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Childhood Dreams Part 1

When I was a child Everything was magical Full of mystery and the unknown I read hundreds of books The library my haven My home Hours upon hours Night and day I read and got lost in text They supplied me with adventures Secret journeys Fun and fairy tales I absorbed the words like a sponge The books were my food I devoured chapters of verse Engrossed in paper previously trees Entered my own little world In my childhood dreams Fairies were my friends We played hop scotch on stumps of old trees Jumped gaily across ponds Using lily pads as our stepping stones We stopped to talk to frogs and toads Who sung in chorus As we made our way along We threw leaves in the air with glee I danced in the rain With pixies and elves Gnomes and leprechauns gently teased No hate or malice is allowed here Just happiness and lots of cheer Together we played hide and seek The invisible creatures cheated of course! “That’s not fair!” we all cry “It’s only a game!” They reply We forgive them It’s all part of their charm We chased each other through dense woodlands and trees The bright round moon giving us some light It was dark and spooky But exciting at the same time We were happy Having fun I wanted to dream day and night The pixies were a bit naughty Used to hide the keys to doors But we were all magical in my dreams We walked straight through them Keys were just objects We became like shadows we Shimmering through walls Like ghosts And ghouls The pixies played tricks on us They lay in wait behind trees Jumping out on springy green legs They frighten us with a start The fairies reprimand them But pixies do not care The tiny creatures laugh their pointed shoes off And they run along To another dark place To startle us once again The gnomes are round bodied and happy All dressed the same In floppy hats and wide belts Stand in your garden perfectly still They guard it from all things bad with pride But they hide a secret as well They run around your garden Moving objects from their place They play leapfrog on toadstools Knock on your door and run away You will never hear them Or see them indeed They are invisible to most at play The gnomes chase the bees away They want the honey for themselves To eat on toast Or give Winnie the Pooh They guard the flowers Like neighbourhood watch Miniature security guards Less than a foot tall They stop deathly still Looking like statues As soon as they know you are there The garden is a haven For birds and animals alike And the tiny magical creatures Keep everything so bright The fairies give it colour The pixies provide aroma Witches make the potions To fertilise the earth The sun shines down to bless it Making it all look nice Everyone helps in their own little way And at night it comes alive Fairies would take me to their home Deep within dense bushes they live At the bottom of an old tree A tiny door is hidden in the stump I shrink so I will fit in the door Oh my days it’s so pretty inside A never ending cave full of twinkling lights Jewels gleam and shine within the walls The floor is glittering with grains of gold The sky is the ceiling Bright shining stars challenge the blackness of the night The paths are lined with flowers The colours of the rainbow in full bloom The fairies and I skip along Arm in arm To a kingdom far beyond We slide up rainbows here To get from place to place And back down the other side A rollercoaster of dreams you could say The little leprechauns help us They are our guide In my childhood dreams fairy tales came true I met Cinderella at the ball Looking beautiful in her gown A pale shade of baby blue It sparkled as she danced Trailing behind her along the ground Swirling as her Prince Charming swung her around In tune to the music Birdsong Sung by her friends who had helped her in the past When her life was hard She scrubbed floors till she was sore While her sisters laughed on full of scorn I met her fairy godmother too Floating in on a cloud to attend A lace dress of pure white With diamonds that glistened It sparkled like a million lights She was elegant Spoke softly and slowly She was calming and had grace Her hair was as white as snow Her eyes as blue as ice Her magic wand twinkled as she cast her spells of love Conjuring all things nice Snow White was there With seven dwarves of course Grumpy attended He didn’t look happy To go I suspect he was forced Bashful met a beautiful girl He was too shy to ask her out He had met Cinderella before He loved her but from afar But he was happy she was happy With her new groom the prince They looked beautiful together And shined like stars Aladdin wasn’t invited Because of the forty thieves The tortoise got there early Just plodded along with no rush The hare raced past him but wore himself out Plenty of time he could afford He had a quick sleep The tortoise strolled past And arrived at the castle before The hare was late Had a very red face Always in a hurry He never ever learns And always underestimates Jack climbed up his beanstalk instead of the stairs Because the castle was so tall At the top of the beanstalk were where giants lived The biggest ones of all He arrived with a present More beans wrapped in gold They looked like sweets With wrappers shiny and bright Cinderella was impressed and she smiled She asked Jack if she could use his beanstalk He said “Of course be my guest!” She walked over to her ugly sisters Told them stories of great riches and the rest Of jewels and princes too Of kingdoms they could own Their greed will be the end of them Their fate they could not know We all laughed silently As the ugly sisters climbed the dense Their screams heard by kingdoms beyond As Cinderella took her revenge Using the Woodmans axe as her aid She chopped the beanstalk down by half Her sisters fell The giants landing on top of them Squashing them Her revenge made Goldilocks was there With the three bears Daddy, mummy and baby too They didn’t like the party food And there was no porridge in any bowl Baby bear started crying Until the fairy godmother came along She waved her twinkly magic wand again Three bowls of porridge appear in an instant The bears tucked in happily But Goldilocks had to decline She told me she’s sick of porridge I told her I feel the same way inclined We all danced the night away happily Took turns to fly with Peter Pan It was way too late for the kids to be up But Wendy sneaked out anyway She flew there with Peter in the dark Her hair was messed up The wind blew it wild But she was happy to be there Cinderella was her friend She wouldn’t have missed it for the world

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Date: 12/9/2016 12:37:00 AM
It's a good poetical expression! I did enjoy this!
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