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Hurting Pain Poems

These Hurting Pain poems are examples of Pain poems about Hurting. These are the best examples of Pain Hurting poems written by international poets.

Mind War
I've tried a million times to reach the same stage
Facing the same lights 
Burning at the same pace

Whatever was left of me, got designated to...

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Categories: pain, anxiety, confusion, depression, emotions,

Premium Member Funeral

Remembering him is like a soft smile,
Wistful, wishful, silencing darkness
Erasing the sound of the color black,
Delicious, the essence always giving
Light, joy, wonder – soul soothing

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Categories: pain, addiction, death, funeral, grief,

Premium Member Numb

Sensing the death of something
That once brought more life than 
The heartbeat or breath, faith
In the beautiful and intimate places
Where light kisses away the darkness

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Categories: anxiety, divorce, emotions, pain,


I'm disappointed of myself
I don't know how I got here
I don't seem to be able to change
no matter the sea of tears
I keep doing...

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Categories: pain, birth, child abuse, poetry,

everything uses cruelty to exist
everything has claws barbs poison
glass that falls breaks becomes a threat
bodies that jump and turn to blood
like the junkie from the...

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Categories: pain, angst,

Empathy for the Helpless
So many hurting people, 
Wounded with old hurts and new. 
Blood long dried but never tended, 
What oh what are we to do?

So many displaced...

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Categories: pain, bible, caregiving, depression, faith,

Premium Member Fear of That Unknown Flight
She wakes hurting in the early morning light
Refuses precautionary painkillers, ‘til it’s too late
With age comes the fear of that unknown flight
Into eternal rest, or...

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Categories: fear, pain,

Life's Pain
I don't understand
How this can be true
You'd question me
And wonder what to do 
I see others out there 
All hurting in Life's Pain
So hard to...

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Categories: life, pain,

It's full light of the steady day
Quickly it's night and love now dry hay
My love is pure and chaste, she saw gay
How shall I win...

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Categories: pain, bereavement, boyfriend, deep, devotion,

Slit, slit slit, 
easy flick of the wrist,
Seep down deep
where metal and skin meet
In my dreams
it's never what it seems
"Get over it, 
quit throwing a...

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Categories: 12th grade, pain,

Where There Is Pain There Is Lesson'
On this path of loneliness

I look up 


Find the wind is calm

No dirt is stirring

I feel this nudge inside

There was no pain

I was not hurting


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Categories: pain, art, beautiful, blessing, faith,

Thin Lines
Graters are for preparing meals
Not for hearts
Diaries, memoir notes are private
Not for phoney pastors
Sometimes a grated heart tells horrors endured because of pastors

Lines between advice...

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Categories: pain, 12th grade, abuse, betrayal,

Premium Member Underneath Glamor and Glitz
Self-expression is dependent upon personality
We can only really be who we are deep inside,
Some folks by their nature defy conventionality.

There are folks who can set...

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Categories: identity, image, pain, self,

Premium Member Freedom From Pain

As the clear light rises higher
Illuminating fog
Humidity from Friday's rain.
Thicker down in the bog

Ole hound dog is baying a prey
He yelps for hours today
I don't...

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Categories: pain, life,

Premium Member MY SOUL AGAINST THE WIND-Let Me Die the Blight of Job
Going to me my soul against the wind
 velocity zephyr on this day I open my mouth and I pray
 allow let this day let...

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Categories: pain, analogy, anxiety, endurance, how