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Long Tony Poems

Long Tony Poems. Below are the most popular long Tony by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Tony poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The Legend of Justin Case - BOTH Audio and Text

Justin Case - the weirdest guy in the all of Buxton county - did a lot o’ crazy things that most would never try,
And even weirder - just before he’d do the things he did...

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Categories: tony, hilarious,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Translation of Eric Mottram's Twentythird Legal by T Wignesan
Translation of Eric Mottram’s Twentythird Legal by T. Wignesan

Le vingt-troisième légal

pendant la guerre le peuple devient obéissent de nouveau
plein du respect (et) de la confiance les enfants naïfs dans la foi
la gouvernance nécessaire  ...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tony, america, anti bullying, anxiety, military, war,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member All is Fair in Love and War - Right
“I prob’ly shouldn’t be telling you, Marge, but...knowing I can count on you to never tell another soul...get a load of this!
Just as I was hoping, my biggest prayer was answered - and after barely...

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Categories: tony, lost love,
Form: Narrative
i celebrate you my friend
The year that is about to make its last appearance 
before it dies and is buried to be only given a place 
in the history of our existence has brought  ?e joy, 
l° shall...

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Categories: tony, adventuregod, people, god, love, people, time, perspective,
Form: ABC
Premium Member The Found Phone - A Short Story
I was running some errands and stopped into the little waterfront restaurant for a late lunch.  It was kind of that in-between lunch and dinner time hour, so the place was completely empty.

I ordered...

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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tony, mystery, me, time, voice, me, time, voice,
Form: Narrative

Look Through Any Window
If you could look through any window
Of any house on any given street,
You might find yourself quite surprised 
At the variety of people you would meet.

The couple at number twenty-three
Have been married nearly seven years

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Categories: tony, community,
Form: Couplet
Blew it away like the sand
So I have some things, that I just have to say,
but please do not take me in the wrong way,
I have this tiny little problem, inside me you see,
and its called trying to live with...

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Categories: tony, abuse, anti bullying, bullying, stress, trust, truth,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member STATE OF CHAOS
I pray for my friend right now and hope he can find his way and his WHY


Your home has a consciousness, it has a mind of its own
You must clear up the clutter,...

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Categories: tony, appreciation, beautiful, change, courage, devotion, dream, encouraging,
Form: Free verse
Hello my angels 

Did you know that you have five seconds to make a choice when you first wake up in the morning before your mind decides to take over.....what you do in those five...

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Categories: tony, appreciation, blessing, butterfly, change, confidence, courage, dedication,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Was Tricked
This was down right evil - 3 against 1, how fair is that?!

Tony Boogerelli asked me straight out if I did, and, as he was expecting, I assured him that I do.
Tony told his sister,...

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Categories: tony, funny, humor,
Form: Narrative
Prolonged offal bout courtesy constipation turgid song redux
Prolonged offal bout courtesy constipation... turgid song redux,
a worse hellish fate than perdition really sucks

As of early morning
today - September 8th, 2022,
I could not but barely move
mine whole body felt
analogous to sluggish mollusk
frequent constipation found...

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Categories: tony, abuse, adventure, anxiety, appreciation, blessing, endurance, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
100 percent Natural psyllium husk delivered solid ecstasy
100% Natural psyllium husk delivered solid ecstasy

As of late - I could not but barely move
mine whole body felt
analogous to sluggish mollusk
frequent constipation found yours truly
doubled over in gastrointestinal agony

as if elephant or red (livid...

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Categories: tony, best friend, caregiving, freedom, happiness, humorous, hurt,
Form: Free verse
Free Styling To The Extreme
take it to the beat watch us meet to greet fooling in the street
tripping on the beach smoking fat leaves doing what you please
as busy as a bee making sweet history
there's a battle for your...

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Categories: tony, rap,
Form: Free verse
Shelter Me In II
today I exist as a vapor then I am no more
some may equate logic for fear that brings nothing near
my chest is heavy and my pulse is setting in
yesterday was such an easy game we...

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Categories: tony, art,
Form: Free verse
Aye passively plead death to please release me from agonizing clutches
(alternately titled: Typical daily mindset today – 
July 17th, 2020)

The following words
mostly unredacted, nevertheless finessed
for curbed poetic/prosaic appeal
lock, stock and barrel
codify, and edify (hoopfully not mortify)
any reader unbeknownst and/or familiar
with unsteady state of yours truly,

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Categories: tony, absence, cheer up, death, fate, grief, hope,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Seeds


Blue reaches reflections
touching ripples 
tears in time ephemeral
caresses fragrant Green my canopy

opens the light
inside me 

cracked eggshell 
golden-yoked sunshine
pale turquoise kintsugi
splintered paths inside my mind

in the smallness
of me 
quietly blooms 

ragged yet refined
a gecko...

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Categories: tony, muse, romance, sensual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Hero for a moment
Us kids on the scrap heap estate, we were never going anywhere
poverty deprivation criminal activity was here to stay
Social Services, poor bastards, had no idea what to do
no, no one had a blasted clue
then, some...

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Categories: tony, death, grave,
Form: Free verse
Flirtin With Fire Blowin It Up
flirting with fire blowin it up in the most earnest desire
 her perfume was led to basement blues remove those shoes
 bask in the news then you will se a falsified game of reality

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Categories: tony, art, baby, basketball, rap,
Form: Free verse
Mongrels of Mischief: An Introduction into Mischief Pt 1
It was somewhere in Cambridge, when the amalgam of substances 
began to cloud our judgment. 
The changes were between vague and blatantly obvious, but 
we were masters at this terrifying craft. 
A small dose of...

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Categories: tony, adventure, nonsense,
Form: Narrative
Happy 68th birthday MaryAnn Sage revisited January 12th 2021
Happy 68th birthday MaryAnn Sage - revisited January 12th, 2021

Wherever you might be holed up
within this whirled wide web wassup?

Mein kampf still equals board
hardscrabble existence deplored
analogous to Norwegian bachelor,
whose Lake Wobegon nestled within fjord
forcing me...

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Categories: tony, birthday, devotion, endurance, heartbroken, husband, january, lost
Form: Rhyme
Everyone nose I haint no otolaryngologist
Everyone nose, I haint no otolaryngologist

Nonetheless this bard arse feels gratitude
courtesy Laurence V. Cramer, D.O.
without cerumen eye zing
May 17th, 2022 'ere
and thank dog guardian angels,
who find me continually blessed
regarding audiological sense to hear,
whereby faculty sound...

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Categories: tony, appreciation, blessing, caregiving, dedication, health, humorous, may,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Coalition Of The Willing
Coalition Of The Willing

It was a merciless day;
A Day of Infamy.
The Coalition of the Willing: The United States,
Great Britain, Australia, and Poland;
Disrespectful of International Law,
And the United Nations,
Attacked Iraq on March 19, 2003,
Claiming that the...

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Categories: tony, conflict, history, murder, war,
Form: Verse
Hide the Details

Everybody got a Hollywood life story
to tell
More meat on the bone
give juicier bites 
to sell
Nobody ever turns in a tarnished silver screenplay
Those warts and mistakes
get Photoshop casting couch edited away
Baby Jane rude attitude don’t make...

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Categories: tony, allegory, fun, metaphor, word play,
Form: Vogon Poetry
I haint donning royal carpet treatment
I haint donning royal carpet treatment

No stuntman/woman showed up, 
albeit intervened in timely fashion
to thwart mishaps experienced 
courtesy me I bemoan,
and poet lore re: yet of Perkiomen Valley
Pennsylvania, United States of America
never suffered major illness...

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Categories: tony, adventure, allusion, angel, blessing, father, grave, october,
Form: Rhyme
I was born into a family so messed up
One that makes you feel like you are never enough
Porch fights every night of the week
Everyone in the trailer park could hear the screams
The cops got called

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Categories: tony, abuse, childhood, strength,
Form: Bio