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Burning Logs
Each flame elegantly weaves in waves flowing up from resources red cinder hot, similar in warm color temperature decrees of beauty as integrity's truth trust each surrounding flame. Each flame unique in point of origin below as ubiquitously flickering fading destinations above. Yet each flame the same as kindred spirits rising from sources restoring therapeutic difference to end in destinations warmed transparent blend, aptic atmospheres of unbound climate happy. Each flame becoming invisibly precise heated space through times of deeper alpha emergence as wider and higher omega polyculturing destinations, survival cultures restoring health. To me, this fire began kindled two days ago. I repeat refueling logs and words and adjusting drafts, healthy feeding sweeping up air; MotherEarth Sacred Atmosphere. Yet, to this log these flames began an hour ago and will end too soon with hot coals then grey-aptic ashes; Flickering flame adornment only briefly purifying life's fired moments empty as gone, cold as identity lost. And, within each fire restoring peace-building life, each flame retains its cooperative vocation, to emerge from what and where it did not plant becoming purified by moist air, breath from which we came, aware, somehow, of flowing weaving flaring and ebbing siblings, peers co-inhabitors of thermodynamic Customs and Values and Health-Wealth Laws briefly competing for dwindling Earth remnants within this corrupting sacred log, yet compassionate in our beauty to pass warmly along toward future regenerations born near future burning EarthBound logs. Each flame of life healthy feeds and sweeps in and out, up and down climates flowing through cooperative interdependent thermodynamics of Place in FireBoxed Fractal RealTime. Flames settling down and in through ReStoring Therapeutic EcoJustice, Cooperative Gifting Economics of Mutual Flame Health, as also Gratitude and Kindness between fully-invested Bodhisattva FlameWarriors emerging up for Sacred EarthWorship. WorshipRevolutions erupting from which we came, molten mass shot out with a positive-regenerative stretching out ShoutOut Sacred BrightSun Liturgy of Light. Each flame a prayer promise we might live to bilaterally re-see jaded (0)Sum economic and political Lose-Lose AntiHealth Assumptions, correlate appositional-dipolar double-bound with RightBrain (0)Soul SacredTao of EcoLogical SpaceTime, delineating Octaves of Matriotic RestorePeace Circles merged FatherSun warm rebirthing First Earth FallenGarden Extinctions. A Universal BlackHole of EcoSystemic Flame Principles of DoubleBinding Yin with Yang Yang InFormation = BiLateral CoArising ExFlowating Zero-Soul Group Theory LeftBrain Yang Elegant Beauty-Optimized HealthWealth through YinYin = YinSquared YinSquared bilateral flames equal Yang with Yin spiral optimizing both YangExterior + YinInterior equally bicameral. Otherwise, we should expect continuing LeftBrain dominant anti-inclusive plutocracy, Patriarchal MonoTheistic Yangers against Matriotic PolyTheists notnot YangFlame Resilient co-arising Bodhisattva WinWinners. Flames of revolution leading to further bicameral oppositional bipolar issues inviting nondual appositional dipolar Zeroistic more cooperative synergetically multiculturing resolutions PostMillennial (0)-Fractal Octavists Fullerian YangExterior with YinBilateral Interiors cooperatively matriotic rebirthing wombs of 4D RealTime Spiral-CoArising CoArising eco-political cooperative EcoSystemic DeductiveLeft = SacredEcological InductiveRight InductiveRight Positive-ReGenerative Health is also notnot-squared double-binding DNA-RNA ReGenerative ReStorative CoRedemptive Sacred Values. Sacred Values useful for surviving at least one past Fallen DNA-RNA Garden Extinction, caused, at least in part, through LeftBrain Yang dominant refusal to retain equilibrium as YangDNA = WinWin RNA-Fractal SweetSpot (0)Soul ThermoDynamic EcoPolitical Resonant Resilient Restorative Solidarity. Solidarity going back through Earth's generations when we had only yet become a burning planet potential, and each eternal flame a WindBeacon of Father Sun's Transcendent Sacred matriotic-patriotic nurture-nature sacred inductive--secularly reductive deductive Light. Light emerging as functions of cooperative interdependent atoms flowing in health-restoring ergodic flows of ecojustice and polyculturing global peace-inducing climates, restorative ecotherapeutic landscapes, SunRises and respect for Sacred FullMoon Falls. Falling EgoFlames of humane-divine intent, emerged from scorching Earth to return back to over-heating degenerations emerging revolutionary, Revolutionary also not really at all not evolutionary healthing re-creation, a slow-stretching Kick in the HealthingEarth Climates for re-balancing DNA-RNA Solidarity. EcoPolitical Solidarity to ecologically pass God's EarthIncubation ReStoration Test of Positive Faith in nondual co-arising matriotic-patriotic, as Yin with Yang Wisdom Literature is also Healthy LeftBrain therapeutic deductive-inductive Belief Knowledge InFormation + BiLateral ExFormation (0)Sum (0)Sum EgoYang Economics is also EcoYinYin YinYin is also WinWin Sacred EcoLogical Burning EarthCentering Wisdom Resources for ReStoring Earth's PostExtinction DNAYang-RNAYin Solidarity Nature-Spirit Solidarity that YangLight equals dualdark YinSquared co-arising nondual bilateral-polynomial balance. Balance also PolyPhonic Octave-Harmonic 4-PrimeRelational (0)Soul co-arising CoArising restorative co-gravitation Original Intent Win-Win Win-Win rather than dualistic competitions between EgoEmergentLeft and SacredEcoLogical Health-Wealth Right Right when also notnot Lose to Lose MonoCulturing (0)Sum Wrong. Wrong Irrational ReIteratively Dissonant cognitions, consciousness of LoseLose MADness as also WinWin CounterHealth Intuitive RightBrain with LeftBrain EcoYin-EgoYang BiLateral PolyPathic EcoPolitical CoBalancing Balancing Burn ThermoDynamics
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