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Surmounting Poems

Surmounting Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surmounting poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surmounting.

New Poems

Gullible Phrases Gulped
hoisted hanker trips
cranky cause clipped
soapy sauce seeped'n
in taunted tease
smoldered spiritualism scribbled
on dark dwindles

gaunt gifts sieved
sumptuous seal retrieved
haughty hoists spilled

bounty beards blushed
surmounting syllabic touch
gullible phrases gulped

porous pen puked
drenching vying view.

Note: Dedicated to George Herbert....Read More
Categories: surmounting, hero,
Form: Sonnet

Read - emption
Sumptuous suggestions straddle stagnancy
Summoned by engaging pages
Susceptible skulls imbibe vibrancy
Surmounting latitude notion ravages

Authors serve smorgasbord swathes of research 
Reading's pizza fuses flavours opposing
Issues investigated, valid views aptly asserted
Essays stretch perception, anomaly concepts provoking

Unfurling knowledge tunes recognition's accord
Rhizomes capacitate vertical fronds...Read More
Categories: surmounting, books, education,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Bouncing up with gratitude
my heart leaps midst jubilant beat
rising to praise God* for His blessings
overtaking me this New Year.

Propelled by the Holy Ghost
my faith strides steadfastly
ascending along trust’s push
to triumph midst obstacles.

Advancing the Saviour’s kingdom
my spirit promotes righteousness
surmounting hatred with...Read More
Categories: surmounting, appreciation, blessing, christian, devotion, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
The Beginning of Men
At the center of a turmoiled earth _ stood the last 4 men
None knew the tongue of the other whether thick or thin
None knew the face of him, or the soul that lurks within
None knew the lives of he, whomever,...Read More
Categories: surmounting, 2nd grade, cry, earth, forgiveness, prayer, voice,
Form: Free verse
Why should I
by and by
Give in to a little 'White Lie?'

400 years and counting
Yet deception, destruction and death surmounting 

From whips and chains
to covert stress and strain

Make believe or pretend
this macabre never seems to end

Like water flowing  from a...Read More
Categories: surmounting, america, anger, black african american, cry, death,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Bon Voyage In Your Life Journey Ahead
I, (though ye feel averse associating
with birth father) attest,
perhaps undeserving your vicariously quest
regaling, surmounting, and triumphing
storied Penn ultimate academic conquest

affirms his pride and joy at
stellar success no credit to this beastliest
inept papa, who winces with tragicomic,
woe how animosity toward me...Read More
Categories: surmounting, adventure, beautiful, devotion, education, hate, i love
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Colorado Low

Swallowing whole

Suffering till

...Read More
Categories: surmounting, snow, spring, storm,
Form: Lanterne
Trapped in a consciousness freezing constantly,
burning with the sun under the dense cold tree.

Astounding, so grounding, surmounting you go,
Applauding, intending, pretending indeed.

Dancing with the ocean with submerged bare feet,
The very quest of nature, u barely can see.

So are you...Read More
Categories: surmounting, anxiety, autumn, deep, inspirational, introspection, math, nature,
Form: Couplet
No Plans
No Plans:
My life
at present.
is nothing but a giant waiting room
in which i stand 
for our life together
to begin
I plan to invade you
marching to your very heart
then surrendering.
God has a plan
the plan he had for us was meeting each other
In life...Read More
Categories: surmounting, grief, happiness, journey, life,
Form: Epic
Dear Fatima
Dear Fatima,

Here are a few words I am afraid to say.

Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them…and they flew. - Guillaume Appollinare

I am afraid to speak....Read More
Categories: surmounting, dedication, health,
Form: Ballad

Premium Member a dual aspect of life
A Dual Aspect of Life
“Son do you remember your dreams…”
The old man said, 
Soft spoken sullen,
Reminiscence hard on his tongue,
A man whom few have seen...

“Some have sold their dreams
For the riches of this world it seems.”
Soft spoken,
Sullen still…
“As miles turn...Read More
Categories: surmounting, america,
Form: Free verse

Shadow from window pane passed as if life
Fear remained cautiously what if it entered
Neck stunned suggesting eyes stay being stiff 
Palpitation rose steep up surmounting throat 

Guys from inside shriveled and shrunk bodies
Few step away shadow stopped and coughed
Then a...Read More
Categories: surmounting, evil, morning, night,
Form: Blank verse
'Oh' my Will
'Oh' my Will..!

'Oh' - my Will - surmounting you,
is forever an uphill!
thy wreck my peace,
and let never a moment at ease!

Every pause that thy prop-up, 
and every turn do thy rake-up;
the Will not to do, as against,
the Will that wants...Read More
Categories: surmounting, allusion, confusion, introspection, muse, mystery, psychological, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
The Scow
The Scow

Unsteady on the bow he stands
As waves wash o're the deck
Upon "The Scow" is heard...ALL HANDS
To help avert a wreck. 

Each night the stars convey our path
To south seas we are bound...
But tempted we, Poseidon's wrath...
Now pray we're not...Read More
Categories: surmounting, myth, sea,
Form: Quatrain
Crosshairs of Time
Time plays its tricks in the recesses of our minds;
Like love's lost lament and identity's paradigm.
Nonetheless, we still make our journeys in vain,
As we travel our paths, one step at a time.

Life's generally demanding and not trouble-free.
At its crossroads, we...Read More
Categories: surmounting, deep, inspiration, introspection, life, uplifting,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member The Circus Is In Town
Come join the unraveling circus
quite soon to be passing our way,
with the clowns in a clamor to twerk us -
line up as they lead us astray!

Arriving, the elephant trumpets
agendas of aberrant acts
while the donkeys drool, dunking their crumpets
and twirlers spin,...Read More
Categories: surmounting, humor,
Form: Quatrain
Feelings, my deeper feelings,
Walk me down to two different meanings
Of romance won through uncontrollable strivings

Reminiscing my blooming love in youthful pinnings
When I cried my heart out on sunset evenings
Yearnings surmounting on desirous heartstrings

Nostalgia of the golden era in my early...Read More
Categories: surmounting, absence, allegory, dream, feelings, love,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Hello Again To A Brick Wall
Aaah!.........There you are!
Right on time as usual!
I can always count on you to appear 
and be your obnoxious, irritating,  
obstruction based, challenging self.
You seem a bit larger than the 
last time I encountered you!
Have you been working out,
or just...Read More
Categories: surmounting, courage, destiny, imagery, inspiration, philosophy, uplifting, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Never Heard of 'Love'
It takes many forms
None of which I'm familiar
From landscape affinity
To blood-born bonds

From mild infatuation
To sensory captivation
Intimate life creation
To declarations between nations

What of this ruthless red tie?
A billion prisoners and counting
Yet problem surmounting
Everything red and white

What of this ruby red tie?
Spawn...Read More
Categories: surmounting, confusion, heart, love, philosophy, red,
Form: Blank verse
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 12
His words stung me, as the cries from the maelstrom seem to retort
Their scattered, foreign words and wails retching their say
I listened, almost mesmerized,

“Come,” Said he,
With threatening authority

Upwards, higher than the balcony from which we stood,
A strumming low, harp-like instrument...Read More
Categories: surmounting, adventure, appreciation, beautiful, blessing, conflict, hope, muse,
Form: Free verse
Armorial bearings of my city Leeds

   Emblazoned on a metalic field
   Leeds coat of arms displays an azore shield.
   Upon a sable chief, this deep black bar,
   Three mullets argent, silver stars.
   On a chain...Read More
Categories: surmounting, city,
Form: Rhyme
Perilous assumption, the faith I've read
my mind, my mind, the tone of led
is not contingent on my tread
but hope in virtue's seaming knead!

The evermore, I vacate head
and pray, accomplish what God's said,
no idling force, depicts instead
there must be action, leadings...Read More
Categories: surmounting, prayer,
Form: Monorhyme
Rile and register my domain
as freedom, lest the skies be twain
surmounting to resolve's remain
yet list us in that yielding name!

The buttress of consort to fame
are silent omens, watching's wane
not living, but progressing same
the voiceless entity of gain!

Cry out, my heritage,...Read More
Categories: surmounting, england, muse, rights,
Form: Monorhyme
Castles in the Sand
So many men,
building castles in the sand.
Surmounting the sky...
with the belief,
that they will never die.
A mortal man,
Can not build,
a fortress around his soul.
The tide will wash away,
All that you build...
Even on your longest day.
Why does the pride of man,
Strive to...Read More
Categories: surmounting, christian, faith, heaven, inspiration, prayer, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Hope To Back
Start you anchor boat steersman
Sun declines in the west
The new wife awaiting
on the near bank
Hope to return to own land
That free air
unbound movements
The rice cake and
Cares of blood.
Go, boatman!
She is lonely
Maybe she is crying
To back home;
To delete old memory
Maybe husband...Read More
Categories: surmounting, imagination,
Form: Imagism