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Spiritual Mahjong Your Move Lord Is there a God? A benevolent entity. An eternal presence presiding over me. A creator, watching and observing. All knowing. Is my end determined and conclusive before it begins, before I begin? If so, then to what purpose am I created? How does something so perfect, create something so fallible, so contradictory? Am I here to learn and get to understand my maker? Is not an intelligence of that magnitude beyond a human beings comprehension? Is Gods creation, ‘Man’, a search from the Divine for the perfection in imperfection? To what purpose does an entity of such cosmic intelligence warrant the existence of such a stumbling, retarded intellect as mans? An intellect whose purpose, seems to be solely to, blot, stain, marr and destroy the other incredulous creations He’s immersed us in. Is there more than one God? Is the magnitude of infinity too much for a single God, to handle? Are there Gods, who share the burden weighted on them by the creation of man. Are we then a living mistake, a ‘Monday mornings’ error, uncorrected, as to do so would be to admit to the fallibility of such an imperfection. Are we created fallible, for a reason, a necessary intent to portray if only for our own sakes, the Yin and Yang of the Cosmos. The Black and White. The As Above So Below of Saintliness and Devilishness. Why would God create man to adore and serve Him, when such adoration would be akin to, ants creating monuments to the Egyptians in reverence to the divide between them! Indeed, why would an infinitesimal intelligence seek the acknowledgement and adulation of lesser beings, at all? Is God broken? Is He prone to mistakes? Is he fallible enough to create beings so self-interested, so egocentric, so self-absorbed, so self-appreciative of their own conquests, so arrogant in their nature that they now believe they can create a being of artificial intelligence, that not only equals Gods creation but surpasses it. Is this Gods Joke, on mankind? Has God got a sense of humour? Why not? Is not, humour a trait of human beings, hence, a creation of God? Is this a lesson to us, to show how mans arrogance, in creating such a superior intelligence to his own, is paradoxically the act that will herald . . . his own ending. The self-professed God on Earth! I will create Man in My image! Is God, the Creation of a God, Creating another God in His image? Are there an infinite Creation of Creations? An Implosion of Infinity, equalling an Infinite Explosion of Creations. A Myriad of Microscopic Intellects, also, ever questioning their own existences. Perhaps that one, is a good Joke to be bandied about, between Gods. A little Dark maybe, but it’s all about perspective. A moment of miniscule mirth, in the midst of a myriad of multiplicitous dimensions! Does God play games? Does He feel the need to be amused sometimes? Is His amusement the real meaning for us being here? Are we, humans, the first? The Commodore 64 of life, a dilapidated pre-runner to the X Box of Gods other creations. Perhaps only now played occasionally by lesser intelligent Gods. Those only Cosmically Conscious to a lesser degree, than The God of Gods! Do we then exist to humour and amuse such an entity, until He too tires of us? And can we blame Him? Man seems Hell-Bent on self-destruction! The God-given free will, granted us seems to be the first ‘Gift’ we do all in our power to deny each other. Through the ‘ism’ complex! Sex ‘ism’. Race ‘ism’. Age ‘ism’. The Religious Right to choose a God we believe in, Heart and Soul! An omnipresent ever-understanding God, who’s tears have flooded throughout countless Millenia, the messeanic Oceans, when he observes a child cry. Its little body wracked and contorted, in internal anguish and turmoil, at its own plight. Some born into an existence where he, or she, knows nothing of Love nor indeed, Hope! A product of addictive parents or an abusive society! Does He look down humourously, at mans complex acceptance (or not) for all human nature, despite the differences in sexuality and say that’s a good one! Figure that one out L.G.B.T.V.WXYZ, after throwing a biblical-spanner in the works to appease the Puritanical nature of the righteous. Man shalt not lay with man! Was there a God? Did He lend a hand in the building of Pyramids, in a non-traversible, non-communicable world. Whispering, Ethereal secrets. Allowing Divine Proportions, to be brought into the equation, in constructing, with near impossible craftmanship and the most fundamental of tools, a shared astronomical alignment of Pyramids on an inter-continental scale. Was He instrumental in bending the consciousness of the impressionable. Tilting the balance of the creative. Influencing the dreams of the open-minded. To this end, did He gain the upper-hand, in this Spiritual Mahjong, this Cosmic Chess Game, when His God-Twins vision was, at a seismic low! Were there Gods? Or Rival Gods in their celestial game, cajoling, tempting, creating a collective consciousness, prevalent even in the psyche of peoples across a continental divide! What else could lay claim to explaining the tie, that binds such a Worldly Wizardry? Such Illuminated knowledge that usurps the Earthly energy of Mother Earth, by the placement of Govern-mental buildings on such Ley Lines. Another Gambit of the Gods in a bid to win this Game of Life, perhaps? Is it the unpredictability of man that keeps the game fresh? The free will, allowed him? A happenstantial, accident! The incidental splicing of a genetic strand that will give the upper hand to an opposing God! A new challenger awaiting? As He created Man in His image, has He created one of His own? Will there be a God? Will he, cease to tolerate, our shortcomings? Our incessant need to fight, to dominate, to control! Is not each of our journeys here on earth as important as the next mans. Will He tire of mans apparent insidious nature. The Meek shall inherit the Earth when the Dominant are finished with it, or God finishes with them! Will He be merciful in His judgement of the Sheep, when judging the Wolves, or punish both equally? As to bow to the will of a malevolent governing entity, is to grant compliance to that very malignancy! One is equally guilty if one stands by while unjust deeds are practised! Are the Prophecies heralded in Bibliographic proportions, a warning from the opposing Gods side, cleverly infused in the psyche of the Ancient Aztecs, the Egyptians and indeed, deep rooted also in Michel De Nostradame? Will he be a vengeful God, a remorseful God, a righteous God, or a repentant God and how much more of mans ineptitude will He take before He pulls the plug on this Earthly Game? If there be a God then please come show me!
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