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Blew it away like the sand
So I have some things, that I just have to say, but please do not take me in the wrong way, I have this tiny little problem, inside me you see, and its called trying to live with ADHD. These thing's that you say, they way you behave, drive me insane, and inside me I crave, to tell you your wrong, and look like a mug, I cant stand the thought, of you being a thug. If I see you pushing and constantly thrashing, my friends whom are weak, intending to bash em, I will have to stand up, and defend with my heart, Say it to me if you really wanna start! Ill tell you the truth, don't you threat about that, I'll never be scared of you, swinging that bat. I've been through worse times, than you can inflict, you can laugh and say that I am just a (b)witch. I've taken many a beating, from one's harder than you, you're a joke, you're clown, do the best you can do, you will not like me, cause ill tell you the truth, it ain't all about being a spoof. You're a book that's been read, from cover to cover, Predictable, laughable and not the best lover, you're as see through as cling film, but before its too late, get a grip you sad person, before they will hate. you can change the future, if only you'd try, stop accusing and blaming, and questioning why? look around you and see, you have a great life, but if you don't see before you, lose a possible wife. So I'll tell it like it is, I wont mince my words right there, right now, you got an incredible bird, she loves you and would never hurt you, never make you cry, but you spit and you hiss, and you don't even try. You're straight out the book, the tactics you use we know the next step, we know the short fuse, The questions, the timing, the jealousy of friends, its all a plan, for her social life to end. There's really no need to hate and to follow, trust isn't really a bitter pill to swallow. Life and love is really OK, don't be an idiot and throw it all away. when you have a good woman be happy and proud, get on that roof top and shout it out loud. don't toss it aside, cause your angry inside, give love a chance, her on your arm bursting with pride. I'll be honest, and truthful, and hope you will find, the problem within, ill try to be kind, but ADHD just makes me be true I really mean no harm, just giving you a clue. You can hate me, detest me, I really don't care, I know what your about, I'll stand and stare, see if you have the balls, to really be true, when you stand say 'hello, and how are you?' Been there, and done it, its really no big deal, 2 faced coward is what i do feel. thing is it really, you don't need to be like that, but too proud to say, 'yeah OK I been a prat' No need at all for the mess that is made, drag yourself out of that neanderthal cave. there's more to life than fighting and hating, you only get on shot, so love and stop wasting. Let people in, let out your fears, or cling on to em tight, for another 30 years, hold on to trouble, grip tight onto hate, lets these years pass you by, and then its too late. look at yourself, are you really ok?? want another day marked off, with only hate to say? we want to make you smile, and assure you its fine, hold glasses of wine up and clink with ' lets dine' So I suppose the point, I am trying to say, with my ADHD, I'll just say it this way, My words come out 'hectic' and not make much sense, but I'm trying to help you, I make no pretense. If you think this is about you, or someone you know, I hope that this poem will help someone to grow, Just ask and I'll tell you, I wont hide in the forest, I don't have two faces, you know ill be honest! So I bid you goodnight, and tell you I'm grateful, for Tony, my love, I can trust he'll be faithful, He treats me with love and respect, don't harass me, two way trust, with my man, means the world, I'll never judge he. Shame on you wasters, throwing real love away, it will spring up on you, you'll realize one day, you had it right there, in the palm of your hand, but crushed it and blew it away like the sand.
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