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Faded In Xoxo Oxox Fadin' Out

A special dedication to Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" song in her album "Beyoncé", which came out in 2013. {intro} I took a cat nap...yah put on your classic, clever-mini cap drank that sorrow sap, my companion and cool chap Torture me with your rap... and all that crap in a snap of a finger and don't linger in my way of my goals that are like a marked-up, mishap map I wanna drag you up like an animal in due season Yes, I worship your scent of I-must-repent I was dust in this Earth of Mirth for an outlandish reason Why don't you get the hint that I love you to the highest extent right this very instant and outstant... Yeah, it's true I make up words Out of the blue... It's as absurd as herds of butter-birds {solo} We are beautiful, bizarre nobodies We have alienated ambition We are a flawed flawless Perfection in passion progress {verse 1} You seriously got me addicted to your love affair You bruised my wounds and you're gonna pay I'm only following the rules, so don't use me - that's just not playing fair, But you don't care if it's a game of truth or dare...glad I made your day by my past hesitation that led me astray, some say We bite the bullet to the core Don't accuse me of being an attention hog...waiting for the rope of hope to hang the tragedies of this world of woe - there's a future in store What are you waiting for? {hook x2} Next time, there will not be a next time this sun-shining day Don't play me in repeat like your favorite pop way... Missing your clutches of your touches Craving those OXOX's like urges of sexes X out the lust in my heart I O it my work of lyric art {pre-chorus/rap} Tripping out in my room Double trouble doom... Come on, Resume on Call me yours...your ear ignores... And I will do your chores...failure scores... Faaaaaded in love... Jaaaaaaded in hate... Where is the luv from abuv? Watchin' political debate... Overrated society's term of in love and infatuation thereof Underrated you and I - foes and friends, but anything goes, whether it's from below or above Embrace the faces of graces from above under You departed from my arms of charms; now, we shatter asunder Like a mirror of poverty pain that reigns upon the city Refrain from driving me insane in a lane of crimes I committed of...and I'm found pitilessly guilty {hook -whisper-} {chorus} Not yesterday's tomorrow Not today to your dismay... Not tomorrow's backwards sorrow Maybe another'll get your way...I'll give up my way for you to stay Faaaaaded in love... Jaaaaaaded in hate... Overrated society's term of in love and infatuation thereof I'll stray away from the aftershocks of your downfalls Your uprisings are from your deepest, regretful failures...and your unanswered calls...and fixated freefalls Faaaaaded in love... Jaaaaaaded in hate... Overrated society's term of in love and infatuation thereof {verse 2} You got me so hooked Why did you overlook The event that got booked? You postponed our like my looks, not my mind or heart that is an endless book... Sprinkle salt and pepper upon my distasteful flavor My attitude of gratitude transformed into graze in your own maze attitude You cannot put a label on my untamed behavior When I'm up on stage with the spotlight showering down upon me, I rise above the audience of all eyes and I bodyquake with I, myself and me to shake off the rage of feeling misunderstood, not good in the hood in my ghetto neighborhood; I hope my vibrant voice is now understood I'm an astonishing star And I will go oh so far... Wondering where You are... To heal this scar with miracles in disguise that I can't despise, for it's on my top love bar, Despite the peace war... That hits us more and more... {hook x2} {pre-chorus/rap} {hook -whisper-} {chorus} {verse 3} You're sick in the mind You got me far behind You'll be sorry when I'm gone I welcome the dusk's sun The dawn will burn you alive You're a bee in his busy hive Behave and be brave, Dave... I save my breath by giving you a "farewell" brave wave You stare into the illuminating efflorescence My attire is on fire with your desire, my fantastic fluorescence We bite the bullet to the core Don't accuse me of being an attention hog...waiting for the rope of hope to hang the tragedies of this world of woe - there's a future in store What are you waiting for? Ahhhh oooooh ooooh Ehhh ahh I-I-I.... Sick with dem luv floo I'm confident shy... I'm modest... I'm honest.... I'm humble... I do crumble... Arrogance was in my veins... Yet, I still got prideless brains... Ooooh ahhhhh I'm a handsome flaw... Ohhhh yeahhh My reputation, fame 'n fortune is meh and bleh God's Word means everything to me The World means close to nothing, I see... I hear with an open ear...even my tear stains me with fear that I hold on to so dear...I taste with a tongue so sensitive up in here...I feel with much cheer, for God's aura is near...His spiritual soul replaces fear and doubt with faithful cheer, so crystal clear {hook x2} {pre-chorus/rap} {hook -whisper-} {chorus} {bridge} I crave your crowning moments I'm buzzed off of blessings that appear to be curses Supposedly, your eyes of lies and helloed goodbyes that give you temporary highs that makes my heart cry out: why's oh why's Your verses curse and it ruins my self-esteem...sick of your rehearses {harmony} And it's our ultimate mission To count all our naughties...from everybody...or creepy "anybodies" Let's engage in our future vision To blur out all the fakes and the hotties...for we aren't a disgrace or a robotic with eccentricities {outro} Lap up my pity's sorrow Of yesterday's tomorrow Wrap your wings around me Take flight in our reality fantasy You're all up and down in my grill — got me mind-blown, you silly-Billy clown — you're my thrill, just take a chill pill and hush, little baby...I've been lovin' and hatin' you lately...frankly, honestly I want to feel your need for me, so I can flee from captivity... I need to numb your want for me to But, it's impossible Or is it possible? I doubt it is, indeed... I'll fulfill my deed...after I feed off of my want and need... And it's you I adore You too... But who knew... I'd be the hue of blue... You can't deny I'm faded in-in-in love You're the crow that flies too high And I'm the-the city dove Purrrrrr hurrrrrr You're my black and white armor...never in errorrrrrr I...endure... I take a tour into your busy-lazy life Hurrrrrr puurrrrr Life's gettin' harder, for my past, present and future is a miiiiiighty blurrrrr You...are...cure... So...impure... You take a tour into my pleasant strife

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 1/13/2016 9:02:00 AM
Breath taking! all the words in this lyrics are've done a great job Earnings
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J.W. Earnings
Date: 1/13/2016 9:56:00 AM
Thank you! You are the first to comment which is fascinating in itself. Thanks for the encouragement. Your constructive words have led me this far, friend! Thanks again.

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