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Sadness Pain Poems

These Sadness Pain poems are examples of Pain poems about Sadness. These are the best examples of Pain Sadness poems written by international poets.

Air within the bubble
When I am around you 
The good things feel bad, 
And the bad things feel awful 

But I feel drawn, 
To you 
Your power, your...

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Categories: pain, abuse, anxiety, conflict, environment,

A Normal Family
I can't believe I'd ever be
part of a normal family
that loves each other without fail
with open arms they will cradle
you with heartfelt love and care

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Categories: pain, change, childhood, future, hope,

Premium Member My Words VS The Judges
I write because I love to write,  
writing for a contest makes me think.  
My imagination and creativity come alive,  
as the...

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Categories: pain, poems, poets, words, writing,

Premium Member Anger Hides
Anger hides
Behind a gentle gesture
did you let
this happen
You are there
I know it
See it
In flashes of sadness
In your eyes
In snarls of frustration
On your face
I know
You are...

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Categories: age, love, pain,

4:00 in the A.M.
Useless to go to bed
I have too many things
Going through my head
Piled up like a train wreck
My mind won't let me rest

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Categories: pain, dark, depression, desire, heartbreak,

You can't divorce a good joke
Bluntly, someone said
they could never imagine
my being married.
This stung.
I laughed.
I am more
a comic
a romantic.
Pain is preferably felt
without witness;
better yet,
with punchlines.
Those precious people
who cry amongst us...

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Categories: pain, emotions, funny, humor, marriage,

Beautiful Agony V
XIII: Dreams and hopes...

Dreams and hopes will take new form
Sky's the limit, break the norm
The brain is sensible, follow it blind
Happiness will redefine, even if...

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Categories: pain, emotions, feelings, heartbreak, life,

Premium Member Grief Speaks

Time, they say, heals the pain,
Where there is deepest mourning,
So many feelings I can’t explain,
Grief that aches without much warning.

Time, they tell me, will mend...

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Categories: pain, god, grief, light, love,

Merry Miserie
Conjuring and challenging my silly, puny solitude…
Enduring and foliage of squalid grief…left me in the nude of the wintertime 
Sometimes, I wander…I wonder…I ponder so...

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Categories: angst, hope, pain, passion,

Premium Member Christmas Past
If you miss someone this Christmas,
If they’ve left this world and you…
With a heartbreaking grief, so dismal,
It feels like a nightmare has come true….

If you...

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Categories: pain, blessing, christmas, grief,

Premium Member Morose Christmas
Not everybody is having a safe and joyous Noël
Not all are enjoying a holy and holly jolly Christmas
Many people find themselves living in pure Hell

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Categories: pain, betrayal, christmas, evil, hate,

Premium Member Being In Love
Painful being in love
Headaches, heartaches and sorrow
It is Hell on Earth.

Copyright © December 2023, Hébert Logerie, all rights reserved.
Hébert Logerie is the author of several...

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Categories: pain, adventure, anxiety, emotions, feelings,

Premium Member In A Tear

When I first entered this world,
Born to a mom who was so full of love,
A tear stung my eyes – a tear,
Proof that I was...

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Categories: pain, appreciation, blessing, cry, sympathy,

Premium Member Sadness
Tears begin to sting 
can't hold back from pain I feel 
overflow of pain...

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Categories: pain,

Once upon my time
Once upon a December we were friends.
Once upon a cold night holding onto a time we knew someday would end.
A whole new world we’ll never...

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Categories: pain, best friend, childhood, december,