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age allah
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america analogy
angel anger
angst animal
anniversary anti bullying
anxiety appreciation
april arabic
art assonance
aubade august
autumn baby
bangla baptism
baseball basketball
beach beautiful
beauty bereavement
best friend betrayal
bible bio
bird birth
birthday black african american
blessing blue
boat body
books boxing day
boy boyfriend
break up bridal shower
brother bullying
business butterfly
cancer candy
car care
career caregiving
cat celebration
celebrity change
chanukah character
cheer up chicago
child child abuse
childhood children
chocolate christian
christmas cinco de mayo
cinderella city
class clothes
color columbus day
community computer
confidence conflict
confusion cool
corruption courage
cousin cowboy
crazy creation
crush cry
culture cute love
dad daffodils
dance dark
daughter day
death death of a friend
december dedication
deep depression
desire destiny
devotion discrimination
divorce dog
dream drink
drug earth
earth day easter
education emo
emotions encouraging
endurance engagement
england environment
epic eulogy
eve evil
fairy faith
family fantasy
farewell farm
fashion fate
father father daughter
father son fathers day
fear february
feelings film
fire firework
first love fish
fishing flower
flying food
football for children
for her for him
for kids forgiveness
freedom french
friend friendship
fruit fun
funeral funny
funny love future
games garden
gender giggle
girl girlfriend
giving god
golf good friday
good morning good night
goodbye gospel
gothic graduate
graduation grandchild
granddaughter grandfather
grandmother grandparents
grandson grave
green grief
growing up growth
guitar hair
halloween happiness
happy happy birthday
hate health
heart heartbreak
heartbroken heaven
hello hero
high school hilarious
hindi hip hop
history hockey
holiday holocaust
home homework
hope horror
horse house
how i feel howl
humanity humor
humorous hurt
husband hyperbole
i am i love you
i miss you identity
image imagery
imagination immigration
independence day innocence
insect inspiration
inspirational integrity
international internet
introspection ireland
irony islamic
january jealousy
jesus jewish
jobs journey
joy judgement
july june
kid kindergarten
kiss language
leadership leaving
life light
little sister london
loneliness lonely
longing loss
lost lost love
love love hurts
lust lyric
magic malayalam
marathi march
marriage math
may me
meaningful memorial day
memory men
mental illness mentor
metaphor metrical tale
middle school military
miracle mirror
miss you missing
missing you mom
money moon
morning mother
mother daughter mother son
mothers day motivation
mountains moving on
mum murder
muse music
my child my children
mystery myth
mythology name
native american natural disasters
nature new year
new years day new york
nice niece
night nonsense
nostalgia november
nursery rhyme obituary
ocean october
old onomatopoeia
pain paradise
parents paris
parody pashto
passion patriotic
peace people
perspective pets
philosophy places
planet poems
poetess poetry
poets political
pollution poverty
power prayer
prejudice preschool
presidents day pride
princess prison
proposal psychological
purple quinceanera
race racism
rain rainbow
rainforest rap
raven recovery from
red relationship
religion religious
remember remembrance day
repetition retirement
riddle rights
river romance
romantic rose
roses are red rude
sad sad love
satire scary
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science fiction sea
seasons self
senses sensual
september sexy
sick silence
silly silver
simile simple
sin sister
sky slam
slavery sleep
smart smile
snow soccer
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softball soldier
solitude sometimes
son song
sorrow sorry
soulmate sound
space spanish
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success suicide
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sunset sunshine
surreal sweet
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teachers day technology
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thank you thanks
thanksgiving thanksgiving day
tiger time
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tribute true love
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valentines day vanity
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Long Poems
Long poem by James Inman | Details

That Long Evening

When you came to me...

Not that you wanted me.  Oh, no!  It was I who wanted you,
Your comfort... your caring... your
... compassion, your compassion...
Your body, beautiful and young, perhaps that as well at some different time, some different circumstance.
The beauty of your mind, yes, your essence... yes, that which makes you.
I wanted YOU... needed you.

...you smiled... the light, the beacon that saved my sanity from the storm tossed sea of my existence.
I smiled my feeble simper in return.
You said you looked for me and slipped onto the silvery, wooden bench beside me.
I had run away unable to face you.
I knew what the night would deliver... Goodbye.  We would yet share our days but no longer our substance... your pain... my insecurities...

Oh, how you opened to me when we were new, like a bird freshly freed from its cage, stretching its stiffened, unused wings, your thoughts... hesitant but fluid.
You told me of your helplessness... of the night of fear and anger, the giving and loving in your heart stripped from you... taken by the one closest to you, so... violent, so... abasing.

How could anyone ever love you again, you asked...
I felt your pain.
I could not, but I wished to share it with you... to take it from you... to leave you whole, to help you... forget.
You used it.  In your beautiful way... you wanted it... to create comfort where there was hurt... warmth where there was fear
... compassion.

...How could you not be loved!

...our talks and feelings... and you... never more to be a meaningful measure of my life.  Then there was me.  My destruction was my own.  Concern on your face told me of the helplessness you felt as I confessed my demons.  You had no answers.  I wanted none... only comfort, your comfort.
I opened my soul to you... said things... private things... things that should never have left my lips... things I had never, could never share with anyone.
You listened...
I told of destroying those closest to me...
You listened...
I told of my feelings for you...
You listened...

Then things changed.  I approached you one warm, bright morning and you looked at me.  The deep, bright orbs of cerulean that are your eyes twinkled then squinched gently as the edges of your supple... soft... inviting lips mingled with your blossoming cheeks.  As always, the warmth of your alluring smile enveloped me.
You whispered in your gentle voice, “I missed you.”
Such beautiful words that I had so longed to hear.  I returned your words, “I missed you.”
-But you need not miss me.... I am here.-  You looked at me in deep reverie. You said nothing but I knew that I would never again hear those words pass through your delicate lips.

...you spoke of your doubts.
I listened...
You spoke of your desires.
I listened.
I felt shame for who I was and what I did, but you gently touched me... caressing me... my back... my shoulder.
You said “I care about you,”
... compassion.
You pulled me to you and we embraced.  For long moments I held you, our bodies pressed together like a flower’s clinging petals... always touching... never wanting to release their grasp... to unfold... to open... for fear of ending the moment...

Not long before, I remember you turning to me.
“A magic hug,” you said, your searching arms reaching for me... and magic it was... they were.
The touch of your hands gently soothing me... the weight... the firmness of your full body against mine... your petite silhouette lingering beneath my awkwardly grasping arms.

How could you not be loved!

Each touch inviting more... each movement of my fingers tasting your skin.  But it had to end as each instant... even a magical one... does.

...but as with everything the sweet moment was slowly lost.  You sat as if waiting.  Still... not moving, quiet... not speaking.  I leaned toward you...

You grew cold.  I did not understand.  You withdrew from me... not speaking to me... not looking at me.  I knew not what pain I had caused you, my friend... no... not friend... you never thought of me as your friend... never wanted me as a friend.  You made that clear, I am not your friend.  Friend... yes... you were my friend... are my friend... will always be my friend.

You called me needy.
You said you could not bear the strain of your pain and mine.
You said you cared too much... for whom?  You never said... never too much for me.

I seemed to be your charity... Fix him!  He’ll be well.  He is broken but not beyond repair, fix him!
I thought our need was mutual.  You listened... I listened.  I cared... You cared.
I was still broken.

Then came the rage.  You screamed.  Like a Banshee filling the night sky you howled into the wind, “ I’M ANGRY... AT EVERYONE!!”  I tried to understand... to help.  You never explained.  You never seemed to look at me... you avoided me...
You... hurt me, you hurt me.

...I kissed you...
sweet... gentle... beautiful.
The most tender of touches, your supple, full lips against mine... between mine.  I drew you in with every breath.  I tasted you.
I lingered against you... please don’t end.
I savored your gentleness... please don’t pull away.
Oh God what am I doing!!
I desired you, your presence, your voice, your touch, yes, your
Don’t pull away... it will end me.
“Please tell me you want this.”
“Of Course I do,” gently whispered, you appeased me...
never again to feel your lips against mine...
never again to press my body against yours... to feel the softness of your smooth skin beneath my finger tips... 
to languor in your magical embrace.

I HATE YOU... simple words, easily said.  Why could you not say them.
I HATE YOU... they would have ended things so much more quickly.
I hate you, leave me alone.  It would have been so much kinder.
I hate you, don’t talk to me.  I gave you the chance, “You seem to hate me,” I offered.
You couldn’t say them
I will never say them.

How could you not be loved?  You never let me.

You arose from the bench as dusk turned to dark.  The evening air was cool and the time was late.
I gazed longingly into your blue eyes.  You spared me a last smile... beautiful smile... sweet smile... your good bye... thank you.

Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

Answers Without Questions

Why do answers end with answers
while questions seem to begin with yet more questions?

As a case in point...

How are the Case Studies of economic and political history
different than Einstein's Thought Experiments?

Wait a minute...

Yes, well that's not really a difference, I think.
Thought Experiments and Case Study expositions
both begin with waiting a minute to notice cause-effect narrative,
to decompose relationships between systemically dynamic parts.
Imagining in reverse time,
from now as cause
back toward effects
leading up to this current cause,
this current noticing,
this sometimes chaotic and unsettling waiting a minute
to notice what I am struggling with.

Why does this Case of dynamic thought exposition
feel like my important,
yet complex,
hopefully even richly resonant,
question to ask
within all the vast universe of questions
I could be investing in right now with you,

That's more or less, probably more,
what I was trying to point out
before you interrupted me.
Isn't our dialogical rule
also our Golden Rule?
We see richer, more fertile and optimal, outcomes,
responses to our internal Thought Experiment questions,
including our familial Dysfunctional Case Studies,
and our ecopolitical Conserve v Progress Democratic Health and Safety Case Studies,
when we begin by asking how our appositionals are somehow the same.

OK, fine.
I think we just agreed they both begin with noticing nutritional elements
and decomposing reverse effect back through potentially complex causal networks 
of cooperative opportunity.

Yes, but Einstein's Thought Experiments were metaphysical,
mathematics and unnatural science,
while Case Studies are more like watching Physical SpaceTime Reality Shows,
and Economic and Political Disaster LoseLose Devolutionary Games.

How did I know that you would respond to your own question,
about how ecological thought systems are the same,
with how they are different?

Sorry, honey,
seems to be an inductive RightBrain neglect of mine.
But, do you agree or disagree,
or both, somehow,
that Einstein's Experiments were about metaphysical spacetime operations
while Historical Case Study Operas
are about saying and singing and dancing
actual physical and natural,
maybe even spiritual..
Wait, no, that would be over in the Metaphysics Department.

Yeah, probably better to stick to the natural realities of Earth
spawning ecological systems and cooperative thought networks.

Another difference
Einstein hoped his Thought Experiments would lead to True,
and therefore not also False,
Either/Or mathematical statements about time and energy
and the speed of light's travel
across and through evolving and revolving appositional space.

But, when you write your Dysfunctional Extended Family Case Studies,
you couldn't realistically hope your appositional Elite/NonElite narrative
would lead to regeneratively True,
and therefore not degeneratively False,
ecological systemic statements
about LeftEgo's Dominating sense of time
as both positive and unfortunately too often negative-degenerating energy
and (0)-sum speed of BiLateral EnLightenment travel
across and through evolving
and revolving
regenerative health and safety space stories.

Really! Whyever not?

Because that would be confusing a LeftBrain Either-Or metaphysical thought experiment
with its appositional
NotThisEgoForm-NotThatEcoSystemic temporal-neural cooperative-nurturingflow function,
with Both/And RightBrain's (0)-Source
Integral-ReGenerative Embryonic DNA/RNA-Source Hypothesis.

If you say so,
but it all sounds LeftElite complex
and merely RightNonElite chaotic,
(0)-sum equivalent pay,
but still Business As CaseStudy DysFunctional WinLose,
to me.

Sorry love.
Don't shut me down.
Just doing my LeftBrain Either/Or job.
Either Win deductive truth
Or Lose inductive notnot appositional-integrity flow.

Why is it that your EgoWin perspective
always gets the shorter definition,
while you stumble all over my WinWin NotNot way
to come up with some longer way of noticing
my nutritionally elegant nurturing Elder-ecological
health and safety lovely bilateral ways?

It's the convex spatial Yang in EgoMe.
But, you know how I'm only at my EgoRegenerative best
when totally immersed in your BothAnd WinWin
bilaterally concave
YinYin lovely Feeling Experience
acting out ecosystemic TruthFunctional Case Studies
for BiCameral PolyPathic Love Stories.

Well, when you put it that way
you come across as less of a WinLose dominating ass,
degenerative hack writer of LeftBrain survival of the fittest;
more regenerative BothAnd RightBrain balancing thrival
of our +100%Space = (-,-) Empty-Zero fit-in-ingest integrity.

You're doing it again.
That thing where you are LeftBrain explicating
while I remain RightBrain bilaterally inductive feeling-integral implicated
to somehow not really quite deductively exist
outside of timeless now.

Sorry, babe,
but what else can I bicamerally do?
How about if I deductively meet you half way?
Both oppositionally different
and appositionally evolving toward integrative
co-relational confluence narratives?

Now that could produce some Tipping point
conserveRight-progressLeft climate ecstatic fireworks!

You're just teasing me, aren't you?
This has all just been foreplay for inductive you,
to get me all WinWin bicamerally polypathic hot.
I feel so used.

Don't pretend your co-investment in our regenerative health
and progressing future through EarthTribe babies
doesn't like it.

Could you talk a little dirtier,
and leave out the kids part?

You mean Earthier,
deductive-inductive nurturing co-relational climaxes of nutrition,
followed not by post-revolutionary Elite/NonElite bickering,
but thriving future regenerations of optimally fertile healthywealth.

That sounds like you're ready
to stop noticing
and start our healthy orthopraxis?

Baby, you're the Thought Experiment writer;
I've always been your LoveCase Study
of and for and through and by
SpaceTime's co-arising nonduality.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

Professor Glory's Active Hope

The title of this talk today,
"Win-Win Politics of New Feminist Economics"
suggests questions,
more than emasculating 
definitively deductive

Would you imagine
a minority-identified Buddhist,
more likely as a feminist
or culturally comfortable
with political and economic Left-brain domination,
monopolistic competing toward self-enslavement?

How would you compare broad cultural trends
between East and Western language
on a feminist v. Left-brain monopolistic dominant spectrum?
Which might be more ego-centric,
and which would you expect to be more eco-centric?
Where would you expect to find more
competitive v. cooperative economic support structures?
Which would you expect to be more family-tribal-clan oriented
and which more individualistically ego-oriented?
Which more anthropocentric
and which more nurturing of all life-centric?

Who is more likely to be a feminist-cooperative economist,
a Permaculture Designer
or a Political Party Platform Developer?
Why do you imagine our world in this comparative

As a cooperatively intended illustration
of discovering political relativity 
within an economic bicameral lens,
let's compare our sacred colleague Charles Eisenstein's
description of "The Growth Imperative"
with a bracketed revision 
which might be entitled "A Regenerative Imperative."
This, not to suggest disagreement,
but to suggest dipolar co-arising confluence
through using both Left and Right lenses of consciousness:

"Abetted by technology, the commodification of formerly non-monetary goods and services has accelerated over the last few centuries, to the point today where very little is left outside the money realm."
[Abetted by double-binary balancing technology,
the decommodification of newly-commodified goods and services
is accelerating
over these last few decades,
to the point today
where surprisingly little is left
inside the overly competitive quantification of value realm.]

"The vast commons, whether of land or of culture, has been cordoned off and sold--all to keep pace with the exponential growth of money."
[Our Commons of land and culture
and genetic-holonic individuation
continues ego- and anthro-centrically self-strangling
through dispossession of cooperative ownership--
all to keep pace with 
the exponential monopoly of quantifying-reductive value,
distorting nurturing health as core-wealth.]

"This is the deep reason why we convert forests to timber, songs to intellectual property, and so on."
[This is the deep ecology of why we permaculturally harvest forests
for timber,
culturally nurture songs toward cooperative intellectual property,
and so on,
yin toward yang
and back again 
balancing evolution.]

"It is why two-thirds of all American meals are now prepared outside the home."
[It is why two-thirds of all American meals
are now less nutritionally prepared
outside our under-valued
health-producing organic homes and lives.]

"It is why herbal folk remedies have given way to pharmaceutical medicines, why child care has become a paid service, why drinking water has been the number-one growth category in beverage sales."
[We, together, are why herbal folk remedies
could further enrich pharmaceutical medicines,
from which they originally derived,
why child care has become a paid
yet under-valued
why bottled and labeled drink of nature's primally flowing health
has become the number-one competitive growth category
in what used to be
the Commons egalitarian river-flow of life.]

While we each have internalized theories
about what positive and negative correlations
we evolve between Left-deductive dominant
v. feminist-egalitarian values and disvalues,
co-relations only recently occurred to me
as what co-operative political assumption
feminist-ecologist-economist culture
may share as ubiquitously as individuated DNA
co-gravitates toward universal RNA syntax.

Buddhist, and Taoist, philosophy
calls dipolar correlations
"dependent co-arising"
while scientists may share this same principle
of thermodynamic,
and gravitational
co-elliptical curve-linear temporal balance
"endo/ecto-symbiotic evolution."

As inclusive theoretical physicists
and mathematicians
and statisticians
we might re-member political mutuality
of species evolution
as co-relation,
coincidental trend emergence
between two or more
interdependent dipolar-articulating variables.

Buckminster Fuller
labeled his entire geometric metaphysics of consciousness
and ecological development
after this primal principle
of interdependent co-arising "synergetics,"
and re-ligioning
and re-cognizing 
synergy is to physics
as love is to metaphysics,
and perhaps economics
and eco-logic,
health and well-being,
co-operative Positive Psychology,
design and development ethics and organic health/wealth outcomes,
which begins to feel
like ethical policy development,
useful for a healthier political
and conversational
and familial
and ego/ecosystemic
balancing process.

Where I did not anticipate discovering 
mutually-dependent co-arising cooperation
was in the Prime-Origin field of Cosmology,
although a cursory glance at mythology,
shamanic teaching,
taoist co-existential paradox of evolving Yang/Yin principles
within nature
inclusive of human nature,
predicating male/female functional co-arising
and natural balance;
these were all,
in hindsight,
significant clues saying
"please don't be surprised
when you get to universally unitarian cosmology
as double-transparent co-gravitation of our Commons".

Dual transparency of Time
as Zero-dimensional negentropicentric space
bicamerally suggests
co-operative  gravitational power politics and economics
lie at the (0)-Soul Core Prime Relationship
of our global Origination Story.

Interdependent co-arising revolutions
continue unfolding
into our political lap
during this endangered
Cooperative Transitional Generation.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Johnny Williams | Details

Hurt People Hurt People

Flirt with Whitney
Flirt with fear 
Life is good
But I rather be anywhere but here
Body aches from pushing out tears
Driving on the road of life
Eyes is watery
So I can't steer 
And I'm getting dizzy 
Stomach very queezy
Thank god for Sprite and tylonal
Thank god for my other half that completes me
Haven't eating anything about in 22 hours
Aye some coochie though
Way better than wheeties 
Some days I feel like Rafliki
Other days I feel like Simba
D'Andre is down in the dumps
Lord we have a dilemma
I'm facedown like someone shot me
Heart pumpin heavy
Nose snotty
 Talking to the depression hotline on the potty 
Walking out the bathroom I couldn't look at the mirror 
cause sometimes i dont like what the displays 
And I know you get tired of my negative and negated ways
But that's just how I feel
Am I pose to hide my feelings
I said me and mirrors have an up and down relationship
Not all the the time do I view myself as appealing 
One day I'll be happy with the way I look
It's like a banana that you have to keep peeling 
At the end of the day YOU have to be happy with yourself 
Disconnect all the self neglect
You can't just put your needs on a dusted shelf
Spirit is broke 
Plus my glasses are broke 
I can't see anything 
But I can see the confusion
My feelings are display
This is not a dilutions 
I  don't need institution 
Talking to Whitney
Things are slowing improving 
Stomach is flipping 
But I'm not pissing or pooping
Words slowly pour out to Whitney
I'm slowly regrouping 
Her words are soothing
Mine are barely coming out 
Cause of the coochie I ate 
Exercise for my mouth
It was very good
Correction very very great
My favorite thing to have on my plate
Slowly improving my mental state
But my physical stature is feeling not so great 
Thank god for Wifey 
Thank god for Wifey
Cause when I don't like me 
At least shE still love me and likes me
The tears have stopped
My crinkled face stage is threw
I kiss Whitney and then look past her
And then my eyes come upon you 

Looking at you 
Makes my stomach hurt 
Thinking about you
Makes my stomach hurt 
Just the sound of your name
Makes me lift up my shirt
And grab my belly
You needa start eating right
That's what my peers tell me
But it's you that makes my bowels move
I could be be having the day of the duration
And looking at you just throws my body outta groove
It doesn't even have to be that time of the month
It's either hit you 
Or hit the blunt
Sorry to be blunt
But your presence 
Is far from a present 
You belittle me to near nothing
To you I'm a peasant
But to me you're just the reason my stomach aches
Tape handing off my chest
From repairing my heart break 
I see you and rush to the commode
I'm tired of feeling like this 
Using all this toilet paper gets old
You act nice on Tuesday and mean on Wednesday 
I don't know if I should be sold
I don't know if I can keep making these trips to the toilet
Everybody thinks I got Wifey pregnant 
But it's me and you that need to have an appointment 
The stomach pain is cause of you 
I cramp up with your every word
This feeling is for the birds
 I'm so tired of you
My stomach is tired of being terrorized with terds 

You enjoy seeing me unchill 
Gravely ill
My my my
My mental motivation gravitates Johnny Gill
I just come and pay my bills
Try to pay you no mind
But my confidence you kill 
My efforts you murder
Are you jealous cause your life is black and grey
Mine is purple and blue with a hint of sherbet
Why do you try to hurt me so much 
I'm a grown man 
Far from a gerber
And Whitney told you I was just like her 
I know you heard her
Should I go on any further 
I'm just tired of getting treated like this 
Feeling like this 
Feeling like a big hunk of piss
It'll be a  year in August 
But will I make it to March 
I've cried more tears over you
Than my mother when she used to hit me with spray starch 
I may be little 
But you've chose the wrong tree to bark 
I'm not scared of you
I won't flinch or fart 
The villain of all the virgerousity 
You must love playing the part

I have tried pepto bismol and other gismo 
And stomachs still hurting 
Milk of magnesia isn't working 
But I'm on my last leg
I just wanna quit being hurt
I don't wanna have to beg
So I thought I'd just ask
Even though we're not students 
I thought we could have a little more class 
I feel like manure 
On the floor 
Tears pour
Comfort comes and I roll over and hear a crack
It's my glasses 
I can't stand this 
I feel like nothing 
A rotten pumpkin
I'm the ugly duckling
Quit making assumptions 
You need some D in your life
Get to humping 
With the tears comes the cussing
Mozzarella sticks I smell in the oven
Can't bring myself to eat 
That's why I'm still a munchkin 
I shouldn't be here 
I should  be Lindsay Lohan'n and Hillary Duff'in
Huffing and puffing 
Puffing snot
You could stab a person In the back 
With your smile on 100 watts
You've been cooking this up for a lil minute I bet
But don't expect revenge in my pot
Bawl blockage and cum clots
I'm already suffering from this and what not
I know you're hurting to 
But to hurt someone else you said why not
Why me
Please stop
Just because I don't live in a 4 bedroom house
Doesn't mean I sleep on a cot
Your indirect comments and sneak dissing 
Are like having my glasses in your hand and your crush the lens with rocks 
I know your life is on the rocks
But you don't have to take it out on others
Just cause they're not the creme of the crop 
I'm just sitting here letting you hurt me day after day 
I'm not gunna run jump skip or hop
Something needs to be done 
I have the lock 
But you got the key
You gotta start somewhere even its its with building blocks
Threatening my spouse with termination and glocks 
You was looking for a reaction 
But a crinkled up face is all you got 
And I realized through it all 
Me and my spouse is all I got  

Copyright © Johnny Williams | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by JW Earnings | Details


Hello? Are you there today?
Have I scared you away?
Spent my whole teenage life, 
Preparing for this day of strife 
To say my goodbye's
To your love-me-not lies
Oh well, oh well
I'm not saying farewell
Where do you dwell?
In Earth's heaven-hell,
Going pellmell in your shell?

Aloha...see you later,alligator 
Aloha...be a lover, not a hater 
Goodbye got hellod
Hello got goodbyed

Wretched water dripping on wood...good in the hood...
The mistress's Misery left Misunderstood...grew up in a ghetto neighborhood
You're out of my life Without a doubt...now, I'm roaming this lonely, radiantless route 
You let out your victory, relief-struck Shout...and I pout about until you are Xed out of the to-do list
You have broken our daily Vows
With your someday's and somehow's 
Fans surround me as I am on the stage with bravery out of its cage - that's the image I get in my head...you will be missed...I will wear you on my wrist

Tattoo your love on my heart
Leave your prints in my mind 
The moment I start to break apart,
You are a treasure that leaves me blind...
I don't mind 
Being left behind
As long as you're mine
Our love, sublime and serpentine 

Aloha...see you later,alligator 
Aloha...be a lover, not a hater 
Goodbye got hellod
Hello got goodbyed 

Wretched water dripping on wood...good in the hood...
The mistress's Misery left Misunderstood...grew up in a ghetto neighborhood
You're out of my life Without a doubt...now, I'm roaming this lonely, radiantless route 
You let out your victory, relief-struck Shout...and I pout about until you are Xed out of the to-do list
You have broken our daily Vows
With your someday's and somehow's 
Fans surround me as I am on the stage with bravery out of its cage - that's the image I get in my head...you will be missed...I will wear you on my wrist

Cool it
I know you're pissed off like a hornet out of his nest 
I admit -
You were running the race with disgraced grace and I was being an arrogant pest
I was just trying my best to pass the test...
Confidence went too high, now I bumped into my awful, below-humility low
With open arms, with remorse that soars in me like a negative dove-crow

Aloha...see you later,alligator 
Aloha...be a lover, not a hater 
Goodbye got hellod
Hello got goodbyed 

Wretched water dripping on wood...good in the hood...
The mistress's Misery left Misunderstood...grew up in a ghetto neighborhood
You're out of my life Without a doubt...now, I'm roaming this lonely, radiantless route 
You let out your victory, relief-struck Shout...and I pout about until you are Xed out of the to-do list
You have broken our daily Vows
With your someday's and somehow's 
Fans surround me as I am on the stage with bravery out of its cage - that's the image I get in my head...you will be missed...I will wear you on my wrist

We were on each other's team a while back 
Until you ruined my self-esteem in a gleam of a flashlight
Now, we are fighting against each other...we are train that got off track
Until God put us back together again, making our night a daylight 
We did go through a mighty flight
We were roaming far from home, a chaotic mirth   
After mere plight, we saw the light 
We were in the universe until we landed on Earth 
You are behind me like the rest...keep your head up above the surface and you'll soon pass life's somewhat difficult test 
Keep pace with my heart beats...I must confess that I tried my best and it felt as if my heart was thumping against my chest 

Aloha...see you later,alligator 
Aloha...be a lover, not a hater 
Goodbye got hellod
Hello got goodbyed 

Wretched water dripping on wood...good in the hood...
The mistress's Misery left Misunderstood...grew up in a ghetto neighborhood
You're out of my life Without a doubt...now, I'm roaming this lonely, radiantless route 
You let out your victory, relief-struck Shout...and I pout about until you are Xed out of the to-do list
You have broken our daily Vows
With your someday's and somehow's 
Fans surround me as I am on the stage with bravery out of its cage - that's the image I get in my head...you will be missed...I will wear you on my wrist

Long time, no see, you bittersweet mourner 
You left me in the abstract abyss to burn and freeze in the back burner...you never considered me like those untouched library books 
Why don't you make it up to her? Why so unsure?
You are a worthless dot to my memory the instant you deserted me...you act like you're in a coma when we exchanged looks 
Aloha...see you later,alligator 
Aloha...be a lover, not a hater 
Goodbye got hellod
Hello got goodbyed 

Wretched water dripping on wood...good in the hood...
The mistress's Misery left Misunderstood...grew up in a ghetto neighborhood
You're out of my life Without a doubt...now, I'm roaming this lonely, radiantless route 
You let out your victory, relief-struck Shout...and I pout about until you are Xed out of the to-do list
You have broken our daily Vows
With your someday's and somehow's 
Fans surround me as I am on the stage with bravery out of its cage - that's the image I get in my head...you will be missed...I will wear you on my wrist

You gave me a goodbye so rude I don't deserve such maltreatment 
Let's have the attitude of gratitude
Unpredictable, weather-like sentiments is what I feel, but it's no big deal...It doesn't matter anymore the moment you expressed your resentment 
A victim to your hatred
You are an unforgivable dread
You are gonna be forgotten 
In my memory, you are rotten

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by JW Earnings | Details

rEmAiN sAnE

Do you recognize me anymore?
Do you realize that my heart is sore?
Let me memorize your heart’s melody
Let me see right through your…melancholy…

Do you ever wave goodbye to yesterday?
Can’t bear the thought of you leaving me today
You were gone with the flow in the wink of an eye
Let me sink this all in for a couple of years as they go by

Do you even care to know my deepest secrets?
Don’t you ever have guilty pleasures that end in regrets?
I’m sorry that I abandoned the time we had together
I deserted you and I didn’t mean to, you know that I’ll be better…
I’ll do better for you, my novel of genuine elegance, yet so filled with acrimony…
If it makes you change your mind about me
If it makes you accept the person inside me
If…only you’d understand where I’m coming from
If…only you’d be with me when I’m feeling numb

I don’t want to remain a bookmark to your book on the shelf
I don’t want to realize that I’m, yet again, losing myself
I don’t want this infatuation towards unpleasant agitation 
I want to be sane like I used to be long ago…missing that childhood sensation

Do you recognize me anymore?
Do you realize that my heart is sore?
Let me memorize your heart’s melody
Let me see right through your…past and everything…

Caress the person that is dying to be alive in your next dream…
Confess to me your thoughts that make you wholeheartedly beam
Oh, I want unconditional affection in the most pure way possible
Oh, I need someone to just kiss away my depression and its rubble

Just don’t say anything that will affect me terribly in the slightest
I know it’s hard, but try to win life’s rather marvelous test
Don’t let go of what’s left of us and please acknowledge my presence 
I might be so vague when I speak…or so awkward – or even both, who knows – I might not even make any sense
I have felt tense around you and I’d like to apologize honestly…
I detest not being able to completely talk my mind with you so easily
But…I won’t drop my guard in any way 
Yet, something about you makes me wanna stay
You emit a mixture of good and bad energy and that is my honesty to you
So…don’t act so modest and tell me the truth if you have any clue

I’m like a spider, weaving a web of lovely woe and inner glow
It’s quite spectacular how I truly view you in its slight clarity
My emotions are like a grasshopper, hopping happily and hopelessly, you know…
It’s a miracle that I’m still alive physically, but dead in normality…

If it makes you better, I hand you my sorrow and my pain and my happiness and my joy
Or it doesn’t matter in your eyes of egotistical nonsense…they still glimmer like a brand new kid’s toy
I really don’t wanna get into too much detail about the encounters I’ve had with confusion of all kinds
If you don’t mind me explaining briefly – my unreliable, fickle mind are like the opening and closing of apartment blinds
And I can’t control it sometimes…
I have been blind one too many times…

Do you recognize me anymore?
Do you realize that my heart is sore?
Let me memorize your heart’s melody

Let me see right through your…
Sly motives and the desire within – 
Well, you can give or take…or ignore…
You are a sweet loss and a win

You drive the lane of insanity
You and I can’t face reality
So, we lean on mere fantasy
The truth will see to it
We have fallen in this pit
Of self-pity and lack of wit
Just admit it – it’s not as bad as it appears to be
Fine…I haven’t always dismissed the doubts that lead to voracity 
The change in your attitude and actions are naughty
Being poor in negativity and rich in positivity will make us feel more than alright
Who are you? The person I used to know with my might?
Who am I? The guy that can’t sleep at night?
Don’t you glance over the mistakes I did
I wish you well with the byes you bid
I’m like a jar without a lid
Yeah, so useless and all
I’m just a lonely hall
Missed your call…

Oh well…
Only God will tell…
What’s in store for you and me? 
Just…just be still and we’ll be free

Waiting for sunshine on the other side of the somewhat riveting road…
Why do we need to separate so quickly this time? I wonder why as I unload my heart’s load
I turned the wrong turn and I can’t go back now…
I don’t know why you watch me like a show…
It’s as if my facial expressions say it all…
Wordless in this silence that stands tall…
I will mop up this mental mess I made in a moment
As soon as you make a change this instant…
And I too…and I too…
I don’t mean to ride the rivers of my rue…
Oddly enough, I’m still sick with the love flu…
And you too…and you too…

Take me to a place where I won’t step on the glass of the past
Wake me up from this…well…precious tragedy that won’t last
Find me, lingering in the shadows and reflections of the mirror before you
There, you will see my face and the tears along with it too…
There are things that I thought you have knew

Do you recognize me anymore?
Do you ever wave goodbye to yesterday?
Do you even care to know my deepest secrets?
I don’t want to remain in the margins of your sheet of music…
I thought I was the desire fire and you, the ever-dripping wick 
I don’t mean to stumble upon your comforting sympathy
Evenly enough, I’m recovering from the virulent vice 
That took me away from you – I couldn’t even think thrice
I need some advice, 
For your mind is a bunch of mice…
Scurrying in my baffled brain of mine
I wish we can work things out just fine

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Ravindra K Kapoor | Details

Hindi version of - Famous Last Line

Hindi version of “Famous Last Line” Rhyme (In Hindi it is placed as Free Verse) English Poem as written and placed by Connie Marcum Wong Famous Last Line India (Original Poem) . I hear much joy in the music, View elation in the dance Feel happiness in the laughter, Soulful spirit in poetic romance. 01 . Hindi version made for Connie Marcum Wong By Ravindra K Kapoor . prasiddha antim pankti Bhaarat (Mool Kavita) . (Bhaartiya) sangeet sunkar main aanandit ho jaati hoon aur nritya dekhkar prafullit ye hansi aur khilkhilaahat mujhe khusi pradaan karte hain aur kaavya romance me Main Bhaavuk bn jaati hoon. 01 . . English I feel love in the language Swelling in my heart. Reverence for God and Goddess In beloved families far apart. 02 . Hindi . Bhaarat ki Bhashaa mere hradaya me Pyaar bn prasfutit hoti hai Un priya parivaaron ko dekh Jo apne ghar baar se door rah kar bhii Devi devtaaon ke prati Apaar shradhaa rakte hain. 02 . . English . I love the customs and the people As they celebrate each day Living life to the fullest In their honor I wish to pray .03 . Hindi . mujhe in (bhaartiya) logon aur inke ritirivaazon se pyaar hai kyonki wo har din ko jhshan manaa jiite hain- jiivan ko purna roop se jii kar Aise ( khus rahne waale) logon ke Smmaan me Main prarthnaa karoon ye meri ichchaa hai. 03 . English . That I may learn to be as humble As loving and as kind, To be blessed by elder wisdom In every senior that I find. 04 . Hindi aur ye bhii meri abhilaasha hai kimain seekh sakoon vinamrataa dayaavaan aur premmaya honaa us vivek aur buddhi ke saath jo har us bujurga me miltaa hai jisase main milatee hoon. 04 . . English . This is a gift to give my children To open their sleepy little eyes. To see the value in rejoicing, To reach for stars up in the skies. 05 . Hindi . Main apne bachhon ko Aisa uphaar denaa chaahti hoon Taaqi wo apnii Nanhii si swapnil aankhen khol Is aanand utsava ko dekh saken jo aasmaan me sitaaron taq Pahunchne par miltaa hai. 05 . English . When they learn this knowledge To listen well to the sages, They will know of sacred secrets Handed down through the ages. 06 . Hindi . Jb wo(mere nanhe munne) Ye gyaan praapt kar lenge Ki Rishiyon Muniyon ko Kaise sunaa aur samajhaa jaata hai Tb wo jaan jaayenge Wo pavitra gyaan Joki Rishiyon aur mahaatmaaon se Yugon yugon se Hastaantarit hota aayaa hai. 06 . English . India (New Poem) Bharat ( nai kavita) ???? (?? ?????) English . Handed down through the ages, India's Gods and Goddesses call Out to me from sacred places. 07 . Hindi . Jo yugon yugon se Hastaantarit hote aaye hain Aise bhaarat ke devi devtaa Mujhe pavitra udgamon se Aavaaj de bulaate pratit hote hain. 07 . English . I want to bathe in Ganges waters, Be there when monsoons arrive, View Holi's colors on happy faces. 08 . Hindi Main ganga jal me Snaan karna chaahti hoon Aur main Bharat me Rahnaa chaahti hoon Jb maansoon kaa aagman hotaa hai Aur tab bhii Jb Holi ke rang muskarate chehron par lag Aur khil- khil jaate hain. . English . I wish to absorb all the beauty, Mix with all the friendly people And sing in celebration's song. 09 . Hindi . Meri ichchaa hai (Bharat kii) Sabhi sundartaa ko Avshoshit kar aatmasaat karne kii Sabhii maitripurna logon ke saath Milne kii aur Utsav Geet gaane kii. 09 . English . I want to enjoy the festive music And watch the dancers dancing, I wish to truly feel that I belong.10 . Hindi . Main utsava ke sangeet kaa Anand uthaana chaahti hoon Aur nritya karte Nartakon ko dekhnaa chaahti hoon Aur sach me Ye anubhav karnaa chaahti hoon Kimain isi (sundartaa) ka ek hissa hoon. 10 . English . I'd revere every God and Goddess, Have respect for all Gods I know not. I'd love to learn of Ganesha's power. 11 . Hindi . Main sabhi devi devataaon ko Naman karoongi Aur unkaa bhii aadar Jinko main nahin jaantii Aur Bhagwan Ganesh kii shaktiyon ko jaannaa Mujhe ati priya hogaa. 11 . English . I want to meditate in floral gardens Contemplate by reflective pools... Connect my spirit to the Lotus flower. 12 . Hindi . Main pushpon se susajjit uddyaanon me Dhyaan lagaana chaahti hoon Saamuhik rop se chintansheel ho Manan karnaa chaahti hoon Apni aatma ko Kamal ke pushp se jodnaa chaahti hoon. 12 . English . I would take my small camera with me And shoot all the sights and sounds, Share my heart with natives blissfully. 13 . Hindi . Main apne saath Apna chota Camera le jaaoongi Aur (is desh ke) sabhi sthalon aur dhwaniyon ko Apne Camere me ootaar Apne hradaya ko Yahaan ke mool nivaasiyon ke saath Saanand ho baantungii. 13 . English . I'd love to share in children's laughter. Share my thoughts and culture too. I'd treasure my time in India eternally. 14 . HIndi . Khilkhilaa kar hanste Bachchon kii hansii kaa main bhii Unmukta ho hissaa banoongi Aur saajhaa karoongi Apne vichaaron ko aur Apnii sanskriti ko Bhaarat me apne samaya ko Main ek khajaane ke roop me sanjooongee. 14 By Connie Marcum Wong Hindi Version by Ravindra K Kapoor Kanpur India 16th April 2016 I have also placed a Blog for this Poem on Poetry Soup which can be seen by using following URL http://www.poetrysoup.com/member_area/my_blogs.aspx

Copyright © Ravindra K Kapoor | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Nii-Ayi Solomon | Details

My First Love Experience

It was in the early days of our lives
We met
She was so beautiful 
My eyes could not stop admiring
My heart kept racing 
Every time it sensed
her good-looking approaching
But we were too young 
To give full meaning 
To the love language

Years passed
Time kept flying
We lost contact 
But the memory of our past
We lugged with us

Someway, somehow,
Fate found us
And brought us together

We have now grown 
So big and sweet
We both glitter
At each other’s presence
We were ready to do a recap 
of where we left off

We laughed and joked about our past
We talked about our hey days at the National Theatre
We remembered the beautiful past that reflects our true self
We both haven’t changed after all

At that moment my heart spoke 
The love language again
I knew I was in love with her
It wasn’t today
It started from when we were kids

Man must gather confidence
And speak out his feelings

Thoughts of what she would say;

Don’t laugh at me,
We all do it sometimes

We were sweet friends
But now, I want to take 
The friendship a step further

My heart in full swing 
Of abnormal beating,
It beat faster
It spoke two different languages
Say it; and keep it
Don’t know which of these to believe 
I was shy
I was afraid
I was confused
I was happy
I was sad
I felt insane

There she was,
Standing in front me
In their house 
Beaming with smiles

Nii, she said tenderly,
‘I thought you said you had something to tell me,
Come on, I can’t wait any longer
My ears are itching’

My heart just jumped out
And now I want to escape from her presence
I wish I could vanish into thin air

Stop laughing at me
I’m not mouth lazy

I was just afraid of the outcome 
What if she said NO?
What if I lose her as a friend?
What if she vanishes into thin air?

And the what if’s continued …

Once in a man’s life time
He must draw together courage
To speak out his feelings

After all, I would not have violated any law
For telling a sweet scented woman 
Gorgeous, attractive and stunning 
About what I feel for her
So my nerves were clamed

This was how I started…

Esther, I mean, Naa Adjeley

The confusion has started

Errrmmm, you see,

Still didn’t know what to say

Hmmm, hope you are doing great?

Still confused…

‘I guess your brother, Thomas,
Is doing fine?’

She stared at me intently 
The smiles on her face kept 
My hopes alive 
And my heart awake 
I knew she was expecting 
Something more than making those comical remarks

It’s was now time to speak

Naa Adjeley, I travelled from Cape Coast 
To Accra to come see you
To tell you I miss you
and errmmm…

Please let it out
The small voice inside me whispered

I left campus to Accra just to let you know that

She laughed aloud and said
‘’are you serious!’’

‘Oh! Yes I am’
I said confidently,

Her face suddenly darkened
The smiles misplaced 
I wanted to fade away from her presence
After all I’ve let my feelings out
That was what mattered to me
But I did not have that special magic

How long have you felt this way towards me?
The next question to answer
‘When we were kids,
But it was revamped quite recently’
I replied

I could see the confusion on her face
She needed some more time 
To think things through
I was excited let it out
But she was confused

Days passed,
I went back to school,
We enjoyed chit chatting on the phone
But the answer to my request was still hanging

She mentioned in one of our conversations
She might be travelling
But didn’t say when
She was a nursing student
I was a tourism student
The beauty of having a friend 
You know and love
kept my mind awake in school

School was on recess
I arrived in Accra
Left my things unpacked
Borrowed money from my old girl
Picked a cab to Banana Inn
To see the woman 
That has taken my heart hostage

I kept bagging at their gate
Agoo! agoo! agooo! 

Waiting in anticipation to see
Her fine looking face
And present her with my first gift
Her brother, Thomas opened up

‘Hey! Where have you been?
It’s been a while’
Was the first question 
He asked

The only interest I had was to see her face
I wanted to see the woman 
That makes my heart beat
She was all I cared about

Where is Naa Adjeley?
I enquired from Thomas

I saw the shock on his face
My breathe was not catching up 
with me properly
I knew something was wrong

‘Where is she’,
I asked again
‘Didn’t she tell you
She was travelling?’
My face dropped dead at once
I felt a sharp heart ache
I almost fainted

She left for the U.K
Without even saying bye bye
Was that why, she didn’t give any reply
to my proposal?
Why did she keep my heart awake?

I left her house, depressed
Her gift was a bonus for the cab driver
My face drenched in pool of tears

I know it hurts
But I felt more relieved


My feelings had been made lucid to her
I now walk with my chest out
Ready to move on
Ready to open myself up to happiness

I still remember
Her looks
Her smiles
Her beauty
Her mannerism

My first love story
The one I have kept furtive
Over the years

Naa Adjeley
My old time love.

Copyright © Nii-Ayi Solomon | Year Posted 2012

Long poem by Johnny Williams | Details

It Won't Be Dark Forever

Daylight dies
Blackout the sky
Does anyone care
Is anyone there 
Enjoy this life 
Pop open a Sprite 
Roll over to the right and kiss my wife 
She's fast asleep
Daylight is trynna come 
It's trynna creep 
When she wakes up she feel the wetness of the kiss 
On her cheek
She'll smile 
And I'll feel accomplished 
Living life with her 
I don't feel like a novice 
I ponder all my thoughts cause they all have her in it
At dinner until she sits down
My meal i won't even begin it 
Very often through the day she's swims and lingers through my mind
And sometime I have to crack myself in the jaw
And ask is this beautiful girl really mine
Just thinking about how your dreads graze your face
We was Waffle House eating bout to say grace 
But my eyes kept poking open
Heart was beating  in and outta my chest
It was cold so my Nipples was showing 
It wasn't the access lotion that had my face glowing 
It was knowing that I get to live my life to the fullest
With the most special girl imaginable 
Any muck we will get through this 

Your eyes low and gorgeous 
What you hide behind them only I know
There was days where your room and the bathroom 
Where the only places you'd go
But now tomorrow Ima fly you to the moon and back 
Ill pay for the trip alongs you pay for lunch
I'm sure your cool with that
Most likely all gray or black 
We've both came a long way
And I refuse to backtrack 
I just wish I could take away your past pain 
October 16th i  found myself in your arms and I cried 
And there was times I came over 
And I knew your tears you was trynna hide 
Both on emotional rollercoasters
A year later we're at Cedar Point riding rides
We hundreds of feet in the air 
But next to you I feel super safe 
And you'll always be there 
I don't have to worry or chase
We was at Ruby Tuesday that one Tuesday
And you sure ddnt mine putting me in my place
I love  just lounging around in our place 
Cause earlier this year we both barely had one 
But now every Sunday either I wake u up with kisses
Or we get awaken by the sun 
Everyday we soak it all up
No one other than you makes me feel the way you make me feel
And you don't get mad when I drink outta your cup
Calm and at ease
Walking the bridge
Through our ears we feel the breeze
Small to the world
But to each other we feel like 1000 foot trees 
Siri says the weather is about 49
But whenever I'm around I'm around you it always feels like 104 degrees 

Overdrive overdrive 
That's where my heart is going
Right next your heart 
That's where my heart is going
Daylight is dim
And we just walking down 4th street
Your heart is pouring and it's far from boring
And mine has taken a seat
And I don't miss those seats at the laundromat 
Hauling your clothes downstairs 
Cause Flex is frugal, no fun, and fat 
House smelling like marijuana and old towels
Old blunts and foul bowel
Battery's being switched from toy cars to the tv remote
So sometimes you can't turn the dial
Now we got 5 tvs
Both got full time jobs and a Ford Taurus from 2003
Bevelyn Kaye is proud of you 
Angela Renee won't say it but I know she's proud of me

 It won't be dark forever
So smile a little bit and open up your curtains
I know you're hurting 
You have me so you'll be fine 
Open up your blinds and quit being blind
Blind to the fact that It won't be dark forever 
So drawl your curtains back
Both our worlds was was once dark and black 
But you had my back and I had your back  

I remember that look in October 2014
I'm up here pullin rent money out of my socks 
Both our living situations were on the rocks 
Flash forward a year later we're at waterfront park 
Playing on rocks
And having you in my life rocks 
Cause things are quick to get  rocky
But we're just 2 young people living it up
Now our peers try to copy 
I remember that look in your eyes
Walking down the chicken steps in July 
Dodging the heat and all those flies 
But it's better than dodging Winston 
Hunger pains and period pains kick in
I'm concerned and you're wincing 
I hated to see you like that
Was I gunna have to start pimpin
Nowadays when we pay rent we celebrate like we won a championship 
Eating WildEggs, BDubbs, and Chipotle 
To humble ourselves we eat chips 
Every night before bed wether you're dog sleep or dog dead 
The words I Love you leave my lips 
When someone utters your name
My heart turns front and back flips
I love when you're you
If it's not you then I don't want anyone else
We may not infinite money
But our love has infinite wealth 
Kisses from you
Are good for my health 
You accept me as an elf 
Shorter than the kids at Ice Skating
I love you I love you
There's no doubt there's no debating
F a promissory note
When it comes to bills 
There will be no belating
You saying yes to my future marriage proposal 
Is the only thing I am waiting

Copyright © Johnny Williams | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by SUNIL seebalack | Details


Understanding myself, and towards developing  introvertedly 
The parameters of today, yet most lay dormant inside of me
Questioning the how, as in such, the extended inner faculty 
Fractured as then, it's an opposing end, and loosing my identity 

All oppositions are viewed, and the educators of our society 
Words of old, grown as told, revised, as such, repeatedly 
Inertially we become, a society conformed to one,
Rendering it's loss, within our self Individuality   

In laymen terms, listen to this 
The quotation based, upon our society's  wish 

First you gotta make the money 
Then you can get the power.

When you Get the power, then, you get the respect 
When you Get the respect... then, you get the woman...

Ever  wonder why it's all such?
Desiring material wealth as much
And finally it's all for what?
The Desired  woman's touch?


Take a moment, and lend an ear 
For I got my own, it's the quote I share

First, you admit that you don't know 
Then you go, and achieve your knowledge 
Got the knowledge? now you can get the power 
Got the power? well then,  you can take the universe 
And now,  You've Got the universe...
 Well then, 
you're A friggin god...

And As for Women?

Women  worship the Gods!

When tackling any issue, you've  gotta start at it's root within its Right
And even before this, a basis of our own viewed measurable sight
Not loosing ourselves, held confined, outside it's contented light
Knowing simply where, founded, within our roots embedded rights

Upon the foundation that's  embodying our root
Here lies all thoughts, weaved within, the fabric of our truth

What is this, within ourselves, and what is the reality within our wish?
Truth... it's a singularity, it's a union of the all and the oneness,
Truth... it's universally simplistic, and it would always exist...
The everything, the all, and it's  consistency of nothing, as it is this...

The oxymoron as it represents, it's eventuality as would relinquish 
Truth lies within our knowledge, yet it's a call that we constantly miss
Knowledge is awareness, sadness, sorrow and also in the subtle bliss
Knowledge is found in love, in friendships, and even in a simple kiss
Gaining knowledge, is first admitting that, we don't know any of this
Then we truly grow and harmonize, within our lives, and its meandering twists

For in the darkest of nights, the  wise men, they turn towards the stars in sight
The recognition of ones self, our inner star, the introverted truth, of who we are 

Awareness of our individualism 
Understanding within yourself  and it's prism
Awareness of outside environment and it what we do 
Knowing what is around, and how it can affect others, as well as affecting you 
All in achieving our desires, an accomplishment of a single wish...
The Fulfillment, our soul and all the  things like this

The first step is gaining knowledge
And so we would grow

 So, as In the quotation of, GI Joe:

...And now you know...

But Knowing, it's only half the battle... 

The soldier's motto?
If I recalled correctly, I'm sure it is, admittedly so...


Words of wisdom, oddly, within depths would say 
Reaching out, introvertly, and towards your way

Introversion within, and also against the Outer
As for all the questions, within a single answer 

Understanding truth and their questions after
Knowledge would help us to grow and avoid disaster

In the darkess corner,  and within our chatter
The smallest of light would always render
The guides of our life path, the now and the after

For All that is...  it's within all that was...

As for all that was... it's within, all that is...

The simplicity of life, the religion of love, and how do we truly give...

The Altruism held within our heart, altruistically, the all, required,
To truly live... 

To understand, to grasp, to know, as within the quote would show

The Voice, mind, the eye, and the ear
And within all that we know, and share
These are what lights the lamps of life, love, and care
As  a union and  the foundation, and of all together, within the now, and here

The power within life and equally within the opposed
The redundant repetition of that supposed 
As The Oxymoron, in it's equanimity and thus exposed...

Life is the power that burns and is the sun that gives light 
Life is the rain and the thunder in the sky, the wind and our strength and sight
What is matter, and the earth,
 what is death, and what is birth
what beyond , it is an eternity,
And all the  lifetimes lived,  upon this earth, after death and birth, fulfilling our destiny....



Copyright © SUNIL seebalack | Year Posted 2017

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