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You know some verse and poems are Fiction this is a True story that happen to me today... ______________________________________________________________ …Well, it’s 9:28 am… On today August 16, 2019 I was on break twixt my job, of driving school children. Was kind of hungry, so I pulled up to a “McDonald's™ ” To have an early breakfast Walk-up to the counter, the cashier asked me do you want-to “Eat In, eat it here” I said no thank you; I said No I waited for my breakfast, while waiting I saw appeared to be a grandma (maybe she could have been younger than that ) She was kind of dress up like Sunday morning, a pretty little church outfit, so lovely… Has a beautiful shiny black knee high boots (How cute) Bedazzled, blue, purple, red, yellows everywhere My, my, my WOW! What fashion She wore a black flowing ankle length shirk or dress and a big brim beautiful tan/beige hat Yes, WoW! I thought she looked FABULOUS!!!While still waiting for my order our spirits and eyes latched, something about her was so pleasant warm and sweet. I thought as she smiled at me if the world would be like this Satan wound have less or no friendenemies more true love of humanity. Ah, yes and I’m still waiting, mind you my breakfast was to go, yet I sat down across to roll as she smiled her said “hello” We began to talk about life and the Lord… Yeah! We did… The more we talked, more we exchanged words. It was like a breath of fresh air. We talked not like stranger, but liken sister to sister, brother to brother, mother like to daughter… Twas! Ever so beautiful… different ages (MAYBE), different gender and race we were two… Yet the love of Christ and life and man shown through I believe she was a gift from God, heaven sent. All this took place in a span of just a few minutes, the cashier brought my meal to the table me and this nice elderly lady still conversing… Surreal. Picturess this must how it was, so warm and peace full this how Eden was before our father’s Adam’s sin… We talked bout Life, God, worship mankind, children. She told me her first name “Linda” I should always remember; After our pleasant 30 second talk beautiful as it may have been I refused to get up and walk way. Ever pleasant this conversation maybe, quite lovely. Beautiful all things are when you’re talkin bout the Lord and God. She said with dignity and pride her son was a Missionary in Guatemala, living there permanently with his children and wife. Now God sometimes brings people into your life with a form, a purpose. Some for a second Some for minutes, hours or a life time… ”an OH! LORD moment, thanks be to GOD” See, we none of us live on this world by ourselves Most times other humans are God’s hands and feet; We should ALWAYS come together hand N hand and greet (meet) For when it’s all said and done and it’s all over and the spirit and soul leaves this old body Nowhere, nothing else matter all we have left based on our choices is eternal life with God and Christ, or eternally damation in hell, well… Let’s embrace in righteousness, somehow the more we talked, yeah more not less. I was blessed. With each and every word, every sentence was positive, like talkin with your Great Aunty. (Maybe?) Also in our conversation I did mention that I was a school van driver and I was on my break… I drank one whole cup of “HOT” coffee yes we were still talking. Before I got of and exit, upon my leaving I once again got her name she repeated “LINDA” (Foolishly though what a knuckle-head, didn’t get her last name) So excited, so delighted I’d just call her MaMa Linda (have no idea how close in age we are, Ha ha!) All I know she’s bright as a “STAR” I asked in parting do you read have a computer, ah! She said NO, I said maybe you could go to a library, you see I write part time poetry, she says “You do” yelp since 1963 until yesterday… we laughed. I write inspiration poetry and fun stuff too with a group on a web site called “Poetry Soup”. I gave her a card which showed her how to log on. Before she took it she asked do you have hard copies to give out of your works. I said Ah! No… she replies “Well you know what maybe should, cause good positive words to touch read and handle could reach someone’s mind, spirit heart… help someone from being down or from committing suicide… could be the enabler with just a piece of paper with encouraging words to be read, this must be, maybe is your ministry.. Like a track something like that… I said you never know… that too would also be good. This yes all this says the old time Baptist Lady she called herself… whom reign from the south long ago. We departed blessed and encouraged said she’d look up my poems. Wonderful, my talk. Beautiful it was (Should have stayed longer, my bad!!) Ah! Yes wonderful conversing Wit MaMa Linda Wish all strangers Loved ones Enemies And all races Could be Like me and MaMa Linda Did I say, she frequents West Dodge Street- McDonald's™ a lot Maybe in the near future we can continue our “blessed” talks Selah ~ POETRY SOUP POEM OF THE DAY ~
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