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Short Rook Poems

Short Rook Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Rook by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Rook by length and keyword.

G one moves forward
This rook should not be ignored
Clash of brick and sword

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Categories: rook, adventure, allegory, sports
Form: Senryu

Perception changes
with every faint look,
just as you thought, the advantage yours
a pawn quickly takes your rook....

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Categories: rook, life, peace,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rook takes Pawn
Listen to poem:
the rook took the pawn
just before the pawn was queened
toppled pawn booty

23 March 2018...

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Categories: rook, games,
Form: Haiku
rides true on his course
black Knight prancing on his horse….
takes the rook by force

All Rights Reserved © MMX

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Categories: rook, adventure, allegory, life, sports, war
Form: Senryu
The Pawn and Knight, the Rook and Queen-
Bishops hunt the fleeing King
Too many moves (I'm sure to lose)
A court of squares- two fiends!...

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Categories: rook, games,
Form: Light Verse

One Knight Stand
The Queen bade us not to despair
When a knight leapt into the air
Sly as a crook
He took our Rook
Check-mating our King fair and square!...

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Categories: rook, computer, conflict, culture, games, horse, international, war,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Rook on the rocks, a SANDCASTLE
Written large & form erroding

Shore & folly show.'

Blending light & water almost solid.

© Joe Maverick 5-12-2010

for SKATS sandcastle haiku contest...

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Categories: rook, art,
Form: Haiku
Raven-- Jackdaw or Rook,

Adaptable and Intelligent Crook!

Very Black or Black with Gray,

Every Caw-- An Ill-Omen, some say.

Never More: Poe-- such a grave day!...

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© bill frew  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: rook, pets
Form: Acrostic
I Lost to My Chess Machine
I battled with 
my chess machine
It defeated me
Man vs. Machine
Just like John Henry
I feel like I 
   with a hammer 
in my hand
or perhaps a pawn, rook or knight...

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Categories: rook,
Form: Blank verse
Ironic Grook


Topic: Birthday of Germalyn H. Maasin (June 21) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: rook, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Unblock
Tongue tied and twisted my mouth is
I can’t say limerick as it is
It’s not very hard
To yell “rook card”
To say I have some winning hands

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Destroyer ~ Poet's "BLOCK~ BLOCK~ LIKERICK" contest...

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Categories: rook, life,
Form: Limerick
girl among oranges
girl girl how you shine
among the oranges
here the rook is
here it is
an arrow to you heart
here the sun is
here it is
a thread between the leaves
past you
like a waft I will pass 
to keep the law 

to love you

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Categories: rook, philosophy
Form: Free verse
Old Ferdie had a bushy beard when bathing some birds just appeared two cocks and a hen a rook and a wren were nesting, it truly was weird! Inspired after spotting a man with a HUGE beard 1/2/19

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Categories: rook, body, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member A Geek at Play
A Geek at Play 

a dork 
from York

the rook

for knight
in flight.

till end?

too late
check mate!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 				
A Five Fun Footle Contest
Sponsored by Jan Allison
Placed 1st

© 26th October 2016   

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Categories: rook, humor, silly,
Form: Footle
Jesse Lasky
                      Jesse Lasky met Boris Spasky
                      Musket musk-catty spider husky
                   Lasky's knight cooked Spasky's rook
                      Spasky's queen is spider's spook
                 Bishop stomped heyho where is Cash key ?...

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Categories: rook, fun,
Form: Limerick
Cup Of Worry - HEADS and TAILS
Cup Of Worry

Go now
Borrow my buggy
Go by moon or fog
For no crow or rook pry
Go upon your own

Bury my boojum cup
No burrow nor form
No rock nor bog 
Vow young boy
Bury my worry

Contest : H-E-A-D-S OR T-A-I-L-S! 
Position : 1st place...

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Categories: rook, adventure, fantasy, mystery,
Form: Verse
Premium Member What am I
What am I? 

A book 

A look 

A hook 

A rook 

A jook 

A nook 

A wook 

A zook 

A vook 

A mook 

A mook? 

Mook is a man mixed. 

Mixed men 

Man mixed with men is... 

A mixed man 

A mook 

A mook is what I am. 

What then is this mook?...

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Categories: rook, crazy, word play,
Form: Rhyme
A cook with a good Look
A cook with a good look

Once there was a cook
who had a good look

He had a good look
and took a book from a nook

He took a good look and shook his head no!
he wanted a cook book to look

His heart sank coz he had no cook book
but he was still a cook in the Restaurant Rook....

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Categories: rook, books,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member When Paths End
Along the path,
a hopper's song
slashes of yellow
feathered thoughts~

Along the path,
a slice of red
green scented heaven
a flowered dance~

Aside the path,
a faries brook
queen ann's lace
has found her rook~

Aside the path,
the clover walks
a mossy stone
to guide the lost~

At paths end
a burning lot,
of ogre croak
and texting snot.


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Categories: rook, nature, people,
Form: Rhyme
no longer loved
i wish i would.
i know i should.
not be upset.
u waited for me.
and i coulnd see.
how much i wanteds to be.
and now i cry.
while i lie.
and think of my mistake.
and all i see is tears of a lake.
you make me laugh,
you make me smile.
if only it would last a little while.
now all i ask,
is to take of yor mask
an take a look.
to learn from a rook....

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Categories: rook, me,
Form: I do not know?
Difficult Choice

By two Bishops 
And a Rook,
I surrendered.
As always, 
I submitted 
To my fate,
The old deceiver,
Whose vicious gaze
Threatened to kill me 
At each move, I made. 
Now, again
I am in pain,
The fears settled in my body
Foment pain.
Stake your life
To get rid of pain,
My elders tell me.
No one tells me
Which fear I must, 
First, erase.

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Categories: rook, confusion,
Form: Free verse
Emerald green 
Peering Queen
Futile moves
Quite obscene 
Rook to king check
Heart filled with regret 
Thinking of things
 Did not expect 
Love never found
Like roots in the ground
Careful caress
Celestial dress
Heart fulfilled 
Mind at rest
Hard to find 
Not out of reach 
Final bid 
For dreamless sleep 
Words of wisdom 
Thoughts of regret 
Ocean waves 
Red sunset...

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Categories: rook, anxiety, appreciation, change, conflict, courage, desire, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SOMETIMES

Words stride
In joy ride
By my side

Thoughts sneeze
In stray breeze 
Fond fine squeeze

Touch pokes
A harsh yoke
In deep strokes

Fright feels
Wounds that chill
On this hill

Who knows
How love grows
Deep crisp flow

Good times
Fling buzz rhymes
As change chimes

Bright book
Hurls sharp hooks
Pain blinds rook

Leon Enriquez
22 November 2018


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Categories: rook, allegory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A LONE ROOK
...lands on my garden fence
sways to-and-fro to stabilize
crabs along towards me
inches away, eye to eye
we fix into a stillness

a flux flows, minds fuse
a binding of sentient beings
I feel I am one with him
beyond the here-and-now

our stillness nulls time
takes me to the emptiness
a new knowing triggers
I realize the universal
the cosmic consciousness
that joins all sentient beings

time returns
rook flies off.

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Categories: rook, bird, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SOULS

Beyond age
Beyond stage
Beyond page

Old fold
Old whole
Old soul

Deep mood
Deep food
Deep good

Sweet say
Sweet play
Sweet way

Fond space
Fond face
Fond grace

Time chimes
Time mimes
Time rhymes

True pace
True race
True ace

Light cheers
Light steers
Light clears

Souls cause
Souls pause
Souls bourse

Last book
Last look
Last rook

Leon Enriquez
09 May 2017


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Categories: rook, change,
Form: Rhyme