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End Of The World Poems

These End Of The World poems are examples of poetry about End Of The World. These are the best examples of World End Of The poems written by international poets.

end of the world
end of world
the fears world-wide
soon find us dead

bring out the dead
the dead die
death lies here there

there goes here
as death here comes
soon here death comes

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Categories: world, america, angst, anxiety, god,

Premium Member Fear of The Unknown
We are all facing this stressful, difficult time.
So many questions, and fear of the unknown.
If we could deal with it being mindful and kind.
Remembering that...

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Categories: anxiety, confusion, fear, world,

The End of the World
The end of the world as we know it -
The cockroach, the virus, the poet....

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Categories: world, surreal,

The End of the World
I hope I'm wrong but I sense we may be on the verge of mass coronavirus hysteria in America: last week both my gym and...

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Categories: world, anxiety, appreciation, death, humanity,

birds flying over an empty meadow
the black birds 
flying over the meadow
filled with wild flowers
in a spring day
are lonely

they are looking for their friends
the humans who alas are no more

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Categories: world, angst, animal, anxiety, environment,

wandering a nuclear holocaust
I wake up
find myself

wandering in a hot dessert
baking in the malign rays 
of a dying sun

I realized 
that i am walking around 

a post nuclear...

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Categories: world, america, angst, anxiety, death,

Captain America
Hi, hey, hello
What makes you so special?
Question they ask and the answer you know.

Imminent phase will make you see
That the weirdest thing science ever created...

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Categories: world, america, brother, celebrity, fantasy,

Verily rescued from hell’s destructiveness
Let’s involve in world missions along salvation’s fruitfulness
To advance God’s kingdom of heavenly righteousness
By His holiness and justice-forgiveness.

Verily enlightened from religion’s...

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Categories: world, blessing, christian, devotion, faith,

mountain forrest after end of humanity
Mountain Forests
Driving through the vast forests
Of Central Oregon 
Through the wall of trees
I imagine them talking to me 

The trees are whispering 
Dark satanic rituals...

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Categories: world, angst, anxiety, conflict, holocaust,

Departure From Kamieniec
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 9/27/2019

In winter, you can hear only falling snow
and feel the power of frost on the face
they also knew about it, the...

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Categories: journey, war, world war

Premium Member WORLD WAR 4-
Renaissance application
Reconnaissance analysis
Execution resolution
Fathom scorn
World War 4

Handsome fashion
Antichrist laughing
Culvert compassion
Resolution disaster
End of the world
World War 4

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr ©2019...

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Categories: world, allusion, analogy, anger, betrayal,

Premium Member The End of the World

It ends, when I say it ends.
Don’t tell me
that the world is ending
before I leave it.
When I leave it,
that’s the end – not before.

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Categories: world, poetry,

In Our Own World
We autistics live in our own world and the real world at the same time and there's no problem with that. It's the chance for...

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Categories: world, poetry,

Dear Uncle
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 5/30/2019

Dear uncle, regardless of how things are, 
wherever you are, in what remote place, 
do you remember that exile from Kamieniec?...

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Categories: dedication, memorial, war, world

Dying World
Sun burns earth where wheat once grew

dry as sticks now no chance to renew

Rain will fall no more to enrich the land,

mother cant cry ,silenced...

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Categories: world, dark, environment,

worlds within worlds lost in inner space
A man woke up one day
Lost in inner space
Went so far down
The proverbial rabbit hole

That he did not know
Where he was
Nor what time it was

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© jake aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, dream, drug, mental illness,

The world is unkind for Jonah
Too often, I find, you’ve fallen behind
Brightly, you shine, at end of the line
More passion than most
Intensely you boast 
Embrace your design, in a world,...

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Categories: world, mother son,

End Of The World
Detaching myself from materialistic things;
Preparing for catastrophe.
Figure I will feel less sorrow
When everything that meant something
(But now is slowly not meaning anything)
Shall drown along the...

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Categories: world,


This drought and curse
Of hand to mouth;
An unrepentant encroachment of pauperism
Impregnating our back country
Our bigwigs in back country
Stand aloof
Season after season
Millions of...

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Categories: world,

Premium Member Sunshine After The Rain
Sunshine After The Rain

Sarah and John, awaiting their firstborn;
	a nurse and soldier, in each other's arms,
in war-time setting, were at times forlorn
	by their romantic joy...

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Categories: conflict, emotions, love, world