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Problems World Poems

These Problems World poems are examples of World poems about Problems. These are the best examples of World Problems poems written by international poets.

World of choices, 
people of  different colours and choices 
poets write different perspectives for their audiences,  
Sometimes it depends on the locations of the poets. 

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Categories: africa, encouraging, truth, world,

The World lies on lies, 
The rise of  truths always 
Sound problems in minds 
And thoughts of some folks. 

August 25/2023...

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Categories: world, truth,

Think about man but subtract the humanity
Wonder whether it will be an upgrade of a calamity
Well the time has come, for it is not a...

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Categories: world, corruption, visionary, war, wisdom,

Didn't See It Coming, Part II
...“It would be done in secrecy,
authorities wouldn’t approve…
but I tell you we can do this,
our results, so far, have been good.”

Carson thought for a long...

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Categories: world, confidence, corruption, dark, evil,

Invention of Today Problem of Tomorrow
Made something new,
People clap and cry,
"This invention will save the day!"
"Things are faster now!"
~People Happy~
A hundred or even less years pass,
People dying, loss and despair,

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Categories: life, society, world,

Find best friends to come out of your communal Problems in the World
Someone can advise you 
To be friend of big rich people 
To be also rich in the future. 
I am telling you to be ...

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Categories: world, confidence, courage, encouraging, motivation,

Premium Member Chapter 61-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: Cruel Ball Plans and Birthday Celebrations
Average affluent Almost Afternoon 
11:30 morning time.  Damian was
Still asleep as were DJ and 
Amadeus. Molly and Dolly were 
In the kitchen planning Barrington...

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Categories: world, environment, family, father son,

On top of the world
On top of the world, I stand so tall,
Feeling the wind and hearing the call,
A sense of freedom, a rush of joy,
As if I can...

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Categories: world, 10th grade, 11th grade,

In us many free gifts
Lodged in men are many free gifts
That life gives a push plus its rifts:
Ability to crucial points sift,
As crisis rages painless drift,
In gyms, later in...

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Categories: world, celebrity, creation, image, inspiration,

I am that I am
I am that I am 
Only God can save my soul 
Cos my trust on humans
Are shaking
Selfishness remains obvious
While greed never disappear
From man made creation

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Categories: world, africa, confidence, courage, freedom,

Premium Member The spiritual mountain
The spiritual mountain is an arduous climb.
Just keep looking up. Don't glance at behind..
It's bound to get tougher the higher one goes.
Be careful where you...

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Categories: world, god, spiritual,

Premium Member Evocation in contrary Juxtaposition
Arabic:  (Alam) meaning "world" or "universe"

A character of a madman has a role in the play. 
Henceforth, the casting was done,
Alam, the madman, to...

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Categories: world,

You forget who you are
Amidst the chaos of this journey
You ignore your true purpose
Trying to chase your problems
You lose your identity
As you suck into the...

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Categories: world, identity, irony, life, poetry,

World May Topple Good People
Imagination if is very limited
Problems appear small or big
But, if the same is damn wide
Great truths are discovered

If we are highly lenient
We may become a...

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Categories: world, abuse, bullying, confusion, crazy,

The World is Your Home
There are roses everywhere, my child
Yet, you should be careful of the thorns they carry. 

There is sunshine everywhere, my child.
If you only learn to...

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Categories: world, child, encouraging,