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Short Self Help Poems

Short Self Help Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Self Help by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Self Help by length and keyword.

Premium Member AHA
self help book pile up sure crashing in happenstance falling from on high 5/17/2018

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Categories: self help, books,
Form: Senryu

Premium Member SELF-HELP

Mind what you say
Alone the way

Lift words that spark
Light in the dark

Heart knows what's right
In misty flight

Feel how joy sums
A grand outcome

Soul anchors peace
In stormy tease

Know thus the way
To prize fond play

Leon Enriquez
02 April 2018


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Categories: self help, change,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Self Help - books
I will never read a book about Self Help.
That folks, is not getting self help.
That is getting self help written by somebody else.
You are getting someone else's self help.
If you truly want self help,
why on earth would you read a self help book written by someone else?
Whenever I need self help,
I Help My Self,
That is self help folks, nothing else....

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Categories: self help, self, teacher,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Self-Un-improvement
January 17, 2016  
Updated February 18, 2016
Written by Gail DeBole

There once was a thief named Brooks
Who wrote a crook’s self-help book.
He charged a very small fee
But the thieves got it for free,
When they self-helped themselves to the books. 

Note: Illustrated in Coloring within the Limericks available on and other retail websites....

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Categories: self help, funny, humorous,
Form: Limerick
My best friend, Dawnette, chanted money for money
It's what they did in LA's Scientology
We were single mothers, but unlike myself
My friend stayed well rounded, a veteran of self-help
Some single mothers are rich... sabotage was on my list
I sought no help for my will and wit
Yet took on the world with trembling hands
My wealth was whipped; but now I can dance.


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Categories: self help,
Form: Light Verse

it is not getting any easier
I'm missing about 10 of 12-steps
listening to Alan singing my blues
hasn't made it any better yet

every time I read a chapter
thinking I've got it all figured out
there is another twist or turn
one self-help doesn't write about

so while I'm penning these daydreams
and silence grows by the hour
I guess you've got your point across
I need to grow a little more willpower...

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Categories: self help, lost love
Form: Verse
Self help
I need some fresh air,
I want someone to care.
I'm feeling rest less,I'm feeling sad.
I have no cause to be a little glad.
Any attempt to be happy
Only makes me mad.

Where is that fresh air?
Where is that person,who'll care?
Oh! I see, they are seen rare.
They travel to help strong people.
They have no time for a feeble.
They are set to nurse those-
Who don't call them.
Self Help is
Their relief anthem.


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Categories: self help, poetry,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Eat Your Heart Out
Eat your heart out, and what is left
The lips that pout, the soul bereft
The loss of love, the lack of heart
The stress of life, in whole or part

The sweeter side, of love and bliss
May not confide, a tender kiss
But on your side, a single hope
Of joy inside, by how you cope

The peace within, may start anew
For how you win, is what you do
The more you give, the more you save
The will to live, by what you gave....

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Categories: self help, angst, introspection,
Form: Rhyme
They aim for simplicity
to purge memories
of political uncertainty
poison relationships
with no escape hatches
the characteristic relaxed
easy-going atmosphere
blurred pages unread
self-help books
chasing primary designs
brands to be mobbed
twenty-eight percent faster

*A found poem. I Googled 'refresh', took phrases from the titles and content of about six returned news articles, lined them up, and modified as I thought necessary....

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Categories: self help, imagery,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member A Passion for Drowning

Saint Jude himself couldn't stop
the spinning chariot wheels
of all my lost causes,
but I have this self-help book
that I keep at my elbow;
one day I'll read it.

Occasionally I take a trip
in a metaphysical fishing ship
with fellow deckhands.
Naturally the talk turns to purpose,
the art of being rescued,
and charging through icebergs. 

None of my crew 
has a clue, 
or even know how to fish,
but we all have this passion
for drowning.


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Categories: self help, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Guilty


     In school one class mate had English tutor.
      Her score in English was always higher.
       I borrowed her home- work lessons and studied. 
      I got highest mark making her angry and worried.

        I felt guilty and never asked for her help further
         Onward self- help was my motto for future
         I competed following my ambition and dream.
         Not English but Mathematics was my stream



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Categories: self help, funny,
Form: Couplet
We are united for a better life
Life is somehow like doing a project, 
It cannot automatically succeed           
Except some kindness divines to aid, 
That needs to move the Holy spirits            
We cannot do so  for any miracles             

So turned to recruit the like-minded, 
Self-help we must do, with keys to the heart            
Open up  spaces for everyone, 
Acknowledge being a part of the United, 

The blueprint  of lives likes a jigsaw picture
We must be united to make life  better 

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Categories: self help, dedication, destiny, faith, how i feel, world,
Form: Free verse