Debt Poems

Debt Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of debt poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for debt.

New Poems

Thank You for Your Service
Thank You for Your Service
Thank you for your service
And the hardships you endured
To keep this country’s freedom 
Safe and well secured

Thank you for your service
For the times you may have cried
As you found a fallen soldier
And knelt there by their...Read More
Categories: debt, devotion, military,
Form: Rhyme

Remember the soldiers
Remember all the soldiers,
The memories that they share,
The curse that they must live with,
The horrors that they bare.

Remember all the soldiers,
Who never made it back,
Who gave their lives in battle,
Protecting from attack.

Remember all the soldiers,
Remember we're in debt,
Remember them with...Read More
Categories: debt, remembrance day,
Form: ABC
His life was marked by infinite strides, 
Breakable down into a chanted psalm; 
And a doleful hymn after psalters' word, 
Plus a petition to bid the kingdom come.

Keener listeners his recitals yet might hear
In plaintive crescendos in misty auras near;...Read More
Categories: debt, allegory, allusion, character,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Crime Dont Pay, Freeloading Does
Crime Don’t Pay,
Freeloading Does
Written: by Miracle Man

Too many are obsessed,
with today’s free stuff.
To this kind of talk,
some take exception and rebuff.

Oblivious to the fact,
and without even a hunch.
That another pays the bill
for every free lunch.

What many fail to see,
is everything...Read More
Categories: debt, how i feel,
Form: Lyric
Slave to a bottle 
Slave to a pill
Slave to a lover
Slave to a thrill
Save no more 
Forgotten appeal
Free from the worry
Free from regret
Free from opinion
Free from the debt
Peering eyes looking
Candle Burns dim
It doesn't take long 
When burning
Both ends

...Read More
Categories: debt, addiction, allusion, anger, angst, cry,
Form: Free verse

Giver of Usury
Those feeling unsecured,
who be in brokered deal need,
listen to this vary interesting message carefully

I got what you don’t have,
but what you want financed desperately
You most certainly can get it from me,
this promissory promise 
gets my profit lending approval
My actuary guarantee...Read More
Categories: debt, money, philosophy, truth, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member 'And a Miracle Was Born'
They lost a priceless baby at birth,
o my, how much we all did mourn-
still accepting God’s planned worth,
beloved lil’ Johnny was finally born;
(no more pain - no longer torn) forgot the times they were forlorn.

Now he is four and a...Read More
Categories: debt, child, family, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A King And His Money
If the King is in debt again,
We must open the privy purse,
A profligate king is a curse,
It has been thus throughout his reign.

It puts us all under a strain,
And God knows, it is getting worse,
Why must the man be so...Read More
Categories: debt, conflict, god, london, money,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Come Running Like a Prodigal
He never had much direction or patience for that matter
Often making the wrong selection because of the latter
He had extremely little respect and did whatever he chose
The important things he'd neglect and from that problems arose

He blew every chance, and...Read More
Categories: debt, recovery from,
Form: Rhyme
The Clearing
The clearing
was in all
-adorned trees
Surrounding of what
all was me
Wore pressing back
on soul for me
Their spirit that
of whole to be
Sat helpless for
the heart in me
When all took
what was blessed for me
As all know
of the debt to free
Of all those
who would rape
past...Read More
Categories: debt, tree,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member King of Kings - Canto I: 1-10
1	A plume of dirt and grime envelops sky;
		The hellish slug of gas does creep along.
		It casts an orb three hundred stories high
		Over the Sun and ends his morning song.
		The birds and trees now stand a silent throng,
		Before this rumbling mass...Read More
Categories: debt, metaphor,
Form: Epic
Premium Member A Bad Debt
They met by the old jarrah tree
As the sun was about to set,
A meeting they would not forget,
A future they could not foresee.

"Dearest, you must listen to me!
I swear to you that I regret
Having incurred this dreadful debt -
All I...Read More
Categories: debt, betrayal, emotions, girl, lost love, tree,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Living the dream
is not quite what it seems
with children, mortgages,and debt.
Reconsider you should,
whats under the hood 
of the the thing they call The Dream.
It can suck up your life,
cause all kinds of strife
 and drive you completely insane....Read More
Categories: debt, dream,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Drought
Life cannot exist without the sun,
All earthly creatures need its warmth to grow,
From its vital force creation was begun,
And all around its power is on show.
For growth, the sun must interact with rain,
Water used to prime unyielding ground,
To help the...Read More
Categories: debt, animal, care, environment, money, pain,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Soapbox Opinion
A Soapbox Opinion
By Tom Wright

America has lost,
its moral compass.
Hardly a day passes,
without some sort of rumpus.

 Like some third world countries, 
we’re fast becoming.
Many give no thought,
to Christ’s second coming.

Some able bodied won’t work,
always seeking a handout.
While millennials run up...Read More
Categories: debt, how i feel, jesus, life, society,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Sins of the Fathers
Feeling deep regret for our misguided debt
Which gives us pause realizing the hurt we’ll cause
So let's raise our glasses to the lads and lasses
Who will bear the brunt on the battlefront

October 14, 2019
F F I series 28 leonine
Brian Strand, sponsor...Read More
Categories: debt, conflict, death, drink, poetry, tribute, war, world,
Form: Rhyme
Sea of Collateral Carnage

See the human debris,
the scattered limbs torn apart
by shrapnel velocity

In so many Third World places,
the second-hand groan grafters
commit mercantile murder
in the first degree

Time encapsulated buried hatred
leech covetously
Flooding the colonial lands with booby-trap misery
Tick-tock waves of disfigurement crimes 
against humanity

Collateral damage...Read More
Categories: debt, dark, imagery, perspective, truth,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member 7 times Seventy- -
Oh, Lord the question comes to me, where and what should I be;
Oh, Lord
How many times do I forgive my brother and my enemies..
Whom hurts me
maliciously, maliciously

You say...
And in a still samll voice you came to me
You say...
And the Lord...Read More
Categories: debt, analogy, appreciation, assonance, encouraging, forgiveness,
Form: Lyric
Wages Of Sin

The world's population has toppled seven billion and
Many are dying each day, but more are being born.
There is a number totaling from beginning till now, and
Whatever that number is, it also carries a load of debt.
It is a debt because...Read More
Categories: debt, bible, christian, sin,
Form: Blank verse
My Dying Choice I Live In Regret
To my unborn child, I'm so SORRY
I can't stop this pain, it's a non-stop debate of how it all would be

Painted images and thoughts constantly fill my head
I've tried to escape it but the only way is by being dead

I...Read More
Categories: debt, abortion, death, heartbroken, how i feel, my
Form: ABC
Premium Member The other side of Vrbanya bridge
Their story haunts my memory, I'll tell it to you plain..
in the city of Sarajevo, a place war could never touch,
and hope it never will again.

Already thousands remain so silent under rock and clay, 
in fields of Saffron flowers of...Read More
Categories: debt, heartbroken, love, romantic love, together, true love,
Form: Prose
Premium Member The Unwitting Days of Autumn
The unwitting days of Autumn,
And the carefree days of Fall—
They bid farewell to Summertime,
And without a care, at all.

And were the Fall to think a thought,
Whatever would it be?
Other than to contemplate 
Which of all the leaves to free.

For She...Read More
Categories: debt, autumn,
Form: Quatrain
The General stands at attention, West Point tall and straight
Gazing at row upon row of white headstones
On his shoulders lay the finality of their weight
Family, friends and patriots gone too soon
Heroes all and each one a heartfelt and generous boon
To...Read More
Categories: debt, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Social engineering
From the day of our birth we are engineered,
‘do this, do that’ dictated by peers.
Father knows best, mother does too,
get a job, conform, it’s the treadmill for you! 

Pass the exams, move up the ladder,
pass even more, else your life...Read More
Categories: debt, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Rush of Emotions

She sat beside the waterfall
where gushing thoughts cascade,
like tears that flowed along her cheeks,
her heart set to invade.

He left alone for pastures new.
A scribbled note in haste
he wrote then fled, as cowards do,
her heart a barren waste.

A lightning bolt out...Read More
Categories: debt, love, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme