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TRUMP SMELLS B.O. TRUMP SMELLS B.O. BUST UP THE BEAT TO INTRODUCE IT'S TEMPO GOT ME PLACES TO GO SILENCE IS GOLDEN GOT BLOOD THAT"S UNFOLDING SITS IN HIS IVORY TOWER ENGAGED IN THE WALL WHILE HE SITS IN HIS IVORY TOWER TRUMP SMELLS B.O. I know years to know used to being with your history eager long to achieve needs to take a nice hot shower going down to the wire..., got choices with the most chances highway glances glad he switch his Depends tyed beauty within, another one bites the dust with the whole world in a rush doing cart wheels out in the mood a sought of time to renew Trump Smells B.O. which way should we go ? some are in a trance a given chance at any romance Pac sought love through concrete on again out again cry for relief Can We Talk ? hit a sister mister said to high HITLER, SONG REMAINS THE SAME SOUGHT EVEN SHADE LOVE FAXED IN WHERE IT IS WE DEPEND YOU GOT TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE iNSTEAD YOU HIDE LIKE ROSANNE BARR NEEDS TO STOP BY INSTEAD OF GETTING HIGH VAPE with heightened fresh tender moments like these drift away to the sea... suffering long in an empty room my pain drifts in illusive rights become pure day by day we hear the sound of a lonely owl out in desperation my stomach leaks cheer up good cousin as the thoughts simmer again back from beyond cracking, this is enough of a good spot gross way back sat the owl in fact through radio Trump Smells B.O. button down the captors embrace the hellos Trump Smells B.O. I'm bust out the beat to increase the tempo..., Silently in the dreams eating delicious ice cream, I maybe a man of all mans, P.U. in the port of storm we call commercial radiating plugged in seperation, fine darling pillars the growth of here after old man sit by the log cabin at night he would take a pee outside his window taking heed to nature's dream the owl would suddenly draw empty nothing but framed silence in togetherness our cameras freshly made eating potato dumplings... I aim human fresh under my wings, look to the sun to help you get by... Trump's Comb Over Written by: Mario Vitale well it's a one for the money two for the show the answer my friend is blowing in the wind so is Trump's comb over who tucks Mr. president into bed do the not realize he has a big head who takes care of his hair caged fury in such a hurry the magic is in the pudding does he know what hell he his doing he jumps through loop holes looking through peep holes TMZ catches his rug by disguise one word to the wise get a transplant my friend we can see your head with the magical wave oh act your age Mr. Trump what hump you have taken us by surprise doesn't anybody realize What Hump Trump Written by: Mario Vitale you sit in your ivory tower why should I even bother your the man who said your fire had a book art of the deal your spinning wheel is getting to fast lay up on the gas many in North Korea will be wearing a face mask what hump Trump knocking at your door are you in the theatre of the insane lest I refrain another opened door check this as a young child you were already loaded your inner soul imploded through the duration of time you learned how to rhyme kind of a Robin Hood but you wouldn't share with the poor you got hooked on Twitter & your hommie's none better but always a gentleman never given the middle finger still many of us hate your guts still got lots to prove others refrain just not in a good mood you may have to do a make over with your hair as in a comb over yet you try to stand tall while working on this great wall we maybe in store of a shot gun wedding what are you kidding what hump Trump maybe coming to a theatre near you has he bitten off far more then he could chew Ivanka still has a voice with a choice try to pull things together if you try we we're out busy living the lie the lie that says I am what I do still got to mend your ways instead of getting lost in some purple haze you & Pence look like the Blues Brother Reunion are you sure you know what the hell your doing ? perhaps you got junk in your trunk what hump Trump ? A Letter To Trump you don't know me & that's good is your choice of water Fiji now going to speak to you man to man Mr. Trump do you really understand when you took the oath of all that was planned did you ever think about me a lone poet man of society as you sit there in your in ivory tower filled with power did it ever cross your mind that not everybody is doing fine sure there's no gas shortages anymore and no Studio 54 yet what my inner heart beats for is a common courtesy call remember when you were young playing with the bat and ball some folks claim that your just a know it all but here am i sir giving you the benefit of the doubt while some people just and pout sure you like Twitter and some of MTV but one one heart felt plea is that we all live out our days in sweet harmony while your working on that wall did you forget to give Pink Floyd a call I no save your money for your momma and try to forget about Obama but what are you promising us is it in God we trust crushed beneath the seams do you just seek out evil means that's the beauty of this country we can both agree to disagree where does the working man now stand how shall we salute the flag all mad building bridges make sense of all of this as if life is one big test So Mr. Trump what you have up your sleeve are you going to help people in great need The world is watching and i'm not lying yet may have fish for frying so without further a dew some days you must not a single clue maybe going through the motions trying to figure out next of what to do can we meet together on some significant level these are questions i often ponder perhaps its some heavenly call from up yonder but we as Americans need to know the full story not taking any more pot shot from TMZ try if you will to get that big kid out of North Korea perhaps we should look to our past to tell us of our future now you hold the keys to my future so both polite and kind for i'm just one lone beggar trying to tell another where to get some bread tonight before you lay your Trump head down let's learn from Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along"? take it from me its best to stay with the devil you know then to go with the devil you don't. perhaps you can't even cope when your having a fight with that soap on the rope. lastly from me to you what's knew ? 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