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Short Surfacing Poems

Short Surfacing Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Surfacing by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Surfacing by length and keyword.

Of Ones Thought - Ck
I write
from my deep thoughts
surfacing from my heart

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Categories: surfacing, poetry, write,
Form: Cinqku

Suddenly Surfacing
suddenly surfacing. . .
a poem lost
in the clutter
of the junkyard 
that is my mind...

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Categories: surfacing, lost, poems,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member haiku
waves cascading swift pebbles surfacing the shore turquoise blue heaven May 6, 2018

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfacing, ocean,
Form: Haiku
Undeniable justice
Surfacing rederic

Invalid validation 
Corrupt surfaces 

Proposed purpose

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr  2019...

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Categories: surfacing, analogy, confusion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Winds of Change

welcome winds of change seduced cerulean skies spring smells surfacing April.19.2020 Let the Pens Flow...Haiku Jenish Somadas...Sponsor Placed 3'rd...Thank You

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Categories: surfacing, change, spring, uplifting,
Form: Haiku

Good Morning
The light	
A silent yet vibrant call
As if a shout from the east
Upon the wake of the day
The round surfacing presence
Calls upon us all
To stop, take notice
Pay heed
As we rub our eyes
And stretch to
The welcoming sky...

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Categories: surfacing, inspirational, life, nature
Form: Free verse
Good Morning
The light	
A silent yet vibrant call
As if a shout from the east
Upon the wake of the day
The round surfacing presence
Calls upon us all
To stop, take notice
Pay heed
As we rub our eyes
And stretch to
The welcoming sky

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Categories: surfacing, fantasy, inspirational, love, nature,
Form: ABC
new dawn is here
my love
from your
nocturnal dreams
withdrawn heart
of rain
surfacing wants
waves are rising
lost frontier
remnants of the
war of love
rise and fall
digging deeper
half closed
salty saliva
new dawn
is here

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Categories: surfacing, allusion,
Form: I do not know?
in the land of ruined temples
we are up
beyond time
and space
dark caves of
wood and stones
merging into sleep
in the infant night
when they are drinking
dancing and seducing
surfacing on dreams
of dogs cows and rickshaws
of the land of ruined
we need to go soon

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Categories: surfacing, allegory,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Bloom
suspended in a brilliant flight

floating in a blue heaven of endlessness 

surfacing and diving deep in search of a chance

venomous bloom fly free in your silent peace 
a star lit trail streams your celestial dance

roam free in the July moon so full 

roam free..........



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Categories: surfacing, life, nature, sea
Form: Free verse
Premium Member NEV SOUTH DRIVE
An advance of clouds
Toward the North
Greeted the afternoon,
Crocodile head and turtles surfacing
Overhead spectrums low.
Bottoms drop tails to the ground,
The underside of a toadstool
Greeted evening.
And out of the hand that lifted it,
Boltings lanced to the ground
As night began its closing....

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© Wm Paul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfacing, nature,
Form: Free verse
Darkness and a pretty smile
In the depth of the ocean
darkness surrounding me 
my invisible enemy
lurking in the deepest part of my soul

emotions surfacing
faced with only
my own thoughts

my pretty smile
disguising my lies
my tears,
tell a story.

I am, ok!
my favourite line,
while tears
find their way into my heart...

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© Ally Mabin  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfacing, hurt,
Form: Free verse
It's said there's some irreplacable
and it's said they're iridescent
but from realities wakeup call
and the knives that peel at your delicacy-
gently puncturing the senses,
triggering the knots that erupt deep inside
when they are no longer butterflies-
but cobras,
infecting, misleading and wrong-
surfacing the venom of worry

*not finished*...

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Categories: surfacing, animals, love,
Form: Blank verse
           you surface me, dear,
                    like sea shells on sand-
       tidal waves engulf
                      the shore like your grace
        encompasses me-
            grains of love remain…

5 syllables in each line
30 syllables total
Nette Onclaud
October 31, 2017


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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfacing, love,
Form: Verse
A day like any other
Whispers of the winds
Like days gone by
Blue fills the skies
Atop the mountain range
I'm seeing things
What does it mean 
A lonely ant
Bright white sun
Springs begun
Not yet
Inward twenty-two days
As the sun rays 
What does it matter 
Winter's soon to be out of here

written words by James Edward Lee Sr  2020...

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Categories: surfacing, allusion, analogy, appreciation, blessing, nature, spring, winter,
Form: Rhyme
perpetual cycle
The day catapults boulders into
the sky. Each gargantuan rock
makes a tiny hole in the
clouds like a caterpillar's
mangled tree leaf.

The sun will blind us eternally
and we will belong to the universe,
no longer the universe belonging to us.

The world will begin again,
the perpetual cycle of
our faults surfacing and
exposing our inability to progress....

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© R C  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: surfacing, allegory, life, philosophy, science, space, time, universe,
Form: Free verse
If you don’t like the view
Change your perspective
Pretend that each moment is not electric
And that rejection is better than nothing
We wind our way through shock
And static
Tunnels and windy torrents
Surfacing only for breath
Measured in seconds 
To years
Life is transported through cascading tears
Each drop choosing to either evaporate
Or plunge to absorption

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Categories: surfacing, abuse, perspective,
Form: Prose Poetry
   Feeling stessed. Forehead hurting. Constantly tired. I must be stressed. No where to go but 
further above the dark clouds that are surfacing in the way of my happiness. Raining down my 
face, destroying my spirit. I wanted this to be the end of feeling like this. But there you go hurting 
me like you always do and here I am sitting down absorbing it in and feeling stressed....

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Categories: surfacing, life,
Form: I do not know?
The Three of Us-Me, Myself, and I
Robert Liar, cheat, thief, hypocrite. Brother of Michael aka “Boomboom”. Lover of poetry, pornography, and sadomasochism. Who feels frustration, annoyance, and ennui. Who fears fire, dishonest women, and bear markets. Who would like to see alien visitations, surfacing whales, and the destruction of Atlantic City. Resident of Voorhees Township, New Jersey Pettit

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Categories: surfacing, introspection,
Form: Bio
Pacing around the room
Reckless as ever
Thinking about it
Left me speechless

That salty smell and the cold wetness
Cloudy are the dreams
The signs keep reappearing
Should I be obliged to disclose?

Never have I seen it
They should know 
Its coming
The words were written

Unexpectandly surfacing
Uncontrollable it will be
Unreachable it will become
Unstoppable for all time...

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Categories: surfacing, africa, appreciation, blessing, celebration, change, culture, miracle,
Form: Free verse
English Dream
Thrice a summer aphrodisia snickered in my face
Yesteryear the fog of boreal passion surfaced across my window frame
Omnifarious passions are surfacing
The insignificance of homosapiens stood the test of time
Life molests all of us, maul us, then sing us to sleep
Spiraling through dimensions decorated with brothels and strip clubs
Aging with the grains of pebble stones
Aphrodisia is a tourist...

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Categories: surfacing, life,
Form: Verse
The Beast Within
I feel the rage surfacing, the beast is coming out
I suggest you stay away
The beast will tear you to shreds and leave you for dead
The rage of the beast has no feelings, no emotions
I fight to keep the beast caged, but the rage inside is stronger
It thrives on the dark and turns out the light completely 
Once it’s out of its cage it will feed on the rage and kill everything in its path.

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Categories: surfacing, writing,
Form: ABC
Its a seed that was planted
Its the hardship that was acquired
Its the sorrow that was shed
Its the love that grew

Its the vision that is becoming more clearer
Its the mission that was written
Its the purpose that is leading
Its the man that was to be

Its the wisdom that knows no boundaries
Its the growth without limitations
Its the knowledge that keeps on surfacing
Its a prophecy coming true...

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Categories: surfacing, africa, blessing, celebration, culture, freedom, growing up,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Adoring regal
Floating on a clouded breath held deep space 
far beyond where the frozen whispers lay silent guest

Sparkling beyond words timeless rainbows of mercy 
radiating light houses golden warm echoes through the caves 
captured by the gentleness crowning beauty forever a gift 

Whitewashed angel surfacing within ocean reflections bouncing back 
upon the butterflies wings landing Heaven's choir sings out crystal cut...

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Categories: surfacing, angel, baptism, beautiful, beauty, butterfly, love, magic,
Form: Free verse
The thunders of the storm
The wetness of the rain
The dryness of the wind
It is what it is

The alignment of the stars
The movement of the birds
The moderation of growth
It is what it is

The surfacing of faith
The consequences of decisions
The upliftment of self preservation
It is what it is

The preparation of the journey
The accountability of the actions
The admission  of feelings
It is what it is...

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Categories: surfacing, adventure, age, change, destiny, emotions, inspiration, spiritual,
Form: Free verse