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Long Poems
Long poem by J.W. Earnings | Details

Be of Good, Compassionate Courage

They flutter, now I see
Fiery lions…
They're dancing with me
Come out and shine down 
Shun out my darkened frown

I am the infinitesimal stars in the tranquil, terrestrial night
I am the scars minutes before the sunlit dawn 
You are extraordinary like the terrain in the sky of delight
Sweep away the darkest rays tonight and invite in cheery company of delightful, beautiful enlightenment, bright and zealous as a knights' might, but nevertheless, brought forth by His son

Lord, before I was born,
You did marvelous miracles in disguise again and again
I’m a fire within, so torn
Due to stressed-out resentment and impure, untamed sin

Tame my everlasting fires of wild desires…
They’re insane without a good name, a dried-up grain 
It tires me out, burns me out like wildfires
That ignite in my once-mild brain, hard to truly attain…

Terrified and petrified 
By being with you
I was horrified and cried,
Being around you too,
Darkness deep down, draining me so more or less
With daunting, damaging distress, left me hopeless
It drowns me drastically, 
Way too complicated to merely express
Freedom acted like captivity…
Reality got confused with fantasy I guess

Lord, You are my cure
From these impure sins I commit everyday
Must say, I will endure
These waves of emotions and dangers today

Who knows, who really knows
Where the wicked wind blows
Who knows, I may never know
Where the blessed breeze will blow
But, I know for sure…that, you know,
I will come to completely understand
The sun above will glow and grow
Like dandy lions, bravery almost at hand
Who knows, who really knows
Where the wicked wind blows
Who knows, who will ever know
How the shows of faith shall show
In the eyes of a benevolent believer…
Have faith, be not deceived
The future will return no longer a blur 
Sorry, I feel you, I grieved

The rain from clouds overhead
Will shower upon us pressure and dread 
The gravity might leave us dead

But, He will see us through and cut off doubts' thread
He will give us gracious evergreen to roam in instead

Wish I can be free, immediately
The desert knows how I feel immensely
The cloudy lake sparkles in bliss ecstasy
I need to rejoice to reveal radiance to many 
That, I will do and He'll make it happen gladly
The stars that twinkle, shooting triumphantly
Wish I prayed more to be mega-motivated vigorously

Lord, You look after me…
So grateful for Your watch that illuminates me most assuredly
Your very vigilant vitality
Your quietude is my spiritual interlude that latches on to me

Shadows and reflections
Taunt and haunt me with several battles and afterwards, harsh rejections
There are some exceptions
I have been appreciated, accepted and loved with all kinds of affections

You wander in my space of my embrace
You ponder what went wrong in the first place
It was all because of your rapidly difficult race,
Needed to overcome, being last place in disgrace

Your silhouette sweeps away the sorrow 
You motivate me to move on till tomorrow
Fade away the hours spent on worrying and grief
Dread drove me to bed, brought me a lack of relief

Entrenched in embarrassment, engrained in impulsive, inner-core glow
Because that inner glow can be as precious and ebony as a plum; although,
I believe that positive affirmations and notion-inspired memories that flow
Like a river of deliverance, reflecting radiant candlelight since forever ago 

I adored you, but not as much as I did before
You were my body, from outer layer to core
You rubbed my weary, hardened temples to paradise, genuine with no hidden lies
You felt me all over by your sensual gaze until we saw each others' beloved eyes

We are dandelions…
We are champions…
In our own silent wars
I need His cure for these scars..
I bear unbearably and terribly….
Tension-tainted passion, possibly,
Will disappear without a trace of horrendous fear
I cried myself to sleep, so I won’t let fall my tear

Vanish, oh anguish of awful scarce hope
A change that is of childlike, clever cheer – 
I need that to draw near and to hold me dear
All of these hardships, I find hard to cope

We are chickens, unchained from crowded factories
We are the feathers of a billion birds that flutter at ease
Release me from the cell that I know of all-too-well
Dance with me, brave and bright lions, 
In this den of dandelions and daisies in which we dwell
I find it swell that we remained champions
Sway with me and stay with me for a while and might as well
Grow and glow like iridescent and elegant shine 
I often wish, wholeheartedly, you were mine

Oh, it wasn’t meant to be 
Unfortunately; however, maybe, 
One day, I’ll come to see
My soon-to-be love of sincerity

Perhaps, she would totally uplift my mood
Uplift me when I feel madly misunderstood
Actually, it would be good to be understood
Instead of being taken advantaged of, 
No, that’s no good…one day, my love
Will explore with me in the wondrous woods joyfully
And will share with me adoration in exuberant ecstasy
And, lastly, give me everlasting encouragement genuinely 

That special day will come
When I will meet that someone
That will appreciate all of me 
For who I am and will be entirely

Yes, I'm clearly not the only one
Lonely without hardly anyone
Except you, acceptance in my mind
While my heart is gravity-bound, weighed down, 
Once ascending and one-of-a-kind
My delicate smile will never, ever be an ugly frown
We will be as one sun with His son
There's a great chance for everyone

Maturity in me
Will grow exceptionally 
God will maneuver dreams to reality
No longer shall we be like lambs that rove aimlessly…
I am a dandy lion in my Father's garden that I fancy 

Lazily lying with the sheep of weep-no-more 
Reap remedies of relief from shore to shore 
According to God's plan for us, eventually in store
So, drifting away will not be our problem anymore

Solutions soar…..
Climb up the uplifting stairs,
Leading to an open door
Of opportunities and possibilities with no worries or cares that were wretched barriers before broken down in order to have unlimited unity with our future freedom, flaring-up with fervor flames, scorching aflame more and more with splendid satisfaction, like airborne clouds above, unleashing passionately bespangled rain that will perpetually pour – have no fear, my dear, for our faithfulness flourishes forevermore

I am the strength-thriving dandy lion, brazen-sent,
Brutally resilient and never bewildered and oblivious 
Someday, I’ll be more courageous and magnificent
I won’t end up as a scorpion, vicious and temerarious 
I am dynamic, floating dandelion, ruthless on the contrary
Caught in the wicked wind of wonders of prosperous significance 
I could be brutal if threatened, but oh so bold, I must admit
Behold, I am incredibly legitimate with a bit of vivacious wit

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2018

Long poem by J.W. Earnings | Details

The Injury of Fury

~~**This poem is super long, but it took me hours to write. I hope you all enjoy reading this as I have enjoyed writing it wholeheartedly.**~~

Awful anger expressed in verses
Didn’t give me blessings, but curses
I’m genuinely depressed for letting you down all year round
Don’t wanna be candidly blind like a sick, wandering hound 

Happiness is what I need to rehearse
It will be peace to this sad, dark verse
I don’t feel like a strong, mighty knight,
Always fearful to take flight at night

Now, I’m the lonely fool for not making wise decisions
Right now, I wanna make a change to fulfill some missions
In my mind…in your eyes…
In my soul, there’s no lies

You are playing me like a game these days
But, I will tame the terrible tiger that is inside me 
I am displaying distress in so many ways
And I don’t mean to act so cowardly and franticly   
Afraid to lose control so suddenly
The atmosphere is cool momentarily
At least no one is invading my personal space
Looking forward to achieving grandeur grace 

Is there any hopeful bliss to search for
Or am I left to forlorn for you some more?
Is there any good luck for me in store?
My eyes should be to the sky instead of the floor…

Wash away the tears, flowing so rapidly from my eyes
Push away the fears, growing in my panicked heart as time flies
Understand where I am coming from and what I’ve been through
I’ve been going through bipolar manias for many years and all is true

Do you really wanna know why? 
There’s times when I want to live or die
I wanna explain what’s going on 
I’m just hoping you won’t be gone
Picked on by passive aggressive behavior I’ve viewed in the past
Alas, I’ve learned that peacefulness in chaos doesn’t last
I’ve fallen for the lies of your cries…I’ve grown stronger ever since…
I found myself in the rubble of your goodbyes and seeking His deliverance  

I’m embracing alienated ambition little by little
If only my somnolent bones can be less brittle 
Forgiveness will be replaced with resentment sooner or later…
I’m like the salt and sand of the sea, flowing and churning in a beautiful blur

Virtuous humility will crown my head of bottled-up dread
It feels like an eternity to be driven by compassionate determination
I can’t go on any further when my blotched feet feel like lead 
Vigorous madness and frustration zip through my veins of lamentation

There’s no reason I should sit here and mope
There’s gotta be a reason to stand up and have hope
There’s no need to be trapped in shameful solitude’s sphere 
I want to believe and have faith in brighter days without any fear

I want to mourn in delightful joy
I don’t want to be angry anymore
I want to be a happy-go-lucky boy
I don’t want to be a closed door

I want to be an open door of opportunities for everyone around me
I don’t want this hostile rage or discomfort to wrap itself around me 
I’m willing to be set free from the captivity I’ve put myself in 
I’m in desperate need of an optimistic outlook from within

Your echoing empathy leaves me no reflection of disheartening fear in this mirror
I have allowed myself to rise and fall like my failures and successes I hold so dear
I dodged the bullets of never-ending negativity that wants me to fall into temptation
Envious sorrow and hopeless irritation will not upset me with inner aggravation 

I will not let nightfall chase away my confident stride
I will not allow doubt and grief to make me cower and hide
I will be courageous through the storms of tribulation
I will shake off the tension and be full of anticipation 

 Encouragement expressed in verses
Did give me blessings, not curses
I’m genuinely delighted to have sought You in times of trouble and assumption
Don’t wanna be falling in the same traps of worthless corruption 

Distress, in general, is what I need to let go of
If I could be simply glad in Your land of Love,
I would feel like a strong, mighty knight,
Always resilient and faithful, fighting the good fight

Now, I’m growing wiser and braver for choosing His narrow path
Eventually, I will be rid of all guiltiness from past sins, so I won’t face His wrath
In His loving heart, He is absolutely merciful 
To those who repent from being so resentful 

In His eyes of truth and passion,
He knows that I will gain compassion 
After I go through the rollercoaster of life…
Peace, He will grant you and I if we discard strife

I want to mourn in delightful joy
I don’t want to be angry anymore
I want to be a happy-go-lucky boy
I don’t want to be a closed door
In your mind…in my eyes…
In His soul, there’s no lies

Sometimes, living this life can be maddening to the core
The fire of desire ire has scorched me aflame not too long ago
Other times, living this life has its positive effects that I adore
You know, the snow that sparkles aglow is in our soul as a whole – 
It is like a single snowflake, 
Transforming into crushed coal
Please don’t cry me a lake…
Let the emotions take its toll 

Melt away the walls of wrath between us
Trust is like dust, which withers away
Shelter us in the shadows of our eustress 
Lust must vanish or it will lead us astray

The madness and sadness will not be the end of us 
Happiness and gladness will be the beginning of us
I’m genuinely relieved that God hasn’t left you and I in grief
Our actions and sentiments along with it is but a leaf 

I’ve been restless and these ups and downs I feel emotionally 
Don’t benefit you or me in any way
You’ve been dreaming of me through thick and thin fervently
I pray you don’t ever deny it any day

Listen to the consoling whispers of the breeze
Do you smell the smoke of my passion at ease?
Are you in tune with the rhythm of my heart beats?
In my masculine chest (which yearns for perseverance), 
It beats for you and you alone as it resonates, radiates and repeats
I know this is God’s test and I will be receiving reverence 

The fire of our desire ire has been put out by the Lord…
Our decadent emotions is what we shouldn’t hoard
The wall of our wrath must be demolished completely
 Our saturated souls has been transformed tremendously

We are like a gleam of a stream compared to God, who is a sparkling lake
I know that the feelings we had put our lives and other lives at stake
 But…look at life in my perspective – sometimes, it takes deleting our history 
To drive into the rocky road of recovery…He will heal our injury of fury

He forgives us for our transgressions
He is merciful and wants us to be guilty no more
He appreciates you and I’s confessions
He promises us that our life will be an open door
Opportunities of shameless joy awaits us
But, first, we are like school kids in the bus,
Heading for a destination that is full of surprises
That won’t reduce us to anger with its dainty devices

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by J.W. Earnings | Details

Constructive Critism

There's consequences in all we say and do 
Go forward and walk your walk and I'll go ahead and talk my talk 
Quite distraught due to the fact that you're too good to be true
I know that the Lord of Accord will be following me like my shimmering shadow wherever I walk 

I will walk and walk
And I will talk my talk 
I will practice what I preach
To the pupils, I will teach

Pensive propositions is my speech's mission 
Honor and think through Constructive criticism
Cleverly-written composition begin to slightly transition 
Take correction not for granite...with optimism that is symmetrical like a puny prism 

Free-spirited I long to be 
With you as long as I thrive to wondrously live
I want to flee and be set free
Let go and have consideration to generously give 
Be anxious for nothing 
Love all and do your thang
God's spirit is available to us 24/7
I always make my way to 7-eleven 

Doing away with the latter days of my lament 
Live in the present of yesterday's tomorrow
My mind constantly whirls around like a hurricane near the beach and tornado in the east side of the United States - my mind is cozy in God's tent 
Repenting slowly, but surely until sorrow is a healing scar that flies away in recovery like a splendid, spunky sparrow 

Hooking up problems I need to fix 
At least I don't receive a million kiks
Tweet me, Facebook me, tumblr me...insta me...younow me...
But I'll still be lonely as can be 
Fruit of the spirit drives me to drift away from deception's flow that's broad and deceiving 
Faithful and loyal with dignity and positivity is what I crave in my character of behave-and-be-brave...
Self-control braces itself upon my inner being and I accept it kindly 
Patience paints a picture of peace in the frame of my mind silently 
Human nature
Is enmity to God that is evil and impure 
It leads to death I'm sure
God's way - the way of life at least in my humble opinion, which will be a fact in the near future 

It's okay to be different
It's alright to be working on perfection 
As long as you repent
For all the downfalls and sins we've committed that gave you inner infection 

Reveal to me His spirit and the life it produces fruitfully
Zealous is the sun that shines upon me oh so dutifully 
Gracious be to the sons and daughters of Him who has made the world so beautifully 
Until Satan tainted it with sinister avarice and insidious, chaotic catastrophe 

Quit your disputes and quarrels and arguing alike
Stop trolling people on the net...or you'll have something to regret 
Listen to instruction 
Accept correction 
You choose destruction or construction 
Do you want His amazing affection or His raging rejection!!?

Foundation of faithfulness
Goes to the called ones in God's family alone and He is the Father we look upon 
Obliteration of misery's mess
Come on and follow me...I will be your responsible leader from now on

I want knowledge from God
From on high, not down below in Satan's Despising Nature
People just ignore and nod
Approach people in the nicest way and react, act and think good thoughts and good actions and interactions that are grown-up and mature 

Need I proclaim my beliefs to all the world, Lord?
Should I explain myself constantly? What's my award? Reward?
What if I commit sins that I can't afford?
I hoard shame in my brain basement, but you played skillfully on the I-forgive-you keyboard 

There's a reason behind what God does
Do not remain blind or deaf 
The spirit of stupor is splendid to my human nature....and its faithless flaws
I don't understand your plate's creativity, my chill chef 

God selects His special chosen one
He sees the nature and character of each and everyone 
He is the guide to everlasting life that's full of blessings and miracles
But, my life is full of depression dungeons and mysterious black holes

Eat Christ's flesh and drink His blood of His Father's Wise Sayings and Life-giving Word 
You must abstain from lusts of your gullible, heartless hearts and your prayers will be heard
If you don't believe and betray Him for life,
Your life will end in jaded death and strife

I wish I can declare His Word to all nations 
But I get nervous and soft-spoken beyond frustrations and heightened hesitations 
I'm awkward... Why was I called in His church? 
Am I a bird that has nowhere to truly rest and perch?

Predicaments in double trouble dilemmas substantially produce like cells in the body
Free me, heal thee, I die for you to live...I live for you to die...your hard heart makes my softness wither with everybody 
Wide and broad are the path of many in this world of woe...and no one fully knows why 
Difficulty be to the few who choose the narrow route that leads to constructive criticism by Lotd Most High 

Once saved, always saved -
A belief originated in Christianity
I beg to differ - His saving grace has waved
Its effortless goodbye to Human's Atrocity 

Labor in prayer, don't swelter 
Work in love, sweat off hate and swear not
Be a giver, not a getter
Resist the urge to sin and persevere always, even in the darkness we rot

Discipline yourself
Through enduring self-control
Unlearn Satan's nature, as small as an elf
Compared to God's Giant Word that is a life tool to be rid of the fool inside us as a whole 

Doing evil will have its aftershocks sting us like a viper
It will shoot us down, so bite the bullet of the serpent's sniper 
I pray that I live in sanctuary city for the time being
I envy the happy-go-lucky and dislike what I'm seeing 

Drinking in the Lord's yoke,
Mixed with the Words He spoke
You bind me with a biggo blind fold
Your spirit's intention is to simply scold 

Faithful Moses parted the Red Sea
Miracles and curses shelter thee 
I never knew that my life was of significance
Until I noticed that everyone is living in ignorance

Except the called ones...
Faith that weigh a trillion tons 
Thank God for everything good
His word is a nourishing food

Emerge from the scorching coals and ice fire of your existence 
Transform yourself before you remain in ashes' repentance 
The good news of the Kingdom of God is ringing in my ears
Wondering when it will be that day of awesome forever years

I will walk and walk
And I will talk my talk 
I will practice what I preach
To the pupils, I will teach

Fret not the desires on fire and the passionate petitions of your young heart 
Do not worship other gods before Him - Frey will fade away from the start
The gods of the east have come to get their revenge towards the gods of the east 
The battle between them is's like enjoying a feast of chaos and commotion and peace and emotion...but their attitudes puff up like the bread ingredients that includes yeast 

Inspired by (Matt. 7:13), (Matt. 11:29) and (Hebrews 11:24)

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Sarah Bryant | Details

Childhood dreams part 1

When I was a child
Everything was magical
Full of mystery and the unknown
I read hundreds of books
The library my haven
My home
Hours upon hours
Night and day
I read and got lost in text
They supplied me with adventures
Secret journeys
Fun and fairy tales
I absorbed the words like a sponge
The books were my food
I devoured chapters of verse
Engrossed in paper previously trees
Entered my own little world

In my childhood dreams
Fairies were my friends
We played hop scotch on stumps of old trees
Jumped gaily across ponds
Using lily pads as our stepping stones
We stopped to talk to frogs and toads 
Who sung in chorus
As we made our way along 
We threw leaves in the air with glee
I danced in the rain
With pixies and elves
Gnomes and leprechauns gently teased
No hate or malice is allowed here
Just happiness and lots of cheer

Together we played hide and seek
The invisible creatures cheated of course!
“That’s not fair!” we all cry
“It’s only a game!” They reply
We forgive them 
It’s all part of their charm
We chased each other through dense woodlands and trees
The bright round moon giving us some light
It was dark and spooky
But exciting at the same time
We were happy 
Having fun
I wanted to dream day and night

The pixies were a bit naughty
Used to hide the keys to doors
But we were all magical in my dreams
We walked straight through them
Keys were just objects
We became like shadows we 
Shimmering through walls
Like ghosts 
And ghouls
The pixies played tricks on us
They lay in wait behind trees
Jumping out on springy green legs
They frighten us with a start
The fairies reprimand them
But pixies do not care
The tiny creatures laugh their pointed shoes off
And they run along
To another dark place
To startle us once again

The gnomes are round bodied and happy
All dressed the same
In floppy hats and wide belts
Stand in your garden perfectly still
They guard it from all things bad with pride
But they hide a secret as well
They run around your garden
Moving objects from their place
They play leapfrog on toadstools
Knock on your door and run away
You will never hear them
Or see them indeed
They are invisible to most at play

The gnomes chase the bees away
They want the honey for themselves
To eat on toast 
Or give Winnie the Pooh
They guard the flowers
Like neighbourhood watch
Miniature security guards
Less than a foot tall
They stop deathly still
Looking like statues 
As soon as they know you are there

The garden is a haven
For birds and animals alike
And the tiny magical creatures
Keep everything so bright
The fairies give it colour
The pixies provide aroma
Witches make the potions
To fertilise the earth
The sun shines down to bless it
Making it all look nice
Everyone helps in their own little way
And at night it comes alive

Fairies would take me to their home
Deep within dense bushes they live
At the bottom of an old tree
A tiny door is hidden in the stump
I shrink so I will fit in the door
Oh my days it’s so pretty inside
A never ending cave full of twinkling lights
Jewels gleam and shine within the walls
The floor is glittering with grains of gold
The sky is the ceiling
Bright shining stars challenge the blackness of the night
The paths are lined with flowers
The colours of the rainbow in full bloom
The fairies and I skip along
Arm in arm
To a kingdom far beyond
We slide up rainbows here
To get from place to place 
And back down the other side
A rollercoaster of dreams you could say
The little leprechauns help us 
They are our guide

In my childhood dreams fairy tales came true
I met Cinderella at the ball
Looking beautiful in her gown
A pale shade of baby blue
It sparkled as she danced 
Trailing behind her along the ground
Swirling as her Prince Charming swung her around
In tune to the music
Sung by her friends who had helped her in the past
When her life was hard
She scrubbed floors till she was sore
While her sisters laughed on full of scorn

I met her fairy godmother too
Floating in on a cloud to attend
A lace dress of pure white
With diamonds that glistened 
It sparkled like a million lights
She was elegant
Spoke softly and slowly
She was calming and had grace
Her hair was as white as snow
Her eyes as blue as ice
Her magic wand twinkled as she cast her spells of love 
Conjuring all things nice

Snow White was there
With seven dwarves of course
Grumpy attended
He didn’t look happy
To go I suspect he was forced
Bashful met a beautiful girl
He was too shy to ask her out
He had met Cinderella before
He loved her but from afar
But he was happy she was happy
With her new groom the prince
They looked beautiful together
And shined like stars

Aladdin wasn’t invited
Because of the forty thieves
The tortoise got there early
Just plodded along with no rush
The hare raced past him but wore himself out
Plenty of time he could afford
He had a quick sleep
The tortoise strolled past
And arrived at the castle before
The hare was late
Had a very red face
Always in a hurry
He never ever learns
And always underestimates

Jack climbed up his beanstalk instead of the stairs
Because the castle was so tall
At the top of the beanstalk were where giants lived
The biggest ones of all
He arrived with a present
More beans wrapped in gold
They looked like sweets
With wrappers shiny and bright
Cinderella was impressed and she smiled
She asked Jack if she could use his beanstalk
He said “Of course be my guest!”
She walked over to her ugly sisters
Told them stories of great riches and the rest
Of jewels and princes too
Of kingdoms they could own
Their greed will be the end of them
Their fate they could not know
We all laughed silently
As the ugly sisters climbed the dense
Their screams heard by kingdoms beyond
As Cinderella took her revenge
Using the Woodmans axe as her aid
She chopped the beanstalk down by half
Her sisters fell
The giants landing on top of them
Squashing them
Her revenge made

Goldilocks was there
With the three bears
Daddy, mummy and baby too
They didn’t like the party food
And there was no porridge in any bowl
Baby bear started crying
Until the fairy godmother came along
She waved her twinkly magic wand again
Three bowls of porridge appear in an instant
The bears tucked in happily
But Goldilocks had to decline
She told me she’s sick of porridge
I told her I feel the same way inclined
We all danced the night away happily
Took turns to fly with Peter Pan
It was way too late for the kids to be up
But Wendy sneaked out anyway
She flew there with Peter in the dark
Her hair was messed up
The wind blew it wild
But she was happy to be there
Cinderella was her friend
She wouldn’t have missed it for the world

Copyright © Sarah Bryant | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by J.W. Earnings | Details

Village in the Valley

Village in the Valley left behind, and then it's a fine find
Mountain in the the dark alleys of my mind

You're a flashlight
In the night
You are a friend 
Till the end
Bite the bullet
You're the village in the valley
Ignite the regret 
I'm the flag on the mountain that rolled into a dark alley

Talking xo
Thinking ox
Dreaming xo
Sinking ox
Walking xo

Zleep with me, make love to villainous Heros like me, you see?
Excrete your exclamation points on me -
In other words, yell at me all you want
Your words, like castles in a nightmare, haunt and taunt
I felt the gravity 69 times harder this time 
I felt the gravity negative 37...I'm commuting a rhyme rhyme

Screwed up inspiration the moment someone calls me...putting up with mental and emotional silent fights
Scatterbrained the moment you tainted me with your poisonous venom of wrongs and rights...

I can hold my breath under above
I can hold on to death even when I live...reviving my will to live
Number 1 thing in mind - your love
I can be bold when I want to...for if myself to give,
Not take...
Human instincts has my life at stake
I ain't fake
Take away the phantoms of the nightfall...
Break away the fall leaves of the crumbled reminders of my free-fall 
Just a little busy with myself

Feeling myself
Feeling yourself 
Took so much BS
I'm such a fail success 

Razor blades in your eyes
Needle your way through me
Tattooing your love loath oaths on truth lies in our lives of highs
Fiddle with my strings, baby

Tear away the cheater in me
Steer away from the waters of wistful desires and errors
Acting like no one cares hehe
Munching on the chips of my secret admirers 

Troublesome liar...
Put out the fire
In me heart, oh lovely life cart
Take heart or I'll shatter apart

Shrugging away the words I speak
Peace be with you, cheating death 
Reap what you sow and patch up the leak
That let go of all of the Liquid of Lament in our busy lazy lives...take a breath
Into me
Into me...
Inhale destiny
Exhale reality 
Beat life into me 
No where to flee
We are Queen and King 
Of our despondent tragedies
Give me a Middle finger ring
Because I messed it up...our temporary, blissful relationship full of happiness and miseries

Back in time my mind turns to
Up late again, sick of being apart of this corrupted crew
Stone-hard love is what you gave, don't leave me to be with me...alown with my ghosts to a certain degree
In return, I gave you black roses, splattered with my blood, my plea of free me...I'm so worthless and dainty 

I acted like a bitch, I'm sorry
Fix me, I'm a backwards clock
Change my future to beat the failures of the past...that would make me dance in glee
Run the distance and be my rock

Classical music plays in my mind
Like a pingpong match all along
Pop and rock music made me blind
But, I love the ignorance...not fully understanding right and wrong 
Listen to song in my heart
Listen to poetry I had in mind
Listen plea-please
Heal my-my disease 

Lost the grip of the hope rope 
I won't say my yes or nope
To your danger-of-peril questions 
Sick of your senseless decisions
Cope with me, the reckless slut and slave of sin
Rape me with your gruesome passion...from deep within

Snarky remarks I love, but secretly hate...what is my ultimate fate? How low or high is my emotional rate? Great...
Snobby looks I undoubtably despise
Arrogance and humility are opposites that attract like fish to bate
Lately, I was looking up to the wise at least in my weary, naive eyes

Mate, look into my mirror
You'll see beauty you haven't seen yet inside and outside of you
Disdainful rain made it a blur
Sorry, don't know me and my true colors I bet! Hah, where have you been?

What doesn't harm you 
Makes you last longer
What doesn't kill you
Makes you live stronger 

Moving on...before the break of dawn, dusk departs from me from now on and on and on 
Broken be, but God is a miracle-carver, rolling in my inner veins~~
A mender from the start to the finish line, hope is gone and seeking His ever-accepting son
I haven't been to Harvard University, but it doesn't necessarily mean that I don't have brains (€@})

It's too late to change 
That's what I thought at first
Why doubt? It's time to rearrange
Beat this race of disgrace before we are assumed as the worst
Who cares what they say
This is our victory day
Hush those haters and make us look greater than good
It's all Good here, no room for fear, but of devouring faith food
Off the ground
Wings turn to ashes
I can fly without physical powers without a sound
Pockets full of cashes 

Villagers vocalize their shouts and praise...we are making their days like roses that sprout in the month of May - that's bae and my heart goes cray-cray these days 
Headed our direction in a single sugarcoated phrase
I'm going through a phase of confident modesty 
You're going through a stage that I'm not on yet... We're on another page in sheer honesty

Shake off the stress
Shower me with alone belong
Make me feel progress
Write me a heartfelt song...dingdong someone's home - a haven you called friend all along 

You're a flashlight
In the night
You are a friend 
Till the end
Bite the bullet
You're the village in the valley
Ignite the regret 
I'm the flag on the mountain that rolled into a dark alley

Young and free
That's what it's meant to be
Flee from me, anxiety
Embrace me, be happy 
Stay, don't stray
I heard you flew with another bird
Hey, don't go away
I loved you, speaking lullabic poetry for you in every single way
I pray you return the favor
Sprinkle salt and pepper 
Upon my distasteful flavor
You're a keeper, my beloved lemon pepper...I wanna hear your luv purrrr and your whispering murmur
In my keen, hu-hungry ears...
Longing to hear those words
For a couple of marvel years...
I apologize for the insults I threw at yah a while back...I heard they were absurd, but it came out as rapid as once-caged-freed-birds

Beautiful you, morning dew
Hideous me, cow's hilarious moo
We were meant to be, booboo
Shoo, hate, too...

I'm the village in the valley
You're the flag on the mountain 
You are Frankenstein in a dark, lonesome alley
And I'm the man who's weeping a fountain
For a secure foundation 
For our relevant relationship 
For the sake of your satisfaction 
Take a dip into my waters of wistfulness and get a grip 
We were once a wretched ship, sinking fast 
Now we are one with our friendship, growing vast 
Forget and forgive the future, present and past 

Let's make sure this adequate time spent together will never last 
As long as I am your valley 
And you, my mountainous alley 

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by T Wignesan | Details

Translation of Eric Mottram's Poem 33 in Interrogation Rooms 1980-82 by T Wignesan

 Translation of Eric Mottram’s Poem 33 in Interrogation Rooms by T. Wignesan

33.  on a vu un homme courir/ de la scène de crime un homme est maintenant en train d’aider/ la police avec leurs instruments/ devrais-je dire l’enquête criminelle/ intérrogations/ ceci fait partie d’une vieille bobine un homme en train de prendre la fuite/ de leur scène contribue/ à investir son sang/ après l’assassinat un homme/ courait depuis la vieille scène/ noir Irlandais poilu/ ne tentez pas/ de l’arrêter vous-même/ ceci n’est pas une vraie bobine c’est le déchet/ un morceau d’exposition/ vous payez pour voir la même scène/ de la même série/ ceux qui ne sont pas inclus sont des privilégiés/ l’homme qui coure est un remplaçant nu/ qu’on ramena/ êtes-vous celui qui rentre/ les déchets de n’importe quelle cité/ le Berlin de Grosz se chevauche/ ce que contrôle 
étroitement les réactions humaines/ mais quand Kokoschka demanda à tout le monde de s’entretuer sur la lande à l’extérieur de Dresde/ Grosz et ses malfrats lui menaçaient de faire pendre sur un lampadaire/ comme la Putain d’Art Kokoschka/ les manteaux-rouges pourchassent dans les comtés/ les nobles déversent/ le sang rouge des animaux/ ceux qui sont habillés en bleu détruisent les justes/  des prêtes prennent la fuite en compagnie des pandas/ à une proie faites collé n’importe quelle crime/ selon les règles des cannibales/ des cartes détaillent des fautes/ mais on réussit à effectuer l’assassinat

Eric Mottram from/on the States as the American Learned Societies Awardee: 1965-66. Excerpts from the correspondence - shorn of personal matter - to T. Wignesan in London.
[Note: Eric Mottram was appointed in 1960 lecturer at King’s College, University of London; in 1973 Reader, and in 1983 Professor of English and American Literature; Professor Emeritus in 1990.]                                                            

March 4, 1966: « Dear Wignesan,
  Your peace news piece seems a breakthrough in many ways - style and propositions and at least making it with a magazine again. (Personally, Tom McGrath has my undying hatred for not returning my Burroughs article after repeated letters begging him to: it’s a dirty trick, if ever.) Re Ellison, his new essays in Shadow and Act are firstrate and recently he read part of a new novel on telly so he is thriving. It is difficult for him because he is attacked by his own people for not being militant - meaning he doesn’t march or physically show his protesting spirit - and he doesn’t make speeches or rants about this that and the other latest move on one side or the other. He simply generates intelligence. Liberator meanwhile deifies Malcolm - a long article in the anniversary number messianizing him, and references to He and Him and to ‘Audubon’ as if it were Golgotha. They disrecommended the Autobiography because it dwelt too much on his early life, which doesn’t actually yield to Christlike images.... The same magazine reflects black nationals’ opinion by putting down Leroi Jones as a recently-joined Village intellectual who does not yet speak to Us, the militant Muslim galvanizers of Harlem and other ghetto militants. I had dinner in Harlem with Arna Bontemps, Langston Hughes and the Sth African novelist, Richard Rive (have you read his novel? I’m afraid I hadn’t - rather embarrassing), the other night and regained my nerve a little from my last disastrous visit. But sitting waiting for the party to arrive (I was early) in a black Harlem restaurant is no pleasure, I may say. Rive seems a decent fellow and pretty shrewd about his country - he may be in England shortly - perhaps you could meet him through me (I am not suggesting you actually condescend to use my name.)
     [...2 lines omitted] I was sorry to hear of the eviction and can only hope the new place is working out. But you as a Negro does not impress me! We are all black, don’t forget.    My silence, by the way, was that I closed down recently in order to get the damned Pelican out of the way. It had been hanging over my head damoclesianly for two years. But now, after a gruelling period of sweats, it is more or less done and Malcolm Bradbury and I only have the dribs and drabs to think about, borderlines and all that. What a relief. But now I feel freer, with that and the Arthur Miller article for Stratford Studies behind me. I am now working on a BBC thing on McLuhan: and this I want to expand into a critique of him, Kahn, Wiener and Fuller - these men fascinate me, and will make an obverse side for my power thinkings. These latter shape up nicely, thank you. I delivered some to kids at a liberal arts college in Vermont the other day: they really dug what I was saying, really came on with good questions and additions and understood how I must have a subplot (as McLuhan told me) about love and passivity, as power forms.   As Allen embraced me through his black hairs last night, I remembered what he teaches and what I have used of his way of life to reconsider values of power. He had just arrived from Kansas and from a long tour lasting since last July, with Peter Orlovsky and the insane brother Julius. He had come to collect the mail from Ted Wilentz’s and I was there having dinner. Allen chanted a new song and showed us his bus, with fridge, oven, watertank and all mod cons in which he travels about these days, recording his poems into a maginficant [magnificent?] taperecorder - he’d just made one as he came into the city and now played it back to us: a magnificent improvisatory ode. The scene will now begin in earnest, I’m assured.
     Vermont I also enjoyed for the huge mountains and snows. The wilderness gave me antihuman feeling I had only once had before: in the jungles of central Malaya.   Which reminds me: I see from the New Statesman that Evans is leaving his chair at Kuala Lumpur - did you know where he is going now? I’d be most intrigued to know if he’s at last leaving that country. 
      Well, the rest is that it is March and I have just committed myself to the Queen Mary for September and the homeward voyage. It’s hardly credible that over five months of my time has rushed away. It seems yesterday I arrived in those ghastly tropical heats of September 1965, and today it is misty and springlike. Which means summer is nearing. I have worked all winter and now I want to get out into the country a little before I go up to Buffalo in July.
      All the best: I look forward to hearing from you.    Eric »
[From New York University.
Letter addressed to 33, Mimosa Street, S.W.6 and re-directed to 156, Gloucester Place, N.W.1]
(c) T. Wignesan - Paris,  2017

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Mario Vitale | Details









I know years to know used to being with your history

eager long to achieve

needs to take a nice hot shower

going down to the wire...,

got choices with the most chances highway glances

glad he switch his Depends tyed beauty within,

another one bites the dust with the whole world in a rush

doing cart wheels out in the mood a sought of time to renew

Trump Smells B.O. which way should we go ?

some are in a trance

a given chance at any romance

Pac sought love through concrete

on again out again cry for relief

Can We Talk ?

hit a sister mister said to high HITLER,






with heightened fresh tender moments like these drift away to the sea...

suffering long in an empty room my pain drifts in illusive rights become pure

day by day we hear the sound of a lonely owl out in desperation my stomach leaks

cheer up good cousin as the thoughts simmer again back from beyond cracking,

this is enough of a good spot gross way back sat the owl in fact through radio

Trump Smells B.O. button down the captors embrace the hellos

Trump Smells B.O.

I'm bust out the beat to increase the tempo...,

Silently in the dreams eating delicious ice cream,

I maybe a man of all mans,


in the port of storm we call commercial radiating plugged in seperation,

fine darling pillars the growth of here after old man sit by the log cabin

at night he would take a pee outside his window taking heed to nature's dream

the owl would suddenly draw empty nothing but framed silence in togetherness

our cameras freshly made eating potato dumplings...

I aim human fresh under my wings,

look to the sun to help you get by...

Trump's Comb Over
Written by: Mario Vitale

well it's a one for the money
 two for the show
 the answer my friend is blowing in the wind
 so is Trump's comb over

 who tucks Mr. president into bed
 do the not realize he has a big head
 who takes care of his hair
 caged fury

 in such a hurry
 the magic is in the pudding
 does he know what hell he his doing
 he jumps through loop holes looking through peep holes

 TMZ catches his rug by disguise
 one word to the wise
 get a transplant my friend
 we can see your head with the magical wave

 oh act your age
 Mr. Trump what hump
 you have taken us by surprise
 doesn't anybody realize

What Hump Trump
Written by: Mario Vitale

you sit in your ivory tower
 why should I even bother
 your the man who said your fire
 had a book art of the deal
 your spinning wheel is getting to fast
 lay up on the gas many in North Korea will be wearing a face mask
 what hump Trump knocking at your door
 are you in the theatre of the insane
 lest I refrain another opened door
 check this as a young child you were already loaded
 your inner soul imploded
 through the duration of time you learned how to rhyme
 kind of a Robin Hood but you wouldn't share with the poor
 you got hooked on Twitter & your hommie's none better
 but always a gentleman never given the middle finger
 still many of us hate your guts
 still got lots to prove
 others refrain just not in a good mood
 you may have to do a make over
 with your hair as in a comb over
 yet you try to stand tall while working on this great wall
 we maybe in store of a shot gun wedding
 what are you kidding 
 what hump Trump maybe coming to a theatre near you
 has he bitten off far more then he could chew
 Ivanka still has a voice with a choice
 try to pull things together if you try
 we we're out busy living the lie
 the lie that says I am what I do
 still got to mend your ways
 instead of getting lost in some purple haze
 you & Pence look like the Blues Brother Reunion
 are you sure you know what the hell your doing ?
 perhaps you got junk in your trunk what hump Trump ?

A Letter To Trump

you don't know me & that's good
is your choice of water Fiji now
going to speak to you man to man
Mr. Trump do you really understand
when you took the oath of all that was planned
did you ever think about me a lone poet man of society
as you sit there in your in ivory tower filled with power
did it ever cross your mind that not everybody is doing fine
sure there's no gas shortages anymore and no Studio 54
yet what my inner heart beats for is a common courtesy call
remember when you were young playing with the bat and ball
some folks claim that your just a know it all
but here am i sir giving you the benefit of the doubt while some people just  and pout
sure you like Twitter and some of MTV but one one heart felt plea
is that we all live out our days in sweet harmony
while your working on that wall did you forget to give Pink Floyd a call
I no save your money for your momma and try to forget about Obama
but what are you promising us is it in God we trust
crushed beneath the seams do you just seek out evil means
that's the beauty of this country we can both agree to disagree

where does the working man now stand
how shall we salute the flag all mad
building bridges make sense of all of this as if life is one big test
So Mr. Trump what you have up your sleeve are you going to help people in great need
The world is watching and i'm not lying yet may have fish for frying
so without further a dew some days you must not a single clue
maybe going through the motions trying to figure out next of what to do
can we meet together on some significant level
these are questions i often ponder perhaps its some heavenly call from up yonder
but we as Americans need to know the full story
not taking any more pot shot from TMZ
try if you will to get that big kid out of North Korea
perhaps we should look to our past to tell us of our future
now you hold the keys to my future so both polite and kind
for i'm just one lone beggar trying to tell another where to get some bread
tonight before you lay your Trump head down let's learn from Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along"?
take it from me its best to stay with the devil you know then to go with the devil you don't.
perhaps you can't even cope when your having a fight with that soap on the rope.
lastly from me to you what's knew ?

P.S. Return To Sender

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2018

Long poem by Crow thepoet | Details

Poetically Pathetic Crow

Just enough to make it just
I want this to be enough to make this
The last song ever, the last note ever
The last romantically, poetically sad excuse for an apology, epilogue
But I've already messed up the melody that would've carried me to the finish line from this moment in time
So if you would allow me to pick up my fragile pieces, go back to my quiet solace
Hit reset and start all over again...
This Wild Life, my muse today
A consistent mainstay
I just hope it helps okay
I made a mistake, a miscalculation
A slight misconception
Played a song to induce tears
I knew it would hurt
You'd think I would learn
It's been gone for years
And I can't get it back
You'd think I would learn
Cause for years, it's all I asked
Then I said, "Get Away, Get Away
Just give me some space"
Hey, This Wild Life
Is it okay for me to turn this into a song for myself
Give it away, give it away
Let me have this today
Don't Say no, at least not right now
For right now, I'm not fine
I'm not alright
And there goes my melody tonight...
I called you here, stay here please
I will get this right
Sarah, hey how are you
No, please don't look so confused
No, you did nothing wrong here
No, you haven't appeared in a blue moon 
Forgive me, I just miss you
So soon, everyday feels so soon
Years too late and it feels so soon
Don't leave! Wait! Just hear me out
Please just stay, no don't turn away
I need you okay, I need you okay
If I told you to listen to this song
Would you say okay?
What did you do so wrong to me?
I turned the thought over and over in my head
Found negative answers instead
I turned the thought over in my head
And wanted to go home to sleep instead
I turned the thought over in my head
What did you do so wrong to me?
And there it is, the question it seems
You don't know and I don't apparently
What did you do so wrong to me?
Played our song on repeat as you told me constantly like a tape recorder mouthing off all your indecencies
As you washed yourself of me with love and all it's other drugs
Were you snug like a bug in your rug as you took your blanket shape shifting it like a knife constructed to pierce me
Were you happy knowing that you slit both my wrists and broke my neck leaving me dead
Did you ever once consider how I felt, did you ever even hear me when I said you were all I had left
Did you ever once hear me when I said you were all I had
You were all I had
There it rises, the problem I have with you
The anger, the rage your memory ensues
My gut says to hate you for all you put me through
The lies, the false goodbyes, the way you had me by rope tugging at me
A blind dog on all fours
My gut says to hate you
Call this the end, scream for you to
JUST GET AWAY, GET AWAY! Let me dabble in the misery you plagued me with this day"
While my heart says, "No, shut up. Sarah, I love you. Don't leave, stay with me. Sarah, pick up the phone, contact me. Sarah, I love you; say something to know you remember my name. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah please don't give up on me
As my mind bust out laughing maniacally, "She doesn't love you, why else would she torture you? Torture your insides till you felt like you were bleeding all the time? 
Why would she love you, embrace you when all your love was blind?
Why would she love you when you've been living in her vicinity; you've lived in the same city as her and yet you've only seen her face once 
Nearly collapsing on sight from a panic attack when you wished it, wanted it, asked for it
You cowardly fool, why would love someone like you when it's so much more fun to torture you? Muhahahaha!"
To be fair I thought you, Sarah, were all mine
Though maybe in truth my love was blind, I thought you were all mine
How many shared your fruit with me?
And that's what brings me to my dilemma
Why I called you here
Why I play this song on repeat, intentionally messed up the melody yet still keep it intact
Please don't go away, go away
Sarah, please stay
I am selfish, I don't understand
With you, I knew what it meant to be a man
Sarah, I'm lost without you
I'm no one, you were my dream come true
Sarah, I diluted myself with poison and revenge
I've turned green with envy, wanting you; demanding that you return to me so I can have the real closure I've wanted for so long
But all this closure that I seek, is for me to kiss your cheek and say see you soon
8 years later and it all still feels so soon
Don't get away, get away
Sarah, please answer me
Do you have any pleasant memories of us?
Do you think of us anymore?
I, cluelessly in love with you
You, blissfully radiant too
All I have are these downhill memories
A giant snowball of negativity
Please share with me what you have left
Sarah, please don't go away
I still carry pictures of you for my sake
So I don't run out of my house, screaming "where are you?!"
So I don't call your phone feeling blue saying I miss you
Sarah, please don't go away, go away
I need you okay
Sarah, please don't leave me all alone again
I can't keep screaming at your moving pictures saying I hate you with rage
I can't keep staring at your heart with wonder and puppy dog eyes
Thinking softly if I'm still there, somewhere
Sarah, please don't go away
I'm lost this day....
But she never answered me
She never heard me
I stare blankly at this mirror, envisioning her face
But it's just my own, twin streaks of tears rolling
This Wild Life singing softly
"Don't say it's over"
But it's over
It has been for 8 years
I've tried to twist time, make her mine one last moment for a lifetime
I saw it once, she was my forever
I am her never
What's funny is I know the words she'd say if she read this
She'd say incredulously
"Awe Russy, I'm impressed
You have a way with your distress
I love you too but there's no more room for you
I'm happy you see
You need to move on cause you won't be happy chasing after me"
But the thing is in small steps, I have moved on
There's a lovely lady I'm chasing west coast bound
I repeat for it to be real cause honestly it still sounds so make believe to me
That I am traveling to California to be with a girl I saw in the same light I saw Sarah 
And I'm terrified, terrified
So I call back on my first promised wife
I don't say hello, and I won't say goodbye
I'm just letting my mirror know that I'm letting you go
So it can pass it on to your reflection so you can see me in your eyes one day and finally get back to me
Just don't say I love you too...
Just tell me "I remember you"
Because I can't forget you too

Copyright © Crow thepoet | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Donal Mahoney | Details

An Uppercut I Remember

Dad hit me only once, an upper cut to the solar plexus. It nearly lifted me off my feet. I was 17 then and already fairly tall, 6’1.” He was 48 and of medium height, 5’8,” a fireplug who if provoked could whirl like a dervish if you can picture that. 

He had been a prisoner of war in Ireland and then became a boxer in the United States after the English expelled him from Ireland around 1920. 

Fortunately, he caught on with the Commonwealth Edison Company in Chicago and worked there as a trouble-shooting electrician for almost 40 years. 

One day he reached over a hot wire too fast to save a rookie from experiencing a shock of 12,000 volts. He took the volts instead and that crippled one arm and brought about an early retirement. While recovering, he seemed more concerned about ruining his accident-free record. 

But I’m getting years ahead of myself. I’m talking now about the day 30 years previous when he caught me with that uppercut in the dining room. 

What had I done, you might ask? 

Well, in the ignorance of youth, I had hidden an open jar of catfish stink bait between the cushions of the living room couch where I knew my father would sit to talk with my friends, all of us just home from high school. 

He liked to talk with them and they with him.

In no time at all, the stench from the catfish bait filled the living room and he stopped talking and started looking around in a rather menacing way. 

I had thought he would laugh because 10 years earlier he had told me, when I was perhaps in the second grade, about the time he and a fellow worker, Oscar Bergman, another electrician, had been making the rounds in their Trouble Truck, as it was called, in the alleys of Chicago. They would stop as required to take turns climbing poles to get the electricity back on after a strong summer storm. 

As the saying goes, it was 100 in the shade and not much shade was available that day in the alleys. 

Apparently it was Oscar’s turn to climb the next pole and while he was up there, my father flattened a patty of horse dung he had found in the alley. He put it in the pocket of a jacket Oscar had left on the back shelf of the cab of the truck, a jacket Oscar had worn in springtime. 

Horse dung in Chicago’s alleys was common in the 1940s. Vegetable vendors would ride up and down in horse-drawn carts hawking their produce, all of it fresh from one of the farms on the outskirts of the city. 

But on this day when Oscar got back in the truck he yelled something to my father who was then climbing the next pole. 

“Joe, there’s a helluva stench in the cab of the truck.” 

Oscar had a very thick Swedish accent, as thick as my father’s Irish brogue, and as a young child I had a chance to hear them converse when my father brought Oscar over to the house. They had become close friends, different as they were, and the music of their two accents was wonderful to hear. They communicated with gusto. 

Oscar’s remark about the stench from the dung patty, however, has remained with me all these years: 

“Joe, there’s a helluva stench in the cab of the truck.”

In childhood I said it over and over with more relish, I’m afraid, than a nighttime prayer I had been asked to memorize. I think it is still a prayer taught by some parents. It was called “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” 

In any event 10 years later when my father found the stink bait I had hidden in the couch, he didn’t find my trick as funny as the one he had played on Oscar Bergman. 

No doubt he was embarrassed in front of my friends who I had told about the set-up in advance. No doubt they were smiling if not stifling a laugh. 

I ran out of the living room as soon as I saw my father leap off the couch. He caught me in the dining room and delivered that uppercut. 

Decades later now there are times when I can still feel that punch although he didn’t turn his fist when it sunk into me. I always wondered why he failed to do so.

When I had gotten eyeglasses for myopia in third grade, he had taken me down the basement to teach me how to defend myself based on skills he had learned as a boxer. 

Showing me how to fake with my left and deliver my right, he told me that if I ever got in a fight to turn my fist each time I landed a punch. Telling that to a third-grader was a remarkable event in itself. But I remember it to this day. 

I listened to my father all through childhood and also watched what he did. Like many children fortunate enough to have a father in the home, I learned good things and bad things that way. 

It turned out at school that he was right about other boys bugging me about my new glasses. Three fights in three days, all of them broken up by the nun in charge of the playground during recess. 

But the day my father got me with the uppercut in the dining room, I didn’t cry and I didn’t flinch, just leaned back against the wall. To cry would have been bad form for the first-born son of an Irish immigrant. 

Crying wasn’t an acceptable response to physical pain in the house I was raised in. No doubt that was because my father had endured much physical and emotional pain throughout his life, especially in that British prison in Ireland where the guards broke both his legs with rifle butts and then let him sit on the cell floor for quite some time without medical attention.

So I kept my mouth shut and watched him walk away. First time I ever saw him with his head down. 

He was obviously ashamed and embarrassed that he had hit me, something he had never done before or after in spite of infractions I would have thought far worse. 

I did well in school, which saved me in his eyes, but I was far less than a well-behaved child. 

I learned a couple of things, however, from that uppercut, one of them funny and the other quite important later on in life as an adult. 

The funny thing was I kept thinking how lucky Oscar Bergman was to escape with just a horse-dung patty hidden in the pocket of his jacket. 

But later in life, memories of the uppercut reminded me never to strike any of my five kids, whatever the problem. Looking back, that is something I am happy never to have done. 

I can tell you, though, some of my children's mischievous deeds were far worse, I thought at the time, than hiding stink bait between the cushions of a living room couch. And those are stories dear to my heart I hope someday to write. 

Who knows what my kids might think if they happen to read them, especially those of them still in the throes of raising children of their own.

Donal Mahoney

Copyright © Donal Mahoney | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by J.W. Earnings | Details

Kaos In -part 5- final part

Hate the feelings of ew's and ugh's...let's pause before we put our paws on this unmanageable cause with silent applause (quiet interest or hushed enthusiasm)
What's the cause of these negative, gross, worthless flawful laws that opens a juzzilion jaws 

I wear the mask of smiles
I treated a million miles
Just to c u go away !!!
Oh nuuu! Don't say it's 2day
To my dying, unlying and not-even-trying dismay,
Your dark and dangerous disarray is a gay, shameless straying-away day that goes frankly cray-cray I must say with my head up and down in many-a-way

Greed got in the way..I wanted you to simply stay by my sheltering side 
I've started to go astray some say...subside not from my crazy ride 

No way, 
Jesus (ho-zay)

Do as you may
Pay the price, OK?
You're my living sacrifice
I took your advice lightly - entice me again, but this time though, don't hand me delicious delicacies on a clean slate plate that offer further useless advice that scatter out of my insane brain like house mice that are not-so-nice to be a tad concise - I prize my sayings, despise it's misunderstandings along with it...I paid the price with past memories that are like bugs that suck up the dead dandruff aka live lice 

I reckon it's my turn
To burn out the light of deception's might
Let the oceans of your humane found in a few in humans flow and churn
It's my time to live for the death of yesterday - quiet times are quite alright

I only take correction from the Lord of Accord or, originally, His name is God
All I nod and hold on to His Word like a iron-sharpens-iron rod 
I say I'll do what He says in the bible specifically but I don't totally
I say let's pray everyday, but I won't stick to the plan unfortunately

I wish I was in someone else's skin
Wondering where in the world you've been 
After all, you've been gone all night with someone new
You didn't even see me stand tall through it all...still sic with dem luv floo and you hadn't a clue...who weren't part of the good-in-the-hood crew

I'm afraid I'm a downgrade, an old trait in a lonely state
I doubt no doubt or pout 
Lately, I needed an upgrade up-to-date... I can't wait for future fate
What goes in goes out

I sit there...people stand dumbfoundedly and vacantly stare just a hair - at least we're a perfect pair - dare to be my beloved nightmare 
I move with the groove too
Unique on fleek with a rebelliousish streak (innocent-weak - meaning lack of strength and lack of innocence along with it) and as zealous and bold as a bear...playing truth and dare without a care

Impatient appears that you are struck stupid by nightmares, letting out a tragedy with an acrid aftershock as a whole and as a shard of shattered hope that will make me mope - that, in itself, ain't dope and I'm an inaccurately-drawn slope and a broken telescope 
I'm infatuated with isolation illumination - where do I begin? 
Fury-whelmed and faint with a stallion station of shimmering, satisfactory sensation with no shake of sheer hesitation 

You're precarious and hilarious...and oh so serious and helpless...this hardship of hell on Mnt. Everest is perilously pitiful in illusive obscurity! You're living a life, free and careless nonetheless...more or less to impress and express eustress and distress, 
Sooooo press on those keys on the piano...dear love, te amo... 

Placed carefully in a neat, gloriousless mess...
You're a delicate China plate, a polished success
Press on the keyboard of boredom disease
The odium of sodium is hardly putting my heart and soul at ease

Even my brain has gone insane
My lane of thought has zipped through your own
Pain rain has given me a loss of a gain
Played as a fool by your on-your-own advice of arrogance all alone 

Snug in the blankets of my dreadful delight 
I can't afford your priceless presence near my side all day and night

Here's an access
To exPRESS, not impress 
Print your paw prints on my heart of tattooed taboo 
Don't be a sour poo, my baby boo - you're mad as a buzzin' bee, about to sting the knee - boohoo! And shooshoo to you-you too 

Hate me like you do, haters
Love me like you mean it, lovers
Chew away the gum of fooldumb 
Instead, consume God's wisdom 
Numb and dumb, 
But I am still titanium
Despite all the shit you've put me through 
I've encountered so many trials...if only you knew half of what I've's something new outta the orange that gleams anew

The audience of denseless, senseless clever cheer and fearless fear
Brought me down here...downfalls are my uprising, my darling dear and my sidetracked deer
No worries, have no fear, for God is near and repentance is kneeling at the back door for you and I to not put it in the backburner like we always did before I fear while others mock, taunt and jeer

Unleash me from the chains of no-brainers and painters of stained see-you-laters 
Give me five minutes to gussy up in a manly fashion and to make-up lines that are charismatic for you and're the barking, bold dog (I dig it I admit) and I'm the cat that passionately purrs (I paw it a bit) 
Chastise me with your fantasy and prize me for my reality's fails and successes along the way..forgive and forget the haters and let anticipation do the talking, walking-on-thin-ice ice-skaters, not worked up on what lies ahead - a Kingdom that's far higher than spacescrapers 

It's common sense to stay vigilant and be sober-minded individuals
You're my maniac on a levitating leash and you are a bouncy beach ball, getting thrown back and forth with no end or so it seems in my wild dreams that are scorching by the seams 
My drunk dear...I'm a tearjerker that sheds so many bittersweet lament drops because my heart stops at your reckless actions of self-satisfactions and peer-pressured by past and present interactions...what about you get your spirits running on energy-fused, faith fuels (that are cewlz)
You're my Genesis to Revelation, the Lord Almighty...but I'm mighty sorry - please forgive me for the wrongs I've committed from time to time...I let out my kaos-enthralled screams that heightens my self-esteem and I'm flowing free like surreal streams that are as shiny as blessing beams 

I'm the fifth child in my family 
The youngest brother...
I'm a Gemini like my father frankly
Grew close to my mother...
I miss her...I love her...she still considers me her son 
I wish she would come back 
This divorce thing...I'm unsure of, but it's hurting me to hear of it a ton

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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