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A Most Courageous American President for the Ages
A Most Courageous American President for the Ages I thought it would be most appropriate for me to take a moment to share some of my reflections on the life and distinguished public service of the late 41st president of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush. First, as a retired U.S. military veteran, I am particularly grateful for President Bush’s outstanding leadership, vision, and the committed, stalwart support he provided to our nation’s armed forces, in times of peace and in war, during his term of office from 1989 to 1993. Second, the depth and breadth of his long years of outstanding service to the United States of America are reflected by the number and variety of the high-level leadership positions he held, not only as president, but as vice president, and as a U.S. congressman from the state of Texas, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and as the U.S. envoy to China. All of these positions he held over the years in selfless public service to America, testify powerfully to his unshakeable commitment to and belief in freedom and democracy, and the historic role that America fulfills as the indispensable leader of the free world. Third, as a young, decorated U.S. Navy aviator in the pacific theater during World War II, and as a veteran of fifty-eight combat missions, President Bush experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations, and the challenges of wartime service punctuated with the tragic sacrifices made by U.S. military forces in the pursuit and defense of freedoms that many today take for granted. Fourth, related to his wartime service and contributions, President Bush was part of what is known today as the “Greatest Generation.” This special generation of Americans, to include even relatives from my own family and many others, were the ones who lived through the Great Depression and met the call of duty to confront and destroy the evil forces of fascism and demagoguery that poised a direct threat to freedom and democracy worldwide. The people from this generation were imbued with a profound sense of “love of country,” and did all that they could to ensure the best results for future generations to come. Fifth, as vice president in Ronald Reagan’s administration, George Bush was the co-architect with the president in successfully formulating and implementing the diplomatic initiatives to work toward ending the Cold War with the Soviet Union. In fact, by 1989, Bush was then president, and with the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November of that year, he oversaw the entire process for ending the Cold War, and in eventually bringing peace and freedom to the former eastern bloc countries in Europe after the collapse and implosion of the former Soviet Union in December 1991. And, during this critical moment in history, he was instrumental in providing help and support to the new Russian government. Sixth, President Bush, in 1991, through all of his outstanding diplomatic efforts with America’s key allies, led a successful wartime coalition of countries with the United States that were directly responsible during the first Gulf War in fighting and ejecting the Iraqi Army under Saddam Hussein’s command from the country of Kuwait, thus freeing Kuwait from the abject tyranny of Iraq. President Bush worked tirelessly in assembling this remarkable and highly successful coalition of countries in direct coordination with the United Nations. With all of this said, I firmly believe that George Herbert Walker Bush will go down in history as one of America’s great presidents. He believed in the spirit of true bipartisanship during his long service, and was never afraid to reach across the aisle to work with the political opposition in finding reasonable and meaningful solutions to many problems facing American society, as well as other problems in the international arena that required immediate attention, with thoughtful and deliberate bipartisan support by the Congress. President Bush, just like the late Senator John McCain, was a devout “Atlanticist” and a fervent supporter of NATO and other international treaties that have been essential in helping the United States positively shape and influence events and actions in the world in the continuous pursuit of the maintenance of freedom and democracy. President Bush also fully understood and recognized the significance of “American Exceptionalism” in the international community, and the critical role that America has played, and must continue playing as the all-important bulwark of freedom in the world. President Bush was truly an extraordinary leader in every aspect of what he accomplished in the faithful execution of his duties in all of the positions he proudly held while serving in the U.S. Government. He was certainly someone who forcefully rejected the politics of fear, bigotry, hatred, and division in American society. He was well-known for his deep and abiding faith in God, and for the profound love he had for his family. He possessed a keen sense of humor and had a sincere patriotic love of country. And, he passionately believe in selfless service to America, whilst imbuing the sacred tenets of Duty, Honor, and Country in everything he did to make America that shining beacon for freedom and democracy in the world. George Herbert Walker Bush is a most courageous American president for the ages. May God Bless. Rest in Peace. Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved December 6, 2018 (Narrative Tribute)
Copyright © 2020 Gary Bateman. All Rights Reserved