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Poverty Poems

Poverty Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about poverty. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for poverty.

New Poems

Premium Member Sibling Of The Same Mother

We must not take everything for granted
Freedom of speech, your voice
Poverty and war
ravages in large parts of the world

What is important to focus on
A dialogue with respect,
whether one agrees or not

One must listen and learn
as sibling of the same mother

Where...Read More
Categories: poverty, blessing, color, earth, flower, paradise,
Form: Free verse

No reason to be afraid, 
Let not your heart be coward; 
Let not mire make your faith fade, 
Let not your steps go backward.

There are many a reason
To be brave and valorous; 
Amid the tribulation, 
You'll emerge victorious.

God is there...Read More
Categories: poverty, courage,
Form: Quatrain
The Old Woman
There stood a poor old woman
At his door 
With a bowl in hand, 
She begged for food.
He gave her rice
And some lintels to eat,
She will not go hungry today,
He thought.

What about the morrows next,
If she had nothing to eat
She would...Read More
Categories: poverty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Buried nude
A holy man's head was lost in the clouds
His abstruse reasoning made him so proud
   He pondered all day
   Earned zero cents pay
Buried nude - He couldn't pay for a shroud...Read More
Categories: philosophy, poverty,
Form: Limerick
The Show from Death Row
Eye for eye; tooth for tooth,
Age old key to old hitch,
Justice’s way; known from youth,
Consciences’ vexing itch.

Few know death’s row bower,
Lowly know its bare scene, 
Some escape through power,
Rich blood trumps poor man genes.

Time goes in ticks and tocks,
Hits midnight...Read More
Categories: corruption, discrimination, poverty, power, race, racism, riddle,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Socialist thinking
Socialist Thinking
By: Miracle Man

We are fast becoming a country,
radicalized by those with the idea,
that everything should be free,
and the rich punished.

To close the gap between rich and poor,
They advocate bringing those with less, up, 
by bringing those with more, down.

...Read More
Categories: life, poverty,
Form: Free verse
the tower of hope
The tower of hope.

I think of the Vietnam war as the poorer classes war.
Soldiers were drafted, and they could not get lose,
in-growing, toenails or not. The war was lost before
it began on one side the US Soldiers who wanted
to go...Read More
Categories: poverty, beach, best friend, birth,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member GO WITH THE FLOW

    When few comments come in, I know it God's will. 
    He has something better for me in store to do. 

    I never feel alone or tearfully bereft. 
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Categories: america, cheer up, poverty,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member tombstones

in cemetery quietness				
tombstones rap
epitaphs of those
they are paid to represent…

on the outside arena
of the living
there are many of those
wearing and boasting
tombstones of life…

shiny clothes
worn in winter
and thin by hunger
that infuses the bellies
of their children…all
carrying newspaper-blankets
for bus stop benches…
above their heads
posted...Read More
Categories: allegory, death, humanity, imagery, life, metaphor, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ask Yourself
Money isn't what you want, and I'll prove it too.
You only want the things that money do for you.
You can't eat it, drink it, it can't keep you warm,
you can't stack it around you and build a decent home.
We don't...Read More
Categories: poverty, change,
Form: Rhyme
What Good Are Our Tears
What Good Are Our Tears?
by Michael R. Burch

What good are our tears?
They will not spare the dying their anguish.
What good is our concern
to a child sick of living, waiting to perish?

What good, the warm benevolence of tears
without action?
What help, the...Read More
Categories: child, child abuse, children, death, poverty, sick,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member When Was It Ever Great
Ask if we'll ever see the end of wars and you're bound to hear,
that it will never happen, not in a thousand years.
I hear you loud and clear, but I just don't accept it.
For someone who hasn't done their homework,...Read More
Categories: poverty, america,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member POOR

raised in a
blue collar family
of six kids
I wouldn’t have
wanted it
any other way
learned the value
of a dollar
and hard work
most of all
I learned
the magic
of creativity             

posted on February 19, 2020...Read More
Categories: blessing, family, growing up, life, perspective, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Alms for the poor
Alms! shouted the beggar, 
as the royal carriage went by,
But just then, an arrow flew past,  
piercing the kings eye,
Killing him instantly, 
it penetrated his brain,
Beggar is still mumbling,
“lucky sod felt no pain.”

Perception can be misleading, 
changes all the...Read More
Categories: allegory, deep, destiny, humanity, life, perspective, poverty,
Form: Rhyme
The Dilemma of an African Child
- You want to know me ?

I am kissed by poverty at birth 
Our golden sun produces gold no more but heat
I am awaken daily to the crowing of guns 
The cock is gone and bullets are its alternative 

I...Read More
Categories: poverty, africa, conflict, confusion, grief, identity, society,
Form: Narrative
A huge sound waits bound in ice, the world of the poor has been cold as ice Denied of justice and made to pay a heavy price.
A lonely loud voice above the mountain calling out for justice for the poor
but...Read More
Categories: poverty, inspirational,
Form: ABC
I used to hear the shouting
on my landing late at night
smell the stench of trash and poverty
twas not a pretty sight
I used to hear kid's mothers
as they called them in for tea
women who wore bruises-
twas not the life for me
I...Read More
Categories: poverty, abuse, childhood, conflict, environment,
Form: Free verse
Political intoxication
Facts now have alternatives to fortify an elite’s status
Truth has lost its authority

Principles abandoned as minds become amorous to like-minds
Intellectual treachery

Corporations have frozen the status quo
Arrested ideology

Anti-capitalism is pretentious and treasonous
Distrust the politics, kill the new entry

Religion is a sanctuary...Read More
Categories: poverty, africa, america, humanity, identity, philosophy, political, power,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mixed Pickles
Mike had an overdraft that put him in a pickle
He wasn't worth a dime not even a nickel
He would be the first to say when he got his pay
He went out to play
He loved playing cards, he mostly lost
He bet...Read More
Categories: poverty, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Poverty trap
They tell them the reality of yesterday is their tomorrow
Save the cries for different versions of sorrow
The world is hash but there is a God who is omnipotent
The world has abundance if they choose to be content
If their dwelling is...Read More
Categories: africa, patriotic, political, pollution, poverty, power, prison,
Form: Free verse
In the Valley
In the valley where
Life is lived as intended
Happiness is widespread
As far as any eye can see.
Joy and love reign
As peace and blessings
Fall from above.
Minor disagreements though
Few and far between,
Met with acceptance and
Understanding are 
Respectfully resolved with
Knowledge and equality
For the good...Read More
Categories: poverty, 9th grade, beautiful, bible, devotion, inspiration, jesus,
Form: Prose Poetry
“We have no milk,”
you speak quietly
in a tone reminiscent 
of another’s observation
that wine had run out
at a wedding feast.
Miraculous transformation
of wine or milk
from pitchers of water
seemingly absent from
the church job description
of educator and
director of parish music,
a deficit, in proportion
to the...Read More
Categories: family, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Short Drive into Autumn

South of here, zombie cicadas
chafe heated thighs,
but North of Tippecanoe
Shawnee trails lead into autumn.

September has mottled the forest maples.
We take photographs,
but the green still smothers
scattered red and yellow threads.

You touch a mossy tree trunk,
as if sensing the smoldering fuse
that will...Read More
Categories: poverty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Compassion
The wandering lonesome roam
About the early morning streets;
And on evening avenues.
Those forgotten feral few,
Seeking meals they cannot buy
‘Mongst the refuse of the day.
Those great unwashed in tatters,
Of whom it does not matter,
Limp empty toward their lairs
Wearing faces of despair
Seeking out...Read More
Categories: care, discrimination, lonely, poverty, relationship, sad, society,
Form: Free verse
Praise Him
March 15, 1984

Praise him in the sunshine.
Praise him in the snow.
Praise him when it's seventy,
Or when it's ten below.

Praise him in the morning.
Praise him in the night.
Praise him when you're sorrowing,
Or bubbling with delight.

Praise him during sickness.
Praise him in...Read More
Categories: poverty, children, day, god, heart, husband, love, wife,
Form: Rhyme