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Ache Poems

Ache Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ache poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ache.

New Poems

Premium Member My Brutal Realization
A fierce ache within my chest 
an intense crushing feeling
The mere thought of you has 
my being vibrating from 
searing pain
How foolish to trust in another
 "I'm not like the rest!"....
only makes me doubt more
Physically...the scars I can handle....
it's the...Read More
Categories: ache, hurt, pain,
Form: Free verse

First and Last
First and Last
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

You are the last arcane rose
of my aching,
my longing,
or the first yellowed leaves’
vagrant spirals of gold
forming huddled bright sheaves.
You are passion forsaking
dark skies, as though sunsets no winds might enclose.

And still in my arms
you...Read More
Categories: ache, autumn, desire, leaving, longing, love, passion, rose,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Children of A Lesser God
We are the huddled masses
  yearning to be free
but living in itself lay is often rose-colored glasses,
  and remains quite the mystery.

We ache for freedom transfixed
 some random yet open display
of races, children, braggarts, heroes, and cowards intermixed,...Read More
Categories: ache, appreciation, god,
Form: Rhyme
I Think I Just Ate a Whole Cake
My goodness, did I just eat that whole cake?
Perhaps I am dreaming-pinch
Nope, I’m awake
Pepperidge Farm you are so wrong 
I didn’t realize my will power wasn’t that strong
Chocolate Fudge 3-layer deliciousness
Coating my taste buds with sweet flavors, so great
You just...Read More
Categories: ache, food, humor, silly, stress, women,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Down by the Lake
Down by the lake
  my old haunts ache
Lonely are they
  as I used to be
No mallard ducks
  to swim on the sea
Just one autumn leaf
  to recall you and me...Read More
Categories: ache, loss, memory, sad,
Form: Rhyme

Does your heart ever ache?

you realise unavailing efforts make you drain.
you see how helpless you are in pain.

you think there is no escape but death .
you realise death is not an escape.
you know you have to live with it.

from all...Read More
Categories: ache, destiny, faith, fate, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Inferno hatred
Inferno hatred
By: Christopher Nickles
As the night gets late
Everything fills with hate
Aware of all the stakes
I will do all it takes
Youll see the depths of my hatred
To release all which I created
Come and ride, got room for all
Be cautious, wont stop...Read More
Categories: ache, anger, evil, hate,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member the lady down the lane
slap you with a word
then, cross arms and wait
that's how she'd get you ... Grace Cleaves
out-of-the-blue idiosyncrasies that she'd notice in you
laid quite flatly in your lap
for you to comment on ... or not
all conversations started thusly
for she'd make all...Read More
Categories: ache, appreciation, friendship, loss, memory, nostalgia, woman,
Form: Free verse
How Many Dreams Stolen
How many lives must be taken?
How much blood will be split?
How many tombstones must be ordered?
How many souls will be taken from us?

Each day the numbers rises
As the number of cases
From the across the globe
Rack up in piles of corpses
To...Read More
Categories: ache, anger, dream, poetry, political, sad,
Form: Free verse
Say You Will
Say you will save me
Say you will heal me
Say you will listen…
Say you will again…

Say you will understand
Say you will give me a helping hand
Say you will
Say you will
Say you will
Be my darling pill
To put me to sleep at night
And...Read More
Categories: ache, angst,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member My Natural Habitat
My natural habitat is outside
Why would anyone want to be anywhere else?
I had forgotten how peaceful it is
God’s sunlight saturates my pores in a loving way

My backache and neck ache are readily disappearing
I am here, and it is wonderful as...Read More
Categories: ache, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Even after all this time
"What is wrong with me?" I keep asking. 
You would think that after all the nasty words and crying, 
the fist fights and after all the begging,
all the hating, and hiding knives so that I wouldn't cut my wrists, 
After...Read More
Categories: ache, confusion, forgiveness, longing, lost love, sorrow, truth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member DYING ALONG
I received a letter…a formal one…in the mail…out of the blue
apprising me of a relative’s death…one I never knew.

Since I’m a distant relation…to me his information was released
He never married, had no children or siblings and his parents are deceased.

And...Read More
Categories: ache, death,
Form: Verse
Premium Member My Corona - The Corona Virus Song
Her name was Nola
She ate granola
She liked to get her fix
On Coca-Cola

She liked to coochy-coo
With everyone she knew
But when she blew her nose
Then all her friends withdrew

At Corona
Corona virus
It's the hottest spot north of my sinus
At Corona
We fell in bed
Ah...Read More
Categories: ache, anxiety, health, love hurts, sick, social, sorry,
Form: Rhyme
A love letter from Covid19
I’m here I’m there I’m everywhere
But I cannot  be seen 
I’m the bailiff when your skint
The traffic warden with pencil in hand
The ex-girlfriend with a new man
That cough, that ache 
I’m the empty shelf in the supermarket
The que in...Read More
Categories: ache, fear,
Form: Free verse
Deep Sleep
You will sleep, I know;
While asleep, you will also dream.
You are tired now,
Your limbs ache,
Your body needs to rest,
You will therefore sleep
And weave your dreams for a while
And then sink into a deep sleep
When you will forget those dreams,
Forget your...Read More
Categories: ache, sleep,
Form: Free verse
Even in Death
 All these years of you gone,
All the times that we missed.
I'll bring you back however I wish.
I'll grab the shovel and start digging.

Carrying your corpse in this cold rain.
You won't ever leave me again.
The earth was separating us.
I've lost...Read More
Categories: ache, care, dark, devotion, grave, i miss you,
Form: Free verse
If I try to think of one word to explain
Just what this life has meant to me—
I go back to the farm, into the barn 
Where you once told me everything.
I go back to the round tin barn where
Leaving always...Read More
Categories: ache, america, beautiful, beauty, boy, child, childhood, sunset,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Heaven's Gift
I'm blessed beyond measure
God gave me a treasure...
a daughter, in whom I delight
Her smile, such a pleasure,
though I'm not at leisure
to hug her, she sleeps through the night

From the moment I wake
Were it not for her sake
I'd not care if...Read More
Categories: ache, daughter, love,
Form: Rhyme
my last breath
My last breath
Before you sleep take my last breath from my soul
For I weep from the pain
A pain so pensiveness it withers my insides away
I have lost you in a place I felt safe, now I’m surrounded by dust and...Read More
Categories: ache, betrayal, break up, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Falling Like Leaves
Oh, how a fair breeze of Autumn can stir
          My heart with reprieves - the redolent leaves
     Remembrance of romance with you in a blur
  ...Read More
Categories: ache, metaphor, nature, passion, romance, school, soulmate, true
Form: Rhyme
Translation: Wulf and Eadwacer
Wulf and Eadwacer
ancient Anglo-Saxon poem, circa 960 AD
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My clan's curs pursue him like crippled game;
they'll rip him apart if he approaches their pack.
It is otherwise with us.

Wulf's on one island; we're on another.
His island's a...Read More
Categories: ache, animal, england, longing, lust, passion, violence, women,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member The Picnic By A Lake
I will remove the dust of time and decay,
in a park by a clear blue lake;
Oh, I have not been to this place of yesterday,
but have heard about it over tea and cake.
It was a Sunday tradition to pile in...Read More
Categories: ache, family, memory,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Everyone is in a Panic Except Me
Everyone is in a panic.
Except me.
Everyone is frenzied.
Except me.
Everyone is crazed to the maximum degree.
Except me.

I am lying on my back in my yard in the sun.
Listening to the birds trill, they seemed stress too.
I hear little people yelling “where...Read More
Categories: ache, parents,
Form: Free verse

Far from the prodding eyes
of men and angels

she toils…

with the strength of mere men, 

amidst battalions of soldiers
she bears the world…

And then, her shoulders falling…

yet she stood, dying to all

the flickering embers of her own dreams

And broken…

she veils her scars,...Read More
Categories: ache, death, death of a friend, dedication, earth,
Form: Ode