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Out Of This World Poems

These Out Of This World poems are examples of poetry about Out Of This World. These are the best examples of World Out Of This poems written by international poets.

Out Of This World
Sipping her tea without  any visible relish,
Her crumpled bag of shopping at her tired feet,
Alone she sits in the cafe  and isolatedly apart

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Categories: world, death, loneliness, sad,

Satans Yoke of Bondage
In the shadows of the night,
I feel Satan's yoke, so tight,
His grip upon my soul,
Is a weight I cannot control.

I am lost in his embrace,

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Categories: world, bible, dark, evil, religious,

Hold Onto Your World
Hold onto your world little girl 
and please don't kill the butterflies. 
Remain sweet when society taste bitter 
and keep that light in your mind.

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© mo ntr  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, age, girl, strength, wisdom,

I am at odds with this world 
bearing ill will towards all,
There’s a moral outrage brewing 
in me that I’m unable to constrain.

It’s like I...

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Categories: betrayal, world,

Overton Window --Song Lyric--
Link to recorded song 

Verse 1:
I have this idea, but no one will listen.
I'm having thoughts of a world that could be.
We could end...

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Categories: world, 12th grade,

Premium Member World No Longer Seeks Her
Confined in her own twisted idealism
she wonders if there is a way
to punch out of this hell

Integrity be damned
The world no longer sighs 
with the...

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Categories: world, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Two Out Of This World Friends
The yellow and blue ground,                    ...

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Categories: world, blue, fantasy, friend, kiss,

Out of this World

In and out of this world
I'd buy her more than diamonds, pearls
And ice cream with swirls

Work hard to get it, no matter the likelihood
Girl, let's...

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Categories: world, dark, deep, love, poetry,

Premium Member A Better Tomorrow

Politicians want to make money,
Use this virus as a kind of excuse,
Media spreads fear and it's not funny,
Is there a way to overcome these blues?


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Categories: angst, recovery from, world,

People always talk about themselves,
They don't care about anything else.
The same song chorus
We hear when the wind blows.

Maybe one day, at the end,
Our conscience will...

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Categories: world, fear, how i feel,

World of love
Love is such a beautiful feeling
when u love someone
You forget everything in the world
It felt as you r out of this world. 

You always smiles...

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Categories: world, love hurts,

Premium Member Grace and Solitude
Grace how sweet you are in my time of need,               ...

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Categories: world, beach, feelings, prayer, time,

Europe United Not European Union
The British Empire was built by fate
made rich advanced to stand up straight 
Have knowledge and allies to collaborate 
prevent Europe a Russian satellite state


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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, america, conflict, crazy, england,

Cosmic Jewels

If Keats could have seen through Hubble’s eyes
when the sonnet ‘Bright Star’ he wrote,
meaning its telescope-imaged skies
with those stellar tableaux afloat,

would he have noted ‘aloft...

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Categories: world, earth, fantasy, nature, poetry,

Out of this World
There was a gal who saw little green men
while drinking Guinness - about nine or ten,
she thought they would disappear
if she stopped the Irish beer...

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© George Aul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, holiday, humor,