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Short Nosy Poems

Short Nosy Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Nosy by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Nosy by length and keyword.

Nosy Neighbors - Haiku
a worm and hook plop
orange koi gather around
like nosy neighbors...

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Categories: nosy, business, fish, fishing, children, kids, humanity, water,
Form: Haiku

words with a bird

         sideways glance
        with a nosy laugh


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Categories: nosy, bird,
Form: Haiku
Zuxian's Zest III
...clumsy crescent heaved a sigh,
on the lawn callous clouds plied,
waving sewn stars by and by...


Note: Of nosy nature....

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Categories: nosy, nature,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Moms, Never Do This

Mortified mom wrote response in daughter's diary: "I am NOT nosy!"

December 19, 2017, entered in s. Grace's Wonderful One-Liners Contest

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Categories: nosy, mother daughter,
Form: Monoku
Nosy Thinks He Knows
Nosy thinks he knows my heart, he peaks around the corner,
If there were no secrets to his spying ways, the guilt wouldn't weigh on his shoulders...

To My Secret Admirerer...


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Categories: nosy, muse,
Form: Light Verse

Staring Death Down
Here I am
having stared down death
to this purile crap
trapped by nosy neighbours
trading inanities
without a thought
to my recent survival
of a massive heartattack....

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Categories: nosy, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Strutting My Fluff
Fur on my cat
Wish I had it 
Imagine that

Fuzzy and soft
Stuck to my skin
Flat and aloft

Warm and cozy
Happiness mine
Snuggling nosy

Licking I wash
Puking I pout
This dream I squash...

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© Alex Corns  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosy, animal, cat, cute, happy, image, pets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Ditty
Busy Lizzie
In a Tizzy
Lazy Daisy
Friend of Maisie
Maisie's Corny
Thora's Thorny
Candy's Sweet
Robin's Tweet
Bridie's Married
Tara Tarried
Connie's Cosy
Rosie's Nosy
Pansy's Pretty
End of Ditty


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Categories: nosy, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Thinking Out Loud
thinking out loud can be quite dangerous no one likes being quoted by nosy eavesdroppers
written July 13, 2021 submitted to "Bite Size No. 13" Poetry Contest sponsored by Line Gauthier...

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Categories: nosy, spoken word, words,
Form: Kimo
Premium Member Nuisance
Nosy and bothersome 
  Nagging Nelly nit picked
    needing to meddle, with
      nary a thought, as if
    nothing could prevent her
  nonstop, needling tongue from
notable annoyance.

Written on 4/39/17


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Categories: nosy, conflict,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Cell Phones

Know why our phones are called “cell phones” Because we are prisoners no matter what time zone Nosy listeners can only hear One side using both ears We're even able to talk while sitting on the throne

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Categories: nosy, giggle,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member The Rose Only Knows
even a nose becomes a rose to long at the wine it glows as a nation without God becomes only temporal sod all the gross sides of life generate the unmerciful strife my God, my God glows the nosy roses of soulless sod

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Categories: nosy, angst,
Form: Rhyme

The journalist may be 
nosy and noisy,
but must be fair and 
truthful as he can be.

     His demanding art 
     requires him to be so.

Between public matter 
and private affair,
the lawful fine distinctions 
he must know!...

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Categories: nosy, judgement, language, perspective,
Form: Didactic
       Toddler tweet

Merry blue dressed Bob, the builder,
Please return my reddish toy rooster,
I’ll give you my toy elephant,
A bubbly grey buoyant infant,
He is a long nosy mister.
Rizwana bhurani.

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Categories: nosy, animal, baby, cheer up, child, childhood, children,
Form: Limerick
Time of the Teen
It's the era of the teen
Nosy parents are just plain mean!

Don't get what I want to do
Grounded? It's just like a zoo!

But although parents can be tough
Without them life is a bit rough!

When all the rearing has been done
A true adventure has begun!...

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Categories: nosy, funny, lifeparents, parents,
Form: I do not know?
Nosy Nature Smirks
taunted trees drunk
fostered felon gulp
bounty breeze served
leering lusty lurch
saucy summer tossed
per punctured pores

pruning pulpy puke
altering vying view
dark dances drew

nosy nature smirks
moaning mockery's verge
dainty drips athirst

same mystic malady 
belching feelings breed.

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Categories: nosy, allegory,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member On Being Nosy
What is it to me if
The teenage girl next door
Leaves on a date dressed up
Like a downtown whore?
If her brother wears his cap
With the bill in the back
And their father drives up
In a ratty old hearse Cadillac?
Why do I let the smallest
Things annoy me so?
I think I would move away
If I had some place to go.

written July 27, 2021

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Categories: nosy, character, class, community, judgement, self,
Form: Light Verse
Nosy Neighbor Nuisance
She's "concerned" that my mess is immense
"I work late." Is my latest defense
Yes, my yard is a wreck
But IF you must peck
Your big NOSE might get stuck in my fence

So you KNOCKED my troublesome trooper?
Tell ya what you prim party-pooper
I will warn you once more
Poke your head through MY door?
I'll slam it right square on your snooper!...

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Categories: nosy, angst,
Form: Limerick
A Rosy Meander
I walk through the fields of butterflies and start to feel ROSY, I think of all the s p l e n d o r in my life and I begin to MOSEY- As I see the little girl pick medallions I start to get NOSY, so I m e a n d e r towards her and hand her a colorful POSY. For M-Monorhyme Contest Sponsor, Broken Wings April 12, 2017

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosy, beautiful, flower,
Form: Monorhyme
Mystic Melody Moaning

dimwit damping desires
punctured passion pulsing
puking, sopped plenary
impregnated zeal gnashing
odd offshoot scolding

cremated cusses cobbling
hewn nosy tracery
strapped self scrunching

jumpy jazz jolting
mystic mist moaning
lusty limbs lurching

felon feigning ally;
perforated pulpy pedigree.

Note: To all corrupt Police Officers!...

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Categories: nosy, corruption,
Form: Sonnet
   Secrets between friends, Again and again with the whispering. I can't take it how long 
until you can let me in? You tell me everything except this one secret. Notes being 
passed, I feel so lost left out. I'm not trying to be nosy because honestly if you can't 
tell me I don't want to know. I can live with being in the dark, if it's like a betrayal 
to say I understand but I just hate secrets....

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Categories: nosy, friendship, me, betrayal, me,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Light
What is that  light
Shining on me
Is it a u.f.o.
Being nosy
Is it a torch
From way up high
From someone far
Whose looking at the sky

Or is it my star
It has my name
Giving me hope
As i cry with pain
Guess its my friend
Whose thoughts are near
Crossing his fingers
As he lives the fear

Fear of being
So far away
Shining a torch
In the night sky
Is his way
Of saying its ok
I am here Seren
In silence I pray


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Categories: nosy, friendship,
Form: Light Verse
Poetry Soupers a Question!
just had a thought of a wonder,
of everyone's age.
see how we are different,
though on the same page.
I feel rather young,
but I'm not that much older.
I read so many poems,
and their views on my shoulders.
just a mere question
I wanted to ask...
How old are you guys?
22 is mine! if you were to ask.

(wanted to know the age range around here, also being nosy of everyone's age :P)...

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Categories: nosy, friendshipage, age,
Form: Rhyme
Rhythm Rustling Riffs
gaunt green gnawed
gullible groove gored
gutsy grills gulped
glitched gems gulled
graced gifts globbed
gripping glows' gourd

callous clouds cussed
cremating clips cupped
crumbling cruise clubbed

nosy nature nimble
nudging nectar's nipple
nasty nerd nestled

wanky wind wields
rhythm rustling riffs

Note: Of gaunt green. Inspired by a picture of nature I took earlier today....

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Categories: nosy, nature,
Form: Sonnet
Nosy Neighbor
She runs down the street in her bathrobe and curlers,
With the big flower prints peering in the neighbors windows,
She has nothing else better to do than to get in others business,
Acting like she owns the block, the other neighbors can't stand this,
If a dog barks she's calling the cops,
She's also knocking on your door reminding you to mow your lawn,
I thank her, smile politely, and slam the door,
I hope she got the hint this time, Lord....

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Categories: nosy, humorous, pain,
Form: Light Verse