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Satire Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about satire. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for satire.

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Lab Rat Race
Lab Rat Race - 

Well it’s a hard pill to swallow
that we aren’t promised tomorrow;
but the rent is still due today. 
Sure, you’re losing your mind
but you still made it to work on time;
That’s just the nature of the rat...Read More
Categories: angst, anxiety, drug, irony, lost, satire, society,
Form: Free verse

When Trump Tweets
(Played to the tune, “When Sly Calls,”
by Michael Franks)

When Trump tweets,
Mo’ scowls furrow

When Trump tweets,
the scandals grow

As rumors shake,
idle sits the Boss
Bankrupt morality
is the grifter cost

When Trump tweets,
the rubles spin

When Trump tweets,
the dictators win

Decorum falls,
indecency begins
And on Fox tv the...Read More
Categories: humorous, parody, satire, song,
Form: Lyric
Vomit Monsters
They eat porridge then vomit it up
Dancing when they find carrots
And eat the other’s puke

Till they puke again and again
The sick game they play
For they are elite

And number one
Both gross and lovely
With added sugar
...Read More
Categories: crazy, satire, sick,
Form: Free verse
Turdiness Times
There was once a man who never had a  for a year
He was fine other than a big fat belly full of crap
Myself its been three days since I dropped one

I wonder if I’ll be that man to last...Read More
Categories: health, humor, satire,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Tom Sharing Aphorisms
Tom Sharing Aphorisms
(old adages)
Composed: by Miracle Man

I’ve been told, when younger,
”I could start a fight in an empty House.”
Because often “I would cloud up and rain knuckles,”
and later “was a sight for sore eyes”
Sometimes “I just had a conniption fit”...Read More
Categories: humor, satire,
Form: Free verse

When our traveling's up, it's time to fire it up
Since that sunshine has passed, it's time to light the gas

It's all right, it burns bright, when you light

When the camp is cold, you don't have to be told
You must open...Read More
Categories: funny, humor, humorous, music, parody, satire, word
Form: Couplet
Milk For Shakespeare


Did you milk the goat, Juliet?
Oh, sorry Romeo, not yet !!!
What about the cow?
Oh, I don't know how, !?
So, go milk Shakespeare's sonnets

'' life is not always Romantic ''

...Read More
Categories: cute love, humor, romance, satire,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Oh My
Oh My

Bad subject. 
I don’t even like to talk about it. 
I don’t like to vote. 
I don’t want to be involved. 

All those commercials on TV…
On and on, back and forth they go. 
I hate this, you hate that,...Read More
Categories: addiction, allah, america, corruption, political, satire, slavery,
Form: Free verse
Empty Days

There was a time when I was nine, where I thought my life was Ok 
Another 6 years on, I was out breaking my back to earn some pay

A marriage came, then the kids, the marriage spent, the...Read More
Categories: humorous, life, satire,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Tasty hors d'oeuvres
The cows, they lowed
   The sheep, they bleated
The pigs, they squealed
   Herded together tight, overheated

Squeezed into lines
   Individuality stripped
Indignity's design
   Poked, prodded, whipped

through airport corridors
  lines stretching forever
making tasty hors d'oeuvres
...Read More
Categories: animal, flying, food, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Boeing, Boeing -- Boing, Boing
How's it going
for Boeing? 
  Things sure have gone wrong.
  Boeing's 737 is going, going, gone......Read More
Categories: flying, satire, word play,
Form: Clerihew
Best friend
Your brain, is your heart's  best friend....Read More
Categories: satire,
Form: Epigram
Bitter Sweet

Oh, look at you, living my thoughts and ideas
Hold on there, while I just sharpen my spears

Indiana Shaw . . . ; ) 
...Read More
Categories: jealousy, satire, truth,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Dreaming About You
Her mind
Reveling like
A sea of glass
As a crystal

As deep as a well
With a satire way
About her, with

A touch of
Love dwelling with
Irresistible ways

Sassy speech with
Spirited walk
Eyes rich and deep 
Blue as the ocean

As two, two carat
Diamonds sparkling
Lips a deep ruby red
Body...Read More
Categories: satire, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dia de Los Muertos
Day of the Dead?
Is it something he said?
America mislead.

Deceived at the top,
Even they eavesdrop.

Lies all around
Our confusion compound.
Shall the truth be found?

Made in USA:
Undercover foray.
Everyone has their say.
RIP simplton.
T####'s reign is done.
Our country has won.
Send him off on the run.

Janece...Read More
Categories: political, satire,
Form: Acrostic
Follow the Folly

There’s a monkey tag-team of mo-rons 
running things   ~   Polly Would Pinocchio style
Dumb and Dumber dolts 
got dim a dullard king Dumbo
dunce chair directing

Elephant Man, with the carrot top sage
He’s a veggie dense thinker, 
whose airhead...Read More
Categories: humorous, perspective, satire, word play,
Form: Alliteration
Home of all evils
...Read More
Categories: satire, silly,
Form: Triolet
Toxic brew

...Read More
Categories: mystery, satire,
Form: Triolet
What life is
Departure...Read More
Categories: life, satire,
Form: Triolet
Premium Member Chelsea interviews a 5-star general, circa 2010
Who are you most afraid of
                             ~ Obama, Osama, and your mama...Read More
Categories: fear, satire,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member Is she running again
She plays hide-and-seek

   Teases us all with a peek

        ~ Prefers not to speak...Read More
Categories: mystery, satire,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Hillary, dillary
Hillary, dillary... you're toast
Your spouse is at a wienie roast --
   His frankfurter's burned
   He's with an intern --
You look like you just saw a ghost...Read More
Categories: judgement, leadership, satire,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member next to of course progress my planet i
“next to of course progress my planet i
love you, the ocean and the environ-
ment every person whether gay or bi
or trans or black, hispanic or asian
muslim pagan atheist or hindu
social justice and ecowarriors
illegal immigrants and felons too.
but conservatives, whites and...Read More
Categories: humor, irony, parody, satire,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Jade Oinkment
The sow beauty queen’s 
favorite color is money green
The cloven jaw cutie’s
favorite sound is “cha-ching”

Miss Piggy Lips loves how the cash registers
throughout the land constantly rings

That jade oinkment noise
is a pigmentary salve to her greedy soul
She’s got a glut appetite...Read More
Categories: funny, humorous, parody, satire,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Raise your fist
Sanders and Warren to Chicago, come see!
   Give the teachers' union your advice, for free!
'Demand more money, raise your fist -- go on strike!
   Who cares the city's bankrupt ~ you're liked!...Read More
Categories: political, satire, teacher,
Form: Rhyme