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Long Wolverine Poems

Long Wolverine Poems. Below are the most popular long Wolverine by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Wolverine poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Pass the Mescaline
It is a cold road to my mother’s house.
I have driven it hundreds of times and each time it seems to get colder.
I have cranked up the heat, yet the cold is like a knife...

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Categories: wolverine, abuse,
Form: Free verse

I used to never want children.
I grew up in a home that housed tornadoes.
where yelling was the norm and the storms would cause chaos every single day.
My father,
Never stayed around.
My tears,
created oceans at my mother’s...

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Categories: wolverine, abuse, age, growing up, growth, loneliness, parents,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Biting Cold
It was a freezing night in Alaska, the temperature had 
dropped to well below zero, fifteen below with a driving 
wind that shrieked and laughed as it sped viciously past
causing lashing snow flakes to fall...

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Categories: wolverine, mountains, nature, snow, winter,
Form: Epic
Alaskan wilderness, a beautiful sight, holds grave danger when you go it alone.
It was freezing cold one night when Frank’s unwanted adventure began. 
He had left early that Sunday morn, before an unexpected blizzard moved...

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Categories: wolverine, adventure, animal, friend, snow, weather, winter,
Form: Epic
The Trapper and The Brave, Part I
It was back in nineteen-nineteen
when Timlin Rivers checked his traps,
by one he found just a weasel skin,
did not know what to make of that.

Why would bother to raid a trap
but leave the pricey skin behind?

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Categories: wolverine, adventure, family, friendship, grandfather, life, nature, winter,
Form: Narrative

The Castle of Carcass
This diary I do not wish to share
For fear that I would be a tortured slave
A servant of a menace though I dare
To let this ink concede the castle's grave
A servant of a menace who...

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Categories: wolverine, mystery, death, beauty, beauty, death, fear, moon,
Form: Chant Royal

I never wanted to be a bunny, I’m not playing this game
I’d reconsider a puma: a lion with a frightening mane
But that’s not my fate, I’m a bunny,...

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Categories: wolverine, allegory, allusion, desire, fun, funny, giggle, scary,
Form: Rhyme
A Power
There is a man and there are worms,
We are the worms my brethren,
Beautiful and perverse, wicked and evil, depraved and unjust,
Good and righteous and wonderful, we are the worms.
There is a man my brethren, Paul...

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Categories: wolverine, jesus,
Form: Blank verse
fifty-two plus one Hike hypocrisy Part 3
People of the blue hill arrowhead new inroads  settled the plum-rock if they would have known the thirteen crystal skulls would sing of disease prayer towns taken for granite People's Republic  Taxachusett old...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wolverine, america, betrayal, black african american, devotion, history,
Form: Free verse
when i am gone

The breeze at dawn,
Whispering  secrets to birds, chirping  melodious lullabies,
Waking up to the touch of the first gleam of morning rays
Softly teasing my eyes..
Just the glance of a reflection
Of a...

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Categories: wolverine, cancer, death, hope, leaving, life, longing, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Aging as a Spiritual Practice
Beautiful summer day. You know you're gonna die
that's why you know no joy.
Obsessed with self, there is no answer
unless religion, tv, stories, sports matter.
So what if nothing rhymes and I don't
bring my life into an...

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Categories: wolverine, age, anger, death, joy, self, spiritual, summer,
Form: Verse
As the darkness reaching out for the darkness, 
her black scalpel eyes met mine across 
the crushing divide of a revelling throng. 
The amateur axe band strangled a bargain basement 
hard rock song, born of...

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© Tony Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wolverine, allegory, angst, life, love, passion, sad,
Form: Blank verse
Just because we wish it so, means not that it will pass;
this lesson’s one we all must learn in the Gamecock class. 
Runs my blood, it’s red and black---garnet the deepest hue,
any orange is anathema,...

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© Jim Tidd  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wolverine, football, sports,
Form: Rhyme
My Poetic Assault Part 3 (Trick or Treat) slam
Sidney, trick or treat, but this isn't Halloween
Your heart I've come to eat, so call me "Wolverine!"

My poetry is like stainless steal, my couplet's have iron jaws!
And as I cruise in my pimp mobile, I...

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Categories: wolverine, slamme, me, poetry,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Taste of Halloween
Drac's the new food taster at Halloween
He dare not admit, he wasn't too keen
For solid food is not his natural cuisine
But Satan chose him instead of Wolverine.

First to be tasted was the eyeball terrine;
A little...

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Categories: wolverine, food, halloween,
Form: Monorhyme
Frightened By the Polls
Frightened By the Polls

As frightened as a wolverine in a man-made metal trap,
The politician crawled out from under his rock.
Afraid, after his voting record was revealed,
He avoided facing his constituency and their votes.
Never had he...

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Categories: wolverine, political
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Chow Time On The Range
"Rise an' shine you lazy cowpokes!  Time to saddle up yer hoss!
Time to move them moo-cows to summer range!" yelled th' trail boss!
"You've lolled around here all winter, now it's time to earn yer...

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Categories: wolverine, cowboy-western, funnytime, mystery, time,
Form: Rhyme
Love Drug
The rain pelts down my window panes
Your face in my memory evokes emotional pain
and I wonder if you ever regret the things you do
make me cry

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© laura Hew  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wolverine, angst, caregiving, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, sad,
Form: I do not know?
C.A.G.E.D.(Chains Are Gripping Everyday)
In this cage there's no room
Dark all around like a cocoon
I wish to break free soon
Fly up up and away so high I can reach the moon
But somehow my agility
And overall ability
For unlimited mobility is...

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Categories: wolverine, hope, imagination, sadme, me,
Form: Rhyme
I'm a pessimist
I’m a Pessimist 
We will cry even more 
The misery will increase
The suffering won’t stop 
We won’t get away from life with ease 
We are the gloomy creatures 
We are sentenced to grief 
What life...

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© Anas Hana  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wolverine, anger, evil,
Form: Salaam

British Columbia outside St George, we were twelve years old.
Two  boys  and Jamie’s  black Scottish Terrier shooting squirrels 
In the forest up Douglas  Mountain one summer’s day.
Stumbled across  a wolverine...

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Categories: wolverine, adventure, life,
Form: Free verse
Super Heros
What it super hero's really did exist
I totally believe it would be cool until one of them got pissed,
Like the Hulk he is big and green
Then you have the villain's who can be really mean,

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Categories: wolverine, adventure, earth, fantasy, hero, poems, soldier, veterans
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Dread Night

Dread Night

Was a night full of life,
Filled with trouble and strife,
When a man couldn't even find peace with his wife.
With a full moon on high
A night full of the cry
Of a wolverine baying for blood.


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Categories: wolverine, dark, fear, horror,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Dark Green Conifers
another day in the woods. on Strawberry ridge
looking out over undulating green hills to
the next great wall of mountains. the last
morning clouds left from last night's storm
hanging in the valley mistily. the sun eventually
burns them...

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Categories: wolverine, day, green, inspiration, morning, mountains, storm, sun,
Form: Verse
insatiably saturated
the seepage into the matrix of the bone
the saturation of the nerves
the brain sweat
the dreams of static - caught between channels
the compatibility of the senses
the easy talk
the soft afternoons
the ease of knowing you are loved

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Categories: wolverine, thank you, urban, wife,
Form: Free verse