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Short Aggravation Poems

Short Aggravation Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Aggravation by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Aggravation by length and keyword.

Premium Member How are you going to deal with it
Another day another aggravation

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Categories: aggravation, faith,
Form: Free verse

Meens to a Beginning
His Corinth Congregation
Gave Paul much aggravation
Led to salvation

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Categories: aggravation, inspirational
Form: Senryu
The Ox
The Ox
the speed and the power box to box
one reservation
remember the ball and reduce aggravation....

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Categories: aggravation, best friend,
Form: Clerihew
Premium Member Painful Within
From the echoes of raw hell
Doubling evil in the heat
Enlisting aggravation
Painful from within

Russell Sivey

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Categories: aggravation, life,
Form: Dodoitsu
Stereotype Enforced by a Storm
While I appreciate the vacation
it would have been better if it were paid.
Funds lessened by nature’s aggravation,
lends credence to the starved artist charade.

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Categories: aggravation, funny, natural disasters, nature, on work and
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member 'Barroom's Bliss"
In the bar room’s bliss,

`Tis great aggravation,

For many fists I've kissed,

With my face of devastation.

__Anon__ In Honor of: Charles Henderson and Contest
Placed #1...

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Categories: aggravation, funny
Form: Grook
Smoke filled lungs
Cloud the oxygen trying to get in
Fat veins, dark hearts and burnt lungs
Straining to take a breath
Whilst you’re gripping at your chest
It’s an aggravation, and annoyance 
Quitting is always harder than it seems. 

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Categories: aggravation, life
Form: I do not know?
Tumult within Self
Demented movements, 
Reciprocations of rage, 
Frantic gestures,
Livid, sultry eyes enraged,
Rushing sensations igniting
 Within a heart beset
With parasites of aggravation,
Incensed, repressed by a 
Rigid inflammation,
Scarlet flesh bleeding
Upon ashen skin,

Tormented within,
Hence inhabited…



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Categories: aggravation, angst, life, recovery from..., sad,
Form: Free verse
By Jeremy Edgar

Most conflicts are a creation,
Of poor communication,
Or provocation,
Caused by misinterpretation.

Use your imagination,
And gather information.
Avoid aggravation,
With a small investigation.

So resist the temptation,
To make an accusation.
Can lead to humiliation.

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Categories: aggravation, children, conflict,
Form: Light Verse
Teenage Wasteland
Tripping on acid
Erasing all the hope
Nobody seems to be listening
Aggravation towards family
Entering a world unknown

Wanting to feel loved
Scared of the future
Trying your hardest
Lost inside your own thoughts
Anarchy towards discipline
Draining away all we thought we knew...

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© hell kat  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggravation, confusion, life, teen,
Form: Acrostic
Whether in a baseball game
Or in the span of life,
Interference often causes
Agita* or strife.

Even when one’s motives
May be innocent or pure,
A casual observer
Or an ump might not be sure.

So consequences will result
When someone interferes,
And sometimes the effects may last
For months or even years.

*indigestion; aggravation

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Categories: aggravation, life,
Form: Rhyme
On The Brink

Misbegotten pair, 
two-faced aggravation, 
the seduction of sweet solace 
or the inarticulation of despair. 

Uneasy 'neath the spell of peerless rapture, 
false respite from the ravages of fear, 
or defenseless and imperilled 
by a sadness that is too extreme to bear.


...for all bi-polar sufferers.


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Categories: aggravation, loss, sorrow,
Form: Quatrain
in her eyes
i saw a lake in her eyes
blue, torn by two rivers
the first, a burning fire raged
of aggravation, irritability
dangerously dancing.
the river, boiled
heated by hate
the rejection of the world
the second, was a frozen tundra
the secluded  wind howling, mourning
hides her tears in the black sky


i offered to her:
a simple act of kindness
a tissue

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Categories: aggravation,
Form: I do not know?
the A team
Absolve us all of anguish
 When appetency goes awry 
The allure of the atrocious 
Can take precedence over the auspicious.
Nought can assuage the anxiety  of  abomination 
Flowing from such appetites
Ancillary to our basest desires.
Saying amen leaves us 
Aghast at our arrogance
Adding to our aggravation
Acquittal comes from abstinence 
And not from avarice....

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Categories: aggravation, anger, angst,
Form: Free verse
Anyone Game
"What are you doing?"
The answer comes back "youtube"
A TABOO subject

My mind doth BOGGLE!
Internet failure pending
The switch goes KER PLUNK

TROUBLE from upstairs, GUESS WHO?

"Can we play a game"
The MOUSE TRAP snaps shut

Despite the small RISK
As I SCRABBLE for face time
LIFE continues on


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Categories: aggravation, childhood, games, parents,
Form: Haiku
What is your gravitation?
It it aggravation or faith motivation?
Do you need deliverance or grace,
God's peace and joy to lift your face?
Life's negatives are more than positives?
Good habits at your home lives
In love and excitement each day.
Your gravitate upwards and play
Allowing rest for at least one day.
Work hard and for all pray
Choosing positive words to say....

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Categories: aggravation, bible, christian, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Vampire Acrostic
Vampires battle the lingering undead
Angles their bloody strikes upon them all
Masters of blood, and surely hates the morn
Personal aggravation to all men
Irritable just where werewolves adjourn
Reality strikes them odd for they sin
Evolution has sure spun them around

Contest: Skipping Six, Going Straight to Seven- Acrostics challenge #3
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich


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Categories: aggravation, halloween,
Form: Acrostic
the photographer
Writing for pictures
This false reality
Commits you blind
It’s okay
We never really wanted
To see this world
This living 
This heavenly prison
A crystal ball
To tease, a god
To no longer breathe
Or listen
Mission accomplished 
Our days have grown tired
Our dream purges expiration
A date due of intense aggravation
World I simply wish you the best

“writing for pictures”

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Categories: aggravation, adventure, art, hope, mystery, people, places, seasons
Form: Lyric
Without any hesitation
I must reach my destination
I don't have an explanation
No time for conversation

I'll need all my concentration
As I plan my evacuation
With just a minor complication
I'm in need of medication

I'll need all my dedication
To ignore this aggravation
But out of desperation
And hours of deprivation 

I come to the realization
That it's only constipation

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© Larry Belt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggravation, funny
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Change your Tune
Is waiting in line at the store
More than just an occasional bore?

Is it vexing aggravation
Leading to complete frustration?

Well, this is just a state of mind
When you're waiting in a line

What you need's to change your tune
And make a vow to do it soon

Resolve to others to be kind
Make a friend; you've got the time

If you do this, you will find
That line is now a real gold mine


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Categories: aggravation, how i feel, life,
Form: Rhyme
Hurt again
Hurt again
 Written 10-12-05 Edited 3-4-07
I walk alone in the dusk
 Filled of hatred and depression 
I'm injured, bleeding from the gashes
 My heart is slashed
 Pieces cannot be located 
Life has defeated the purpose of living 
No longer happiness 
Useless feelings all around 
No faith to follow 
No love to find
 Aggravation inside myself 
Knocked out 
I awaken and become raw from the pain 
Hurt me again...

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Categories: aggravation, depression,
Form: Prose Poetry
the standard
Lead strapped vest
Full-blown chest
A situation, confrontation
Disgruntled aggravation
Chambers crack
The sound of death laughing
Sudden impact
Face peeled back
Wrong way turn
Down train tracks
Could have stayed home
Life went too far
Madmen linger
With broken hope
Dead men wait
Gnawing on starvation
A just man
With no salvation
Escalated motive
One must survive
Cost to live
More than some can give


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Categories: aggravation, art, death,
Form: I do not know?
I worried about the weather;
I worried ‘bout what to pack.
I worried about the things I’d have
To do when I got back.

I worried about the flying,
My health and all the like;
What never crossed my mind was that
The airline’d go on strike!

So now we’ll make our phone calls
To see what someone knows.
Last minute aggravation
Seems to be the way it goes.

P.S. Our trip may now be toast.
I’ll update in a future post.

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Categories: aggravation, travel,
Form: Sonnet
Not Mere Verbalization

Dr. James E. Martin
July 13, 2006

Some things require contemplation,

Often to the point of meditation.

Many avoid this exploration,

Simply because of persistent hesitation.

Someday this will lead to aggravation,

For this problem there’s no medication.

Focus on His elevation,

Making for you compensation.

For you to know eternal gratification,

There must be, by you, appropriation.


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Categories: aggravation, christian,
Form: Rhyme
Next door leads to the cruelty
An approach to see a heaven..
World is full of blathers
Anger and Aggravation found in everyone
Another door is opened to lead towards cruelty
This is a wonder world; open your eyes
Immensity of jealousy growing, to infinitude a heaven

Open your eyes wide; you are leading towards cruelty
Throbbed the cosmos; shine like a star
Spark your kindness; shine like a star
Being a blithe, I'm another example!
Just shine like a star! ...

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© Asma Memon  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggravation, betrayal, blessing, emotions, encouraging, star,
Form: Light Verse