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Issues World Poems

These Issues World poems are examples of World poems about Issues. These are the best examples of World Issues poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Perusal Of The World

Born April twenty-ninth, nineteen forty-nine
in the small city of Bathurst New Brunswick, Canada;
I am the third eldest of thirteen children, ten girls, and three boys.

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Categories: world, 10th grade, 11th grade,

An Imagined World
Free Speech and Equalized Opportunities
Sometimes can be the issues rattling sensitive

In some portion of the earthly forests
Birds restricted to sing freely are sad
As their words...

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Categories: world, analogy, anti bullying, bird,

“Fédération Internationale de Football Association”… that’s FIFA’s whole name
“International Federation of Association Football” is its English translation claim
“F" in FIFA Women’s Cup can stand for...

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Categories: world, appreciation, courage, devotion, football,

What's The Point
Some people say the world is round, some say the world is flat. 
But once the truth is learned of it, what's gonna be done...

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© Niyna Che  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, anxiety, care, community, earth,

Premium Member Falling Upon My Sword
My ethics roundly are ignored.
I prepare to fall upon my sword.
However true I wield my blade
given time, thrusts seem to fade.
Now it appears to be...

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© Greg Gaul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, america, heart, philosophy, political,

Escaping the influence of societal greed
Elevated insight
So clear
Bright surety

Releasing the grasp of kaleidoscopic obscurity
Accepting any false judgments

Microscopic impurities

They are just contemporary deceits
Don't let them become your present day defeats
Don't feel...

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Categories: world, change, corruption, courage, culture,

Slivered Thoughts
I left home 
I have not returned yet 

A narrow stream runs behind my yard
I throw seeds in it and hope for the sun to...

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Categories: earth, tribute, world,

Premium Member A Greener Bodhisattva World
This is the third time
I've read Beyond Religion:
[non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-violent]
for A (not "The") Whole World
[ZeroZenZone Universe, psychological and politically eco-logical].

In the second, of two, sections,

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Categories: world, beauty, green, health, humor,

When I was 16 years old, I walked into the English class on the first day of school of a new year. I’d been waiting...

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Categories: world, 9th grade, allegory,

I Dont Give A Fig About The Brouhaha
I Dont Give A Fig About The Brouhaha...
of new year's eve,
yet yours truly does consider
at least one singular plum me facet by Jeeve
er...Robert (or Rabbie)...

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Categories: world, assonance, august, farewell, january,

What's Going On - What Is It
Is it the West Wing is not the Best Wing?
Is it the White House is not the Right House?
Is it the President needs a New...

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Categories: world, america, change, leadership, people,

If I could stop the world
If I could stop the world from turning
I could stop people from only earning
If I could halt the jealous sea
Just imagine what we could be


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Categories: crush, time, world,

Premium Member Speak Up
Don't want to be a bother,
Don't want to come between
Don't want to cause distraction
Don't want to make a scene.

Though stating really clearly-
I fear there's something...

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Categories: world, community, faith, people, together,

Biology! Biology! How many times have I called you?
You frighten me every time I hear your name,
Because I can’t withstand your lies and pain you...

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Categories: world, 8th grade, black african

Premium Member Plastic Islands Adrift
So where's our lauded critical thinking, wisdom of the ages,
When far at sea unbridled plastic pollution rages?

Two large patches of plastic debris
Are circling in the...

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© Greg Gaul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, conflict, destiny, nature, ocean,

My Age

My age is nothing but a number, nothing but a slumber that I can’t wake from, this is what I’ve done. I’ve looked around...

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Categories: world, age, deep, for teens,

Where did this hate come from
Come on people lets be civil
Why we causing so much trouble
In a world that needs to see
So much more humanity
Hatred can be lessened by 

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Categories: world, change, discrimination, earth, how

World Forum of Monkeys
In the year 00000 countless monkeys
met in an imaginary tundra palace
to discuss security of their forest life
Chimpanzee was the chair monkey
and secretary was tropical ...

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Categories: world, humanity, satire, wisdom,

Premium Member A Brave New World
A xerox copy of a species has become more 
prevalent in two-thousand seventeen-
There are different processes used to 
produce a genetically identical biological entity.
Cloning sheep...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: world, books, life,

Premium Member Still a Brave New World Ahead - Cloning, Eugenics Not Dead
Is government control of humans’ birth, aging, and dying
In century 26, as practiced by a new World State;
Different from 20th century’s use of eugenics,
Which used...

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Categories: world, baby, birth, body, humanity,