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Short Enfold Poems

Short Enfold Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Enfold by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Enfold by length and keyword.

A Lovers Offer
Enfold me in your arms so strong, 
For now to you I do belong. 

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Categories: enfold, boyfriend, crush, desire, life, love, people, relationship,
Form: Couplet

A House of a Career
A house, a career
An impeccable lawn-
My lover at dawn
She prowls to my teeth
We enfold ourselves
Our batteries complete...

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Categories: enfold, adventure, dedication,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Today
today you will come enfold your arms once again around my paused heart
written 10-16-2019 copyright 2019 Jeanne McGee

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Categories: enfold, appreciation, love,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Bees On Pampas Grass
Pampas grass swaying
In the wind, like Hula Dancer
Drawing people in
Bees try to hold you
In their arms enfold
Love the stuff that
Made you tuff...

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Categories: enfold, allegory, imagination, nature
Form: Rhyme

Silent One is a bright Writer of old he owns a quill made of solid gold I always admire his poems they are a successful emblem of talent , in my heart, I enfold !

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Categories: enfold, friendship,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Mountains Touch The Sky
as one with the clouds
enfold within still layers...
mountains touch the sky
For P.D.'s "Haiku Mountain Week Contest" Written:July 2012 By: Carol Brown 1st Place Winner...

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Categories: enfold, nature,
Form: Haiku
The title hides in the tides
Over the shattered, surf scattered shells
her feet are cut, bleeding as she reaches
for one still whole to enfold. 
Inside an entity pulls back, alive 
she knows, thinking to toss it, 
instead wades into the surf 
gently sending it home....

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Categories: enfold, child,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member You Vixen, You
Hot whispers
Carry lustsparks
Born of burning thoughts
That weave a searing spell
Binding my dark dreams to you,
In whom I live to be fulfilled:
Draw me close on hot red sparks of love,
Enfold me in the secrets of yourself....

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Categories: enfold, devotion, happiness, love, passion, me,
Form: Etheree
Heaven, Where Love Enfolds
Twice I saw a glimpse of heaven in separate dreams.
In my youth, I saw a busy place with chariots and gold.
But recently, I looked down at heaven from a hill; my soul gleams.
There were small cottages on empty streets; there love did enfold.

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Categories: enfold, death, religion, heaven, heaven,
Form: Quatrain
Entwined Shadows

Your seraphic glow in the yearning light
Makes for opaque me the second shadow
Entwined with mine two seamlessly unite
Come, let’s enfold lattice of dew on meadow.

February 23, 2020
Contest : Poe-Etic Verse
Sponsor : Charles Messina...

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Categories: enfold, light, romantic love,
Form: Verse
The music laughs 
piano thoughts
the tiny bird alive you caught
skitters wild across the keys
I hide within your satin sleeves
crepe and crinkled fragile soul
crescendoes gather and enfold
mesmerize me and infuse
a scherzo written by a muse...

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Categories: enfold, music,
Form: Couplet

Acres of tears
Mark her passing
Enriching the soil
For time everlasting

Head bowed in sorrow
Sad sight to behold
I no longer have
Her arms to enfold

'Tho body is gone
Her spirits around
This person who made me
Is homeward bound.


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Categories: enfold, loss
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member IMMORTALITY
Sweet gentle love caressing now
Enfold no strength denying.
Embrace in your eternal hold
The heart in rapturous sighing.

Oh Beauteous one plant your kiss,
The balm for sorrow’s crying.
Then elevate to heights supreme
The captured soul undying.

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Categories: enfold, death, heaven,
Form: Rhyme
Sweet as sweet as lovers do
Sweet are the feelings you give me
As sweet as the longings I want you
Sweet the arms that enfold around me
As sweet as the kisses that you bestow upon me
Sweet the passion with that you fill me
As sweet as the love you make me
Sweet as sweet as lovers do


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Categories: enfold, love, sweet, sweet,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Communion

Early morning silence a welcome treat
A chance to commune with God
The lover of my soul.

In quiet anticipation I wait
For the voice of my Savior
A soft, gentle whisper.

You speak to me with words of grace, mercy
Your arms of love enfold me
In You I find my hope....

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Categories: enfold, faith, hope,
Form: Kimo
Premium Member Electricity
Listen to poem:
The smell of earth,
Of dust before rain,
Sky darkening, lightning flashing,
Thunder ominous in distance.
Brown arms enfold me in your odor --
Warm, slightly sweaty.
Strong hands, firm, soft lips
Leave me breathless --
And eyes -- your eyes -- 
Spear and stop my heart. 

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Categories: enfold, life, love, me, nature, passion,
Form: Free verse
The shroud of night descends
To solitude enfold
The dying colours.

Rustles and hoots and howls
While shadows wheel
Little light to aid perception.

A sinister calm
Creeps with stealth
Shivering and damp

Better not to move
Or prey is the fate
Wait for the glimmers of dawn....

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Categories: enfold, dark, fear, loneliness,
Form: Free verse
One Kiss
One and it’s over: 
sold down the river with you;

the feelings of love passion, heaven,
flow between us

an unending energy
heads swim, arms enfold, eyes close

there is just the warmth,
the heat
of you and I, our bliss
and what we share

only with each other

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Categories: enfold, love,
Form: Free verse
The Strength Of You
The Strength Of you

The strength of you I take 
You give it so free 
The heart of you I take
You sent it to me
The love from you I take
It’s there for me to see
For all that I do take from you
I return it a thousand fold
My heart and love belong to you
To wrap around you and you enfold
© 5/12/2012 ~GG~

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Categories: enfold, romance, heart, heart, love, strength,
Form: Light Verse
Take me…
Inside your thoughts is beautiful. 
Sweet confusion, troubled spirit,
There I feel good, beloved,
No past, no future,
Enfold me with a glance,
The deepness of a feeling you teach,
Take me…
Sublime instant isolated in time.

Mirela Kapaj Albania...

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Categories: enfold, love, passion
Form: Free verse
Sinewy muscle
sliding through the air.
changing curves,
gliding on a breeze,
streaming white,
across a backdrop
ofcerulean blue,
graceful, soft, calming,
a seagull in flight,
she movesletting the dance enfold her,
in it's sweet rhythm,
'til the music slowly fades,
and she gently flows down,
to the ground....

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Categories: enfold, art
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love Edifies
L  ets anothers needs come first
O  ffering gifts of yourself
V  alidate another's worth
E  dify,enfold, esteem  

Edify: instruct and encourage in moral, intellectual and spiritual improvement
Sponsor: ~Skat~
Contest: Define Love
Contest has already filled but will let it stay.......

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Categories: enfold, love,
Form: Acrostic
Frost and Fury
Frost, in ribbons rise
crackling, freezing in it's path
words of whispered mist
hanging them upon demise
Secrets spilling, lips which kissed
now caught empty, cold
Frost in ribbons, swirling sky
frozen memories to enfold
Something's in the air
plucking icy words as strings
Let's keep warm inside
Music of our own to bare....

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Categories: enfold, imagination, introspection, passion, peace, people, seasons,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Majestic Mountain
"Majestic Mountain" waterfall cascades nourish Nature's tapestry God glows firelight. succulent substance refreshes peaks and valleys majestic mountains. french blue skies enfold echoes beyond gold twilight inhale mountain muse. azure canopy caress tips sweet mountain musk essence sparks the "gods".

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Categories: enfold, nature,
Form: Haiku
Hearts of Hope
The rocket soared beyond earth's hold
It left behind our glowing eyes
It stabbed the skies with hope so bold
Our hearts, our dreams, it will enfold
And take them high through crystal skies
The rocket soared beyond earth's hold
It left behind our glowing eyes

for Andrea Dietrich's contest  "Movie Triolet"    movie - "October Sky"  (last scene)...

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Categories: enfold, hope
Form: Triolet