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Long For kids Poems

Long For kids Poems. Below are the most popular long For kids by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long For kids poems by poem length and keyword.

More Pickles Than One
For ten months now I’ve brooded over coming second place
in the pickle section deeming, it no less than a disgrace.
It was written plain and simple, so there can be no excuse,
that the pickles in this...

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Categories: for kids, humor,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Beary Tales Episodes 15-24, More Poet's Notes
Note to Readers of Previous Versions:
There are so many new vignettes scattered throughout the poem that I hope you will reread the whole thing! There are many new GEMS, improvements to previous verses and improved...

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Categories: for kids, adventure, beauty, friendship, innocence, love, mentor,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member 'White Privilege' Does Exist

Abandoned as a child believed to be no more than five, the matron of the orphans home, was...other than my mom...
The first to have to face the task of tending to my welfare, and started...

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Categories: for kids, discrimination, racism,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Mr James
His wise council and kind patience bolstered my resolve
to overcome my youthful woes and nightmarish troubles solve.
His humanity may have saved my life. His memory I hold dear.
But whenever the name Mister James arose—
Other kids...

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Categories: for kids, education, encouraging, feelings,
Form: Prose
Premium Member SANTA the GRINCH and the FBI
T'was the night before Christmas and it was heavily snowing
The windows in the house rattled with the wind that was blowing
Santa looked out through the window and it filled him with dread
He was in two...

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Categories: for kids, america, christmas, snow, weather, wind,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Far Too Young for Woke
I’m proud to contradict you, sir...your p***s makes you male...and males who claim they’re female are too often merely fools
That feign their - swap in gender - to compete in women’s sports...their goals:  to...

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Categories: for kids, children, confusion,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tragic, When Innocence Was Lost And Love Fled
Tragic, When Innocence Was Lost And Love Fled
(Youth, Dreams And Reality Series) poem number 1)

Like lake June swans once so were she and I
Passionate romance money cannot buy
Coupled and in heart's fervor we stood

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Categories: for kids, art, creation, deep, symbolism, truth, wisdom, writing,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Free Fruits

Green light means go ahead
Make your choice
Here’s a list of the Green light or free, fruits go, go, go and eat them up

Apples, dried: Dried apples make a great snack food and are easy to...

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Categories: for kids, fruit,
Form: List
A Town He Once Called Home
Like a beacon on a hill
The white church steeple gleaming still
For all the many years gone past
It marks the path for home at last

Up and down each tree-lined street
Where childhood friends and neighbors meet
In history...

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Categories: for kids, childhood, home, nostalgia, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Searching For Rella
It was just another Saturday night,
wasn't with nobody
My pockets were full
and my heart was on call
I was dressed to the nines,
and my hair was laid just fine
when I stepped into the 
Coats-For-Kids charity ball
I made...

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Categories: for kids, lost love, love, romance,
Form: Narrative
My Little Loyal Hands
Relationships are neither simple nor perfect 
Ever-evolving responsibilities and a unique bond
A delicate poise connects love and emotions
Are invariably thick by any yardstick and gives a free hand
Suffer hardships as well as times of joy...

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Categories: for kids, allah, blessing, emotions, feelings, loneliness, relationship, together,
Form: Prose Poetry
Gods Fire
God’s Fire!

Most accidents are avoidable, 
I’m sure you would all agree, 
In modern society, high-tech, 
Where things are more robust.
All my relatives believed in, 
God, Jesus and the holy trinity, 
But since there is...

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Categories: for kids, betrayal, fire, grandmother, grandparents, jesus, religion, truth,
Form: Blank verse
A Funny Skunk Poem for Kids
      Scotty the Skunk was sitting in class,
when his English teacher gave her students,
a poetry task. 
      Write a poem for me, on the subject

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Categories: for kids, animal, humorous, kid, , 5th grade,
Form: Rhyme
The Deal

That Bay was just misery, just when I thought he was ready to gentle down, 
He’d cut loose shinning and shying from anything that he had a chance to fear, and he’d get to bucking...

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Categories: for kids, humor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fair Ground and Stadium

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Categories: for kids, childhood, fun, memory, sound,
Form: Rhyme
To my universal moms
To vt
Gorgeously graceful the group of three
Great gals emit grin with glee
Exuberant energy encompasses
All the excitement and surpasses
Ethnicity finds its abode
In form of their drapes adored
South Indian bevy with bewitching smile
Thus goes an extra mile

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Categories: for kids, angel, appreciation, art,
Form: Couplet
Minnesota OG

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Categories: for kids, city, culture, hip hop, mentor, murder, violence,
Form: Lyric
My Birthday Wish
I sit on the floor and wait from dusk to dawn, for a new day will soon be reborn. I count all 
the blooming flowers, and count down the long hours, while mum takes her...

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Categories: for kids, black african american, childhood, family, food, children,
Form: Narrative
Marvelous mitzvah munchkin minted
Marvelous mitzvah "munchkin" minted

Thy eldest daughter Eden Liat
treasured more'n a pearl
(otherwise known as Rapunzel)...
donated cut hair to charity - you go girl,
ha, whereat your fine brunette locks of love

will be repurposed into wigs for kids,

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Categories: for kids, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Entertainment in My Youth
Entertainment in My Youth
By Franklin Price
revised and reformatted  to poetic prose
(an experiment for me)

Entertainment came quite easy, I could do it for myself. The public library had lots of books, they stored them on...

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Categories: for kids, life, youth,
Form: Prose Poetry
Mariah was quite the painter,
oil her favorite medium,
she didn’t do postmodern crap,
old masters showed how it was done.
She made her fame doing portraits,
liked to stream, and paint them online,
soon had half a million watchers
who all...

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Categories: for kids, abortion, child, evil, humanity, lost, tribute, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Loneiness in my life
Before my mom left.I told myself.
I would never love again.I will
only love myself and fight for myself.
I felt like I didn't exist.
People was scared of me..They called
me a freak.
Tears down my eyes everyday.
My head down.Anger...

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Categories: for kids, depression, faith, life, mom, words, god, me,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Missing Dennis

Back then, life for kids was harder than it should have been.
They say that kids had rights too, but I don’t remember when.

Back then, if there were child labor laws, they never told us.
If labor...

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Categories: for kids, america, baseball, basketball, child, childhood, children, friendship,
Form: Couplet
Evergreen Community
Evergreen Community

Here is a tale to astound and to stretch any viewer’s fantasy and imagination…
Proudly presented  by the creative people behind The Twilight Zone productions..

A loving family of a couple and their 2 daughters...

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Categories: for kids, betrayal, evil, heartbreak, imagination, nonsense, scary, visionary,
Form: Narrative
Getting Up
To many of us, well, for sure, for me...
Getting up in the morning
is a most unpleasant daily chore,
You didn't sleep well, if at all...
with worries through the night...
Or, if you're a PoetrySoup addict,
you're like a...

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© tom bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: for kids, angst, depression, life, nostalgia, sleep, drug,
Form: Free verse