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Letters for People part 4

Dear people, (Am i?) Mad it’s a conformist state? A status that perpetuates people to pair, to compare, to prepare, to perfect, before performance, …? -sure hard to try to tardily preface, to save it, to make fake the face, -but it’s too late to retake it as, IS, as soon as it’s made it-is taken... ...In; adjust said stakes to win. Slowly rotate within, internal. The journal. Eternally baked within; what it creates is respect for mistakes, correctly correct on retake in the future it’ll dictate correct placements. Custom comforts kept set equally adjacent to the wait for some secret weight- laid out in a case made out of the time spent waitin’ (for it; in) a room to stay waiting for that much-too-close of-a shave situation, it’s hard to convey or say aloud in some suave way formulate in a classy type of statement... Try: “be patient?” Feeling complacent? Okay then! Take what’s behind the light lines on your faces, Hide the truth behind them,(in the mind) and over time, replace it with blatant attempts at damn near perfect disguises, Let’s hope the whole world realizes; It’s a whole system devised on the assumption it runs something as like on it’s display it describes: it’s...long as is wide as it’s complexly divided... way’s to comply, with...’This’ powerful illusion of inclusion, ...abide by who what, when, where, why. Confusion, Conclusions on either side of these salvageable junctions, Instinct to gather, similar interests, link various valuable functions... (there’s) an old order or something(s). An odd odor to get older to kids it’s the goal in it’s the soul to oneself’s solid gold to go bold so all know this, is what gods had told us, is; all good looks is...(the gumption) To Listen... ...and ignore all main systems. To Lie, inside. Malleable. Remain vaguely valuable, meanwhile it’s PRODUCTION. . -while it’s invariably vague with in it’s instruction. Sleeps deep down in it’s destruction, Secret section slide seeps inside it’s Seduction, with such suction, could suck a living soul Alive. The giving skull survives. “Soul dive into the (w)hole in the sky to fly” (when sly words are wise) All wise words seductively heard. surprise! First Fill The ears full from drips off of weird tearful words. Weirdly served so... Herd the reluctant minds fill full of fear. Reluctant to be heard. Reluctantly they hear though. Even those Reluctant to be here know; nothing Feels worse than the curse of what’s real(Growth) (Still alive?) still Thirsty? (Breathe in) hear: “this here feel is for real, the real deal bro!” Like to take from that take it’s like; “Yo! I will still feel how I feel though!! Steal the wheel when you feel ready to wheel and deal with a mean style, meanwhile, a smoky steam blows a steely cold-blind wind behind it wInds, around inside the eyes revealing a reel of all the concealed uncertain demises. For real, the realist minds still reel from Reelin’ in this steal of a deal. For too feel For a fill full of feed for a full need in a free healing for the immediate need for a really hearty yet free meal for real dough. Big sigh...*big sigh*...To Compromise is wise. Free WIll is invisibly ill so please be advised... Break the seal of the sole to temporarily feel revived. Break the soul From contemporary narrow-social-constructions with-in there inner most constructs, stuck in a cycle of constant interruption that’s internally conducted, (lies for induction). Enter internal lust for love, comprehensive thrust for eternal trust together to some measure locked in an inferential Fabric that cannot rupture, slap that wet rag on the lap of luxury, laps that’ll tap in -to the struggle, map info o’ the Masses contract pacts deposit gasses that interact with this natural static that’s set up automatic to individually attack individuals from data that they’ve stacked up. Problematic, tardily to back up mouths full of cash dust with weak words which, where? [wear...] Rust,... But deep from beneath there musk is a trust in systematic belief that if it’s slapped trapped or wrapped be it any piece of crap intelligence that could tap us resonate in such light worthy to put that ass up to the glass cuz to soon will be a classic to politicize the tragic radish bad matter scatter in random patterns that merge like magic into social traffic that assists, the masses to take what came first, pawn there own asses into corporate classes to teach each type class stereotype how to live life mostly sighting the wrong right, mostly just to keep most sitting upon their asses. Citing only the fine sights... Get the masses gasping for air, seize, ensnare, its there is responding too quickly to a rhetorical question a quizzical air for a head of hair bonding with a Smith & Wesson type 1000 mile stare so we pay their fair to take there stairs to see there shares of beloved Coventry well strapped with maps meant to trap the public like rats in discovery, mysteriously mask us, continually taskus to pass gas till the last but its the past that’s what is fast behind flash! beyond recovery, typical to twist the will up with guilt if it dont get built-in-structural focus on production-type infrastructure. What will?is what’s been. Correlate each pre prorated fate to calculate add the feature Price for creature comforts, in a future in a home that’s nice. Curbs eat dreams. everyone seems, well seen in weakness in-scene expands the domain where one is safer. So many waiters which wafers date out plate what was brought out to now still deal with it later. The labors all scrubs and Dum bums. Unnaturally\ Nurture the force of nature. Now Naturally nurture The monster: (that is) modern human consumption, Nice and Sore for the coronation. Sure...triple wrap that sack of plastic to stash it wrap once more in plastic to gift back to someone who has it. Laugh awkwardly blushing, take as is... Assumptions for the poor, more’s Lost in discussion. ... from all of the shushing, A valuable deduction; a challenging coarse, but of course...aboard this boat, -We’ve all become accustomed to contemporary corruption. -I’m sorry people for that brief interruption.

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