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Short Dismissal Poems

Short Dismissal Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Dismissal by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Dismissal by length and keyword.

Premium Member 22-NOVEMBER-63: An Early Class Dismissal
Alone I enter my dim empty house and mourn our slain president
Monoku Written 2/15/22 ...

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Categories: dismissal, presidents day, sad,
Form: Monoku

Winter Habituate
Reminds of folks frostiness,
Blanketed dismissal grown,
But snow can become a man,
Lower element.

6th November 2015...

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Categories: dismissal, life, nature, sad, seasons, senses, snow, winter,
Form: Dodoitsu
Parting the River
your cat's eye
and I pray
you anesthetize me

Before I speak
Up and stumble
onto this

Far fetched and
grotesque is this

Dismissal, readiness
without a backpack....

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Categories: dismissal, angst
Form: Free verse
Dooby Went On A Date
                         Eve Roper’s he-cat Dooby went on a date
                          With Debbie’s she-dog a curly burly Kate
                                         But SKAT's arrival
                                       Made their dismissal
                      She told The Griddle Cafe LA to raise their rate...

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Categories: dismissal, fun, nonsense,
Form: Limerick
Too Much Relief Man
When stress about work started showing
He smoked some of what he was growing
Showed up at work
No pants or shirt
Not sure if he was coming or going!

His stress he still managed to be numbing
Even though dismissal was forthcoming
He said, "It's cool man,"
"I'll live in my van,"
As to his boss, his nose he was thumbing!


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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dismissal, conflict, imagery, leaving, parody, work,
Form: Limerick

We stand outside, in heat or cold 
And one by one, each class
Is marched outside to reunite
With we who wait, en masse.

The teachers watch to match each child 
With parent, sitter or
A nana or a grandpa
Huddled near the exit door.

The children run to give a hug
To those who stand and wait,
The teachers glad their obligations 
They can abdicate....

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Categories: dismissal, school,
Form: Rhyme
There's an echo in this vast sphere 
I love how your voice 
Grounds me here
I wake in a sweat and you are a cool breeze
We are iambic saline 
Locked in a rhythm preserved 
I've known flesh 
Bridled by self command
And I have witnessed 
The chill of dismissal 
You are solar flares 
In ecliptic nights 
A momentary blindness 
That thrills with sight 

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Categories: dismissal, passion,
Form: Free verse
This War Inside Me
I'm fighting a war within myself
A war of sadness
A war of defeat

There's a war in my head
It's filled with rejection
And dismissal

I'm on my own side
Alone in the silence
I will fight this war of mine

The silence is violent
It has no pity
No murcy whatsoever

I'm fighting this war
But it's not fighting back
But still I'm on the losing side

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Categories: dismissal, absence, betrayal, conflict, courage, deep, devotion, drink,
Form: Blank verse
Various things
The lamb cried
The egg fried
The man worked
A woman smirked 

The leaf fell
The merchant will sell
The lady cooked
The trembling girl shook
The bird.squawked
A woman walked 

A dog barked
A car parked
A tired shopper
A long skirt is proper 

The wind whistled
The bell indicated dismissal
The sun shone in the midst of winter
A boy cried because of a splinter

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© Lynn D.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dismissal, people,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Dismissed
You sashay on by me
your nose in the air
a glance of dismissal
in those green eyes you wear

Enticing me more with
your lack of concern
Your show of indifference
Only makes my heart yearn

So I bow to your wishes
I bow to your whims
But find myself here
Stuck out on a limb
Trying to claw my way in

Oh…why do you scorn me?
What else can I do?
O Puddy Tat…Puddy Tat
I love you...

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Categories: dismissal, funny
Form: Light Verse
Sad Dismissal of Secularists
Yesterday, on the 20th of March 2016 on the BBC,
On The Andrew Marr Show about politics weekly,
I did see Ian Duncan-Smith, government member,
Say something that upset me, I do remember.

“I am not morality, I leave that to church men.” 
But can't anyone decide what makes you a christian?
I understand evolution, and that gives me values, 
Sets standards and boundaries for thanks and dues. 

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Categories: dismissal, christian, faith, leadership, philosophy, political, power, religion,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Dear God They Say They Know You
Passive dismissal snorting
say common poet boring
Thou Lord you’re adoring
imagination you’re in

Threaten me with a day of reckoning 
your belief continues to project
but like you I was made by him
and he made me perfect

So as you write and whine 
sucking up so sloppy
he knows yours and mine
you don’t know how God see

You know no better
than any in this subject 
you’re just another nutter
stringed church puppet...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dismissal, god,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Escape

In the absence of complication,
trials and tribulations become distant memories.
Above sapphire skies delight sanguine eyes -
inspiring forthcoming musings of the mind.

After the dismissal of persistent regrets
over long-forgiven sins, encumbering darkness
yields to illumination. Self ceases to be the
enemy. Peace and happiness emerge.

Date: November 20, 2019
Contest Title: Complete the Poem--in the Absence of Complications
Sponsor: Silent One...

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Categories: dismissal, dark, forgiveness, light,
Form: Free verse
Some poems don’t get written
For the consequence might be
Rejection or dismissal
Of my thoughts or else of me.

I do not have the courage
To express the way I feel
When there may be questions raised
Of what my writing might reveal.

I can dance around the subject
With a vague and subtle clue
And I must admit I’ve done so
In a couple or a few.

But for certain topics there is just
No way to even start
So I keep the hurt inside me,
Tucked in tight inside my heart.

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Categories: dismissal, feelings, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tribunal
You shouldn’t have been sacked
So I’m glad that we could meet
I think I’ve got it cracked
Won’t you please take a seat

You cannot be dismissed
Just because your boss is vexed
For if you work one Christmas
Then you shouldn’t work the next

December twenty-fourth and fifth 
Just two days off this year
That’s called unfair dismissal
And we can help you here

I’d say we have a case
For it’s against employment laws
So let’s take down some details 
What’s your first name Mr Claus?...

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Categories: dismissal, christmas, humorous,
Form: Rhyme

Sweet flower
of mine
smiling eyes,
masterpiece of
cheery poetry,
I cultivate you with
the worship that
to the gods ...
With your perfume
heady me
lead me firmly ...
Oh! sweet flower
of my dreams,
your smile is mine
mystery yours
My drug...
In my fears
you find me
in sadness too ...
With deep love,
conveys me beyond
Oh! flower further than
impressive and florida,
you are the muse
of mine
charms ...
singular flower of

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Categories: dismissal, allegory, allusion, art, beauty, metaphor, muse, poetry,
Form: Free verse