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Short Rictameter Poems

Short Rictameter Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Rictameter poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Rictameter poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Giving Tree
standing guard
providing fruit
walnuts and acorns
peaches, apples

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Categories: tree,
Form: Rictameter

Premium Member Princesses' Steeds
Their cone
Revered by princesses
Born fresh from rainbow’s belly
Beauteous and magnificent
Fleeting power glimpses
The magical

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Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Stardust Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom dancing
Big bands, Hollywood glam
Chiffon decorated dance floor
Men were gentlemen, women were ladies
Decent formality
And etiquette

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Categories: nostalgia,
Form: Rictameter
My World
Ricky, my world, I will love you forever and always
Ricky, my world, please don't go
Ricky, my world, please understand
Ricky, my world, please love me back...

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Categories: baby, child, childhood, children,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Hoot Owl
Hoot owl
Distinct owl voice
Echoes favorably
Nocturnal and mysterious
So unexpectedly forest friendly
Hidden away, a dark shadow
Unique who sound
Hoot owl...

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Categories: animal,
Form: Rictameter

Premium Member Cleaning
Under the greasy stove
Behind the washer and dryer
Inside the smelly refrigerator
Under the bed where the best shirts hide
Such a mood lifter

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Categories: environment,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member My Closet
Keeper of clothes
So perpetually messy
Unkempt, unless the owner is prissy.
Often starts out insanely neat
Try, unsatisfied, stomp
Piles on floor

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Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th
Form: Rictameter
Descending Doom
Despondency's Domain
Deleterious Degrading
Deepening Dramatic Desecration
Demonic Debilitation
Destructive Delusion

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Categories: depression
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Keeper of Good, Heart
Keeper of good
Our feeling arena
Often activated by mind
Imagination can stir her up too
So easily bruised and broken
Lovely and forgiving 
Keeper of sad

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Categories: feelings,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Creamy Tapioca
fresh and warm from oven
my hazel eyes get big as I
anticipate the glorious first bite
it is better than expected
not enough of it though
yum yum...

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Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Parasol
Doll like
So perky and pretty
Original middle French word
Fancier than a simple umbrella
Small colorful ones in glasses
Make martinis sparkle
Italian word

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Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Thoughtfulness Rules
Listen, clarifying
Sincerity and empathy
Happiness for another’s good fortune
Giving benefit of the doubt
Wisely not advising

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Categories: caregiving,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Christian Secret Symbol
The Christian sign
A secret at bad times
Iridescent, sparkly scales
Ambassadors that willingly nibble,
They are hidden in dark oceans
Our water messengers

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Categories: religion,
Form: Rictameter
I dare to look
into your forsaken-
forsakenly beautiful eyes.
Aquifers bursting sunlight burrowing 
daisies swirling in a dream
under the sun
I look away

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Categories: beauty, dream, heart, love, scary,
Form: Rictameter
Us, From the Realization Til Now
Soaked souls in wine.
Dizzy, tingling hearts fall behind.
Our moment's trump all else; rebuilds lost time.
Ignite, our connection is flint.
We dance 'til dawn.

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Categories: love, mum, parents, relationship,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member The Password Guessing Game
My twin and I
New vocabulary
Bit too big for Christmas stocking
A 1950’s game for family use
Crazy guesses extremely fun
Inspired much laughter
I still love it

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Categories: nostalgia,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Eagle
Eagle majestic bird ponderous predator clumsy flyer, adroit hunter strong symbol of imperial power high, inaccessible aerie monogamous mating staid homebody Eagle

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Categories: bird, environment, home, imagery, science, symbolism, tribute,
Form: Rictameter
The way we string
Words to form
Ideas that were not unmeant
Yet meaning so much more, or may be less
To each our own devious end
Tower of Babel raised
Is it not just

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Categories: introspection, meaningful, metaphor,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Terror Movie
Words soon appeared
Violence and horror
Evil, terror and evil
On the screen, and I wish I was kidding
I covered my eyes a whole lot
Could not recommend it.
A sad excuse

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Categories: feelings,
Form: Rictameter
A mask
Left without face
Guarded a man with scars
Kept him in lonely seclusion
The public made him a brutal nightmare
Took a matrimony with shadows
Evolved into a myth
Story of hate
A mask...

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Categories: mystery, sad,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member A Coat For Me
No Way
Too expensive
Buy coats for the children
I will wear mine another year
Yes, a movie star, when I tried it on
My husband talked me into it
Beauty personified
If you insist
I do...

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Categories: funny, nostalgia,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Autumn
Pumpkins on vines
Canning is in session
Vegetables, mason jars
Mama’s pressure cooker gets a work out
Fresh vegetables, crusty pies
Hot out of the oven
Warm pumpkin pie

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Categories: august,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Sparkles
On the curtain
Add glorious room glitz
Maybe earthly glimpse of heaven
Beautiful, magnificent opulence,
Bringing much glamour to my guests
Tiny glittering orbs
Flashy sequins

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Categories: environment,
Form: Rictameter
Roses No Longer In Bloom
Roses Once fully bloomed, Now adorning my room. I sit and wait for spring's return On baited breath I wait and dote Poetics of a rose, I must compose. Roses

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Categories: appreciation, flower, spring,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Delight
a delusion
provided by yourself
in order to uplift spirit
to secure a happy place for your mind
to escape from terrible pain
exists for a great cause
helps to provide

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Categories: joy,
Form: Rictameter