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Long Log Poems

Long Log Poems. Below are the most popular long Log by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Log poems by poem length and keyword.







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Categories: log, anxiety, art, autumn,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Burning Logs
Each flame 
elegantly weaves in waves
flowing up from resources red cinder hot,
similar in warm color
temperature decrees
of beauty as integrity's truth
trust each surrounding flame.

Each flame 
unique in point of origin below
as ubiquitously flickering fading destinations above.


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Categories: log, caregiving, community, creation, health, integrity, love hurts,
Form: Prose Poetry
Zen Death Haiku II
Today, catching sight of the mallards
crying over Lake Iware:
Must I too vanish into the clouds?
—Prince Otsu translation by Michael R. Burch  

This world—
to what may we compare it?
To autumn fields
lying darkening at dusk
illuminated by...

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Categories: log, death, imagery, life, nature, symbolism, visionary, world,
Form: Haiku
At the footbridge Sue was meeting her beau
(He was married to a woman called Flo)
Sue soon found out his deception
She dismembered his erection
For his love life it was a massive blow

To the hospital fled poor...

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Categories: log, betrayal, body, humorous,
Form: Limerick
The Frog Prince - Part 1
A funny frog called Mr Snog,
once lived beside a slimy bog,
he was a most peculiar fellow,
his hat was red, his boots were yellow,
his waistcoat was an olive green,
the strangest sight you’ve ever seen,
no matter where...

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Categories: log, allegory, fairy, humorous, metaphor,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member The Legend of Justin Case - BOTH Audio and Text

Justin Case - the weirdest guy in the all of Buxton county - did a lot o’ crazy things that most would never try,
And even weirder - just before he’d do the things he did...

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Categories: log, hilarious,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member BY THE SEA
As she saw it.

The mountains and the meadows were always so beautiful this time of year.  It seemed as if a fresh new world always came to life. The high cliffs turned sharply downward....

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Categories: log, beautiful, body, desire, grandmother, imagination, me, mother,
Form: Verse
Premium Member A Weird Word is Wyrd:
The word Wyrd is Old English and means 'destiny'. From the same root comes Urd, one of the Norns, and the Germanic words Werth, Warth, and Wurth, which mean 'become'. The root word means 'to...

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© White Wolf  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mythology,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member -MaMa LINDA-
You know some verse and poems are Fiction this is a True story that happen to me today...
…Well, it’s 9:28 am…
On today August 16, 2019
I was on break twixt my job, of driving school children.

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Categories: adventure, analogy, friendship, humanity, spoken word, surreal,
Form: Narrative
Lincolns Lesson learned

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Categories: log, america, beautiful, blessing, community, integrity,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Canopy and Economy
Sun and traffic - day economy.
Six a.m. drive to plywood mill. Too tired
to be angry. Each day a step
toward death. What is being accomplished? The
small satisfactions
within each day. Book consciously read.
And frustrations. Package dropped, honey...

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Categories: log, baby, day, history, jobs, teacher, tree, wind,
Form: Verse

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Categories: log, world,
Form: Rhyme
Hello, Brain Fog
I’m afraid, but with hope in mind – 
Help me out of my cell if you can be so kind
My mind has been in a brain fog lately…
But my writing skills haven’t faded frankly…
Well, I...

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Categories: log, angst, anxiety, deep, depression, hope,
Form: Free verse

Just grab a seat on that stump lad, and I'll take centre stage, 
With a yarn about a small brown donk, and a lad about your age.
And thanks much for the offer, but I'll give...

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Categories: log, adventure,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Unquotable quotes: Paris the last week of the August reprieve - XXXV Part One
Unquotable quotes: Paris, the last week of the August reprieve – XXXV
 Part One                     ...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: log, august, autumn, farewell, september, society,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Dramatic dreams dare dingos
Malnourishment is the song from the pans whose empty hold could offer no more products to be boiled and whirled. They were quite sad having been bought then hung. Hung. Sparkly signalling stale sales. Stale...

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Categories: log, appreciation, art, bangla,
Form: I do not know?
Ford's Theater April 15th 1865
Ford's Theater, April 15th, 1865...
Petersen House, Washington, D.C.

I admit to own a passion
for the Civil War in general,
and the life and death of
the sixteenth president in particular
between a hard spot of whiskey
and draughts of arrack;

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Categories: log, absence, age, america, anniversary, april, bereavement, cry,
Form: Rhyme
The Miller's Daughter
A tale of greed, power, 
deception, discrimination and 

Miller, daughter, king—
All the actors are present
Except the small man. 

The king summons the miller 
for some reason. Summons a 
humble working man. 

Miller, shaken, scared,...

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Categories: log, fairy
Form: Haibun
Premium Member The Job - part 4
By 9:00PM I was ready to go.  Dark pants, shirt, shoes, and watch cap.  The classic night on the town combo setup for a not so hip killer.   But these days...

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Categories: log, death, life, drug,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Ode to a Tree - Synopsis - Epic

Espy, distinguish divinely made lively, lovely Trees
He or she, inhales carbon dioxide, then breathes
out for us humans, life given clean oxygen
Stout roots run deep, holding God's earth
Also, with you we were taught our first lesson



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Categories: log, adventure, beauty, earth, earth day, introspection, nature,
Form: Ode
The Belly of The Root
 I finished my work early  this morning 
and went outdoors to exercise 
I jogged around the circle for a while
and  observed  a few things happening outside
A pickup truck parked on the...

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Categories: log, america, autumn, betrayal, character, corruption, deep, men,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member On the Trail, Over Decades of Wilderness Ramblings II
Self Understanding (cont'd)

Thoughts ran out to other connected places…
Memories held firm, happy in this peaceful package
Scattered through Time in decade’s spread.

The tall, grassy hill over an Elk herd’s ground 
The holy lands of Molokai
The silent...

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Categories: log, adventure, celebration, life, memory, nature, peace, time,
Form: Free verse
read this if you care about the world
Read this if you care about the world ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Imprisonment is meant for the sadistic, inhumane acts of evil and destruction of man kind in itself. To be locked away with nothing but your thoughts your...

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Categories: log, absence, abuse, allusion, anger, anxiety, betrayal, fire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dare to be Alone and Together
Sitting atop a large flat stone in an open field
Brushing aside his long silver locks
Bringing to his lips a long clay pipe
Steadying for a light, his gnarled knuckles make this a fight
His sandals dusty, brow...

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Categories: log, hope, love, relationship, romance, soulmate, true love,
Form: Narrative
Goodbye, Brain Fog
I believe in You, despite the tough twists and turns…
But, this heart of mine – it burns…it churns…it learns…
To heal on its own through time, space and Your everything
Free verse helps me to let it...

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Categories: log, anger, angst, anxiety, deep, fear, hope, words,
Form: Free verse