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Long Meaningful Poems

Long Meaningful Poems. Below are the most popular long Meaningful by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Meaningful poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member That Long Evening
When you came to me...

Not that you wanted me.  Oh, no!  It was I who wanted you,
Your comfort... your caring... your
... compassion, your compassion...
Your body, beautiful and young, perhaps that as well at...

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Categories: meaningful, feelings, lost, thank you,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Urbane History Lessons
I have a hardbound copy of
"The City of Hartford 1784-1984"
although most of this coffee table story
of unfortunate events
takes place between 1850 and 1950s,
before and after the UnCivil War,
like the U.S. Catholic Church
and many MainLine Protestant...

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Categories: caregiving, city, health, integrity, meaningful, universe,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member I Do Believe - The Key To My Heart Style
~ I   Do  Believe  ~
( Key  To  My  Heart )


Know  soul 
Dies that's 
Cause  choose 
Believe********There's a 
God and Jesus died  for my...

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Categories: meaningful, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Hurt People Hurt People
Flirt with Whitney
Flirt with fear 
Life is good
But I rather be anywhere but here
Body aches from pushing out tears
Driving on the road of life
Eyes is watery
So I can't steer 
And I'm getting dizzy 
Stomach very...

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Categories: deep, depression, feelings, longing, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 36
I sung all the night with the Devil,
It seemed harmony had found itself spooning with dissonance
Not indeed needing to be one or the same
Yes—the light indeed could sustain itself in the midst
Of what then was...

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Categories: appreciation, dark, desire, endurance, inspiration, literature, meaningful,
Form: Epic

Premium Member Flying Higher
I was flying higher, 
Who Am I ??? 

Looking down, wings wide gliding amongst the currents of heaven. Seemed the more I ascended the clearer life's illusions were getting, it's a liberating feeling to realize...

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Categories: meaningful, inspiration,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Autumn Atonement
Face to the sky,
Breath of the Caribbean
Woven with earthy Autumn,
Saturates the alveoli of my lungs,
Pouring raw impulses into the neurons of
My pleasure centers, so triggering a myriad of
Memories ... the demurring requiem to summer tide...

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Categories: meaningful, autumn, heartbreak, metaphor, october, solitude, soulmate, true
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Most Courageous American President for the Ages
A Most Courageous American President for the Ages

I thought it would be most appropriate for me to take a moment to
share some of my reflections on the life and distinguished public
service of the late 41st...

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Categories: meaningful, america, celebration, character, inspiration, patriotic, political, tribute,
Form: Narrative
Wellful of Wails
'You've thrown me over the edge of the highest peaked cliff imaginable
As I spiral further down, my outer shell gets roughed up
by sticks and stones
until my body is disfigured beyond recognition
as if I'd been torn...

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Categories: meaningful, friendship, love, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Providentiality of Farming in Giantvillism - Page 1
The Providentiality of Farming in Giantvillism 

Eccentric people with their characteristics and ways must move forward to a more defined place.
The climate enriches the Earth and science is formed for the vegetation to bloom.
By being...

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Categories: meaningful, adventure, art, best friend, birth, language, leadership,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member This TransIt ReGeneration
My TransITion began there
right there
in my woodland playground,
when I first knew
something right feels wrong to others.

I was blind to curve-balls
hurled at me.
Being "It" is not why I grow
this TransIt mind and body!

Or, is it?

Could I...

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Categories: meaningful, angst, birth, bullying, culture, destiny, earth, environment,
Form: Free verse
Fabrics finding fabrications
A prawn masquerading as a peanut can be quite disturbing. So many times a peel is a garment used to shroud. A tentacle hidden. Here and there. Then to reappear with an often violent burst...

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Categories: meaningful, animal,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Cooperative WinWin EarthGames
Perhaps you hear and see a yet emerging trend
among TransMillennials,
those born at end of the second millennium
carrying and burying ourselves in the third,
yet to die Post Bi-Millennially.

We hear a son who knows,
as his cells know...

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Categories: meaningful, adventure, beauty, birth, health, political,
Form: Narrative
Feeling Small, Broken Enigma
Let my ears deceive me but I hear it, can't bother to drown it out
the taunting laughter at my misery
Fictional should they be but the reality has cleared the camouflage
which hath once shrouded me
Exposed and...

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Categories: meaningful, how i feel, nonsense,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Kingdom Of My Embrace
"Years” and “Distance”, phantoms of the dark that do their evil
in the quietude of the everyday, coming and going without so
much as a footprint or a whisper, and taking the most valuable
possessions of the heart,...

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Categories: meaningful, absence, appreciation, children, family, love,
Form: Free verse
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 28
Quietly, the memory of my grandfather manifested itself,
In the colors and shimmers of the Holy Spirit, 
I saw his human face,
The familiar lines, the flesh,
The pair of oceanic eyes, slowly blinking 
Like a heavenly beam

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Categories: allegory, analogy, deep, emotions, humanity, meaningful, wisdom,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Notes from a Unitarian Child
Once upon a time,
an eight year old
Black and Green and Brown and Red and Blue Lives Matter
ultra-nonviolent kid
wrote an ultra-violet note to him/herself
about stuff s/he needed to full-rainbow recall
if and when s/he ever became
a worn...

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Categories: meaningful, age, childhood, culture, earth, health, religion, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Tarana-Ta Na Na Dhoom - My New Carol Song with English Text lines


Tarana- Ta Na Na Dhoom -  My New Hindi Song with English Text lines

Form- Lyrics


Tarana singing is the outcome of those wonderful feelings of...

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Categories: meaningful, happiness, joy, song,
Form: Lyric

In modern English people time, when the world was full of eminent joy, there lived a man of prestige who was totally the opposite of anyone who strives to form the...

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Categories: meaningful, culture, humanity, i am, identity, image, mentor,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Chicken Soup Farm
Relationships are like farming,
if you don't plant the seed,
you'll have no crop to harvest.
Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)

Gambling is like farming,
if you don't play the game,
you'll have no winnings.

Economics is like farming,
if you don't play this...

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Categories: meaningful, earth, earth day, nature, philosophy, power, religion,
Form: Free verse
Being Weak is Not OK
(This is a lyric that is a rap, pop and rock song - 3 in 1. Have fun, reading!)

So, you think that I am weak
Oh no, you let spill the doubt leak
Times like these look...

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Categories: courage, emotions, inspiration, meaningful, pain, passion, strength,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Conversational Ecstasy
I believe SuperEgo bicameral comprehension
functions, forms, and flows organic
ecotherapeutic integrity;
I believe balanced Left-Right consciousness
orbits toward ecstatic psychology.

I've got nothin' to say
And I'm gonna keep it just that way
'til my mean old SuperEgo
lets me go outside...

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Categories: meaningful, freedom, god, identity, imagination, joy, love, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Road Trip

The country, people, and the village,
All equal, as if, for the first time, 
All of that gave a fresher image,
Nay, 'tis but a relative vantage.
Save fresh road, to its left bears a sign.

"A few more...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, childhood, grandfather, meaningful, nostalgia, remember,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Rainy and Joey
Story Poem Contest
Sponsor: Carol Eastman

Somewhere deep into the night, a unicorn decided she wanted to give up her wings. Her family was so distraught and they begged her nicely, “Oh Rainy don’t give up your...

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Categories: meaningful, character, childhood,
Form: Narrative
Meaningful Screw You's
I'm done with this I've had enough of this/
Slushy trip since Hell Paso son just quit
This empty pursuit
Of letting the past keep livin' through you/
Go ahead and equip the damn truth
It is that simple to...

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Categories: meaningful, dark, introspection, lonely, music, sorry, life, me,
Form: Blank verse