Ride of my Life
How many of us, go down in history
Well she went down on me, just you wait and read

It happened ten tears ago, boy was it...

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Categories: world, lust, people, places, space,

Out of this World
You are cordially invited
To a party on the moon!
We’re not quite sure about the date,
But relatively soon!

In case you were wondering
About how you should dress;

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Categories: world, moon, travel,

I thought it would come, it was on its way
if it had made it in time we might all be okay

we can't point any fingers...

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Categories: world,

Exiting My Old Life For A New One
My life needs to be reset
Every time I try to exit
Out of trouble and confusion
It leave me with more contusions
From each fall that leaves me...

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Categories: feelings, life, world,

Out of this world
Out of this world are my thoughts you see cause they are filled with and vitality 
infinite minds roaming these galaxy's exploring space and time...

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Categories: world, future,

Premium Member Set Yourself Free
Go now, rest your weary heart.
Against the soft moonlit night.

Walk into the valley of peace and tranquility.
Loosen those chains that bind your soul.

Let them fall...

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Categories: world, allegory, death, faith, time,