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Urbane History Lessons
I have a hardbound copy of "The City of Hartford 1784-1984" although most of this coffee table story of unfortunate events takes place between 1850 and 1950s, before and after the UnCivil War, and, like the U.S. Catholic Church and many MainLine Protestant WiseElder headcounts, reaching peak population during the 1950s, followed by a slow declining landscape of pathological degenerativity. Numbers stand out. The still published Hartford Courant began as a weekly Connecticut Courant in 1764. In 1938 a hurricane brought us 7.4 million dollars in damages and 4,000 homeless human lives, not necessarily in that reported order of moral priority. This was the first hurricane in 123 years. But, our history book back in 1815 records, nor rewards, no damages or homeless or lost lives from hurricanes or otherwise. No lives that mattered on this timeline. Between 1850 and 1900 "Fires and Catastrophes" result in loss of 53 lives, about ten per decade, one per year, and $1,190,000 in lost property values; about $220,000 per decade. These same numbers during the subsequent fifty years, from 1900 through 1950, are 216 dead, a 400% increase in the wrong direction, primarily due to a Ringling Brothers Circus Fire, which does not report any loss of elephants or lions and tigers and bears, much less wicked monkeys. Damages grow from the previous century's total just over one million, to over $11 million between 1900-1950; about $2,200,000 per decade-- a ten-fold mean depression in prosperity. In 1956 the burning of St. Joseph Cathedral and St. Patrick's Church quickly add another $5,250,000, bringing us to about $16.5 million burned and otherwise catastrophied away. With growing human population values and investment in our healthy infrastructure technology and buildings, transportation and entertainments, comes greater risks and costs for sustaining healthy educated lives, quickly escalating challenges for resilient goals of healthy-wealthy loves, theological grace and ecological karma. Lives authentically and universally pro-sacred life, not merely secularized anthropogentric and extractively commodified and deductively reduced to a less demanding moral standard of merely tolerating LoseLose abortions, fires, catastrophies, totalitarian sociopathologies, retributive punishments of divinely inhumane climate pathology. To grow in pro-life extending communities is to develop restorative healing born matriotic of and for resilient health and resonantly distributed WinWin buoyant wealth, sustainability of nutritious nurturing Yang with Yin co-arising climates, both healthy interior and exterior wealth-regenerate landscapes. Restoring resilient peace is hampered by punishing and suppressing symptoms, eliminating histories of social anti-life wounds, aborting darker NegativEnergy subpersonalities. Healing lack of wholeness, horizontal ego restoration bred and fed across extending family regenerations of leveling time, And vertical economic-above and ecological-within WinWin wholeness reweaving ZeroZone Prime Relationships within Matriotic Earth DeepSoul, listening with Patriotic SunGod NatureWest-SpiritEast Yang bilaterally resilient daily weekly monthly annually perennial compassion. Resiliently, resonantly loving synergetic grace-karma in-between ego wholeness journeys and rebuilding pro-life environmental family enhancements, eco-sacred WiseElder supportive listening learning to speak in polycultures, polyphonically meta-paradigmatic-- like colored facets of a rainbow. Polyculturing resilient outcomes for individuals, and neighborhoods fading without healthy mature WiseElder multicultural resonance, yin-Earthshade away without wealthy YangLeft-SunLight resonantly healing communities. Reducing climate fires and catastrophies asks more than communities with passively cooperative co-invested theo/ecoLogical Education for resonant secular/sacred politics advocating cooperatively-owned democratic economics, spiritually-naturally healthy dipolar cultures, CreationStories featuring nutritious food production and local organic consumption, energy democracy regeneration, absorbing more pro-life wealth resilience protection. We also need family and neighborhood-embedded mentors teaching-listening ego-health development through our movement and song, not mere words lacking experiential depth through humaneLeft-divineElderRight WiseElder wealth resilience. Resonant universal pro-life communities emerge RightBrain cooperative protection, nurturing vital multicultures felt as healthy polycultural learning environments. Resilient community histories seek resonant family futures active Left-Right balancing adults, WiseElder potentials for WinWin nurture, cooperatively secular/sacred nondually re-educating initiate listening with next deep learning generations eager to revitalize sacred, yet also deductively secular, polycultural nutrition practices. Healthy children still seek other PositivEnergy democratic mentors, friends, allies economically Left and aesthetically Right sociopolitically Left with Right, Left naturally embodied Right spiritually WiseElder PermaCultural mind consciousness. Resilient communities and cultures grow resonant individual mindbodies, bilaterally conscious co-investors, ZeroZone self-identified WinWin persons, whether individual or incorporated conglomerations, EgoCenters, WinWin EarthGaia Souls understory songs and dances revolving resonant WinWin SunGod Yang Revolutioning Spirits redeeming restoring reweaving therapeutic WinWin resonance. Resiliently self-organizing communities individuals families neighborhoods, compost WinWin organic subsystems capable of local cooperative responses to sometimes catastrophic Tipping Point changes, universal ego-in and eco-out systemic environments, notLose in and notLose out bilaterally cooperative commitments. With glinted eye toward 700 future regenerations, whether in urbane GoldenRule Hartford, or EarthTribe ZeroZones elsewhere.
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