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Some Pro's and Con's of Being Connected To Virtual Reality

Some pro's and con's of being connected to virtual reality Dune not be bashful, grumpy, leery or any other contemporary dwarf man regarding countless less well known dwarves (that never got a chance to play a bit part) such as wham bam thank you ma'am linkedin with emergence of Internet and poetry slam opportunities availed by Nast tee Uncle Sam, which characters (albeit fiction), nevertheless, helped spawn a quiet yet free global, radically riotous, totally tubular snow white transformation affecting a societal and human specie but also augmented, credited, engineered, et cetera contributing to paradigm seismic shift that garnered tree mend us plentifully birthed schema, impacted and transformed how wii (more particularly many gifted minds) bridged geographical distance (encompassing all four corners of the Earth) to enhance what came to be called the world wide web, courtesy Sir Tim Berners-Lee hewing digital strong armed lance information super high, "Cyber Revolution," etc allowing one to prance and essentially transcend reality to brook cyber sea ghosting, fostering, embezzling crook commanding, commingling, communicating, hook line and sinker, et cetera courtesy nerdy kook with an excellent access and outlook reaching the most distant cranny and nook. This (bit a bing chitty chitty bang bang) democratization of information, manifestation toward exponentially faster processing capacities (latest technological trend heralds Quantum computing – promising to transform the world into twenty first century space race) more powerful than pen or sword (based on principles of Moore’s Law), reward witnessing atheists to thank good lord electronically solidifying binary unification swiftly tail lord engendering greater dependence and reliance figuratively shrinking the drinking gourd allowing far flung aliens, family, friends, et cetera to ford great distances via sophisticated electronics courtesy of super smart motherboard enabling ever more complex futuristic electronic contrivances, the generic *****Sapien gibbon could afford. Analogous to Medieval Age this quiet pussy riot creation (ushering on thee global stage equally as controversial when la cage aux folles aired) vis a vis Internet did un cage actual overcoming physical barriers ushered Hallmark gauge marked by Computer/Digital Age odyssey), especially sharing pixelated page at light speed, where the ordinary individual could keep in contact ) albeit with every now and again a bit torrent rage and in some instances tapping smarts of a preschooler considered a sage, which kindergarten lad/lass commandeered a handsome wage whereat the parental figure did gently cajole, wheedle or beg their wealthy progeny promising son/ daughter of a healthy nest egg framing almighty dollar as theatrical masterpiece jpeg storing money in Swiss bank accounts or hollow leg perhaps christened Meg or if an avid weekly reader of Moby Dick's Queequeg, who felt incorporeal storied power of Herman Melville as zen unseen aid instructing hypothetical rich kid to drop out of school before his/her first grade cuz of all the money he/she made, which affected modus operandi rendered obsolete child worker laws and no sweat of brow getting paid people used bitcoin (protocol which implements a highly available, public, and decentralized ledger) additionally making purchases with scant keystrokes to complete a trade. As with any major dramatically novel scheme light bulb idea scribbled on napkin or other scrap of paper via modeling brainstorm viz cutting up cheese or spraying whipped cream originating as a flash in the pan aha eureka moment, or dream as rough blueprint subsequently underwent beta testing, before declaring pc innovation supreme, whereby outstanding persons in the tech industry clamored to join Kidde team. Whether seventh day add vent hissed or other religious creed powerful binary processing rooted and impacted particularly after tooth house sand years after common era (re: anno domini) earth shaking incarnation indeed and ramifications in all walks and talks of life sought expert need. Coven chanting children murmured Luddites be damned! Thus spake Zarathustra (cue the opening scene from Planet of the Apes) upon witnessing as if king or queen (in reality father or mother) didst get immediately dethroned thus, increasing mean average positive netzero effects on society, especially lean microchip i.e. integrated circuitry miniaturization "green" technology (and eventual attendant affordable price), viz said trappings upon global market invited absolute zero dust, a must clean as a whistle work space, and manufacturers laboratory be microbe free hermetically sealed vacuumed "clean.” Countless portable computers unbeknownst soon invited florid colorful expletives upon heads that did wantonly hack impromptu malfeasance called cyber crime, especially as majority proportion of population didst purchase these dime a dozen, countless electronically sophisticated contrivances every Tom, Dick and Harry snapped up these smart machines excitedly keyed away ofttimes indifferent to gunk on unwashed hands plus bits of food particles eventually caking hardware with grime subsequently necessitating technician charging gobs of moolah sans to unstitch in time. Gooey glop getting suctioned out vaunted vips venting vitriolic vocalizations emphasized obvious NO FOOD OR DRINK rule to abide cuz suctioning tower computer or laptop presented vulnerability plus unforeseen downfall against fried food and greasy hands ended up hide ding hardest to reach locale on circuit board no matter how expert technician pried “end user” yelling out gratitude to geek squad member helping before he/she went side dulling out front door eagerly awaiting remotely controlled self driving vehicle transporting self taught techie guru home to an obscure gated destination, an uninterrupted distant, yet pleasant ride eventually amateurs encouraged to tinker like an apprenticed tailor akin as raw troubleshooting recruit oft playfully feigned to be soldier spy pretending to repair bowel of computer when in truth visiting supposed outer limits of functionality legality, and radicality shadowing dark side which lined illegal benefits of labor saving devices. The sound of silence written on the subway walls though heretics opposing latest technology and felt sinister chill (just ask Punxsutawney Phil), the Internet ranks as greatest dog sent rill lee where wiz kids ranked chatting killer apps with grateful dead information superhighway as heavenly manna with artificial intelligence street cred since introduction of white bread and powdered milk biscuits baked by Ahmed.

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