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BiPartisan Dissonance
When oppositional cognitive dissonance deflects focus, it tends to go back to when I deflected focus from her. She sends me passive-aggressive messages, bread crumbs leading back in time to where she began to feel alone, marginalized, siloed, anxious. If you don't want a sopping wet tile bathroom floor because I have thrown all my naked Barbie and Ken parts, especially their water-filled hollow insides, and the five saturated pools of stained white washcloths I took out of that drawer just like you said not to, and the nice sudsy soft bar of soap, then you might want to reconsider leaving the bathroom during my bath. You might want to think of telling a story or imagining with my behavioral lectures I so mercilessly inflict on the shattered heads of my daughter dolls. Perhaps oppositional cognitive dissonance is what Republicans have about Democrats, and vice versa. If you folks would be so kind as to return to cooperative civic and civil discussion, about my intrinsic dignity, royalty perhaps, sense of anthrocentric entitlement, immaculate integrity as a Sacred Orthodox Tradition, utterly necessary to optimize sustainable and resilient health for All Americans, (although perhaps not quite sufficient), Including those who happen to have become embarrassed by their unhealthy wealth and extravagant disregard for undercommodified humane values, like caring and nurturing, loving and therapeutic mentoring relationships and trees of life, and economic and eco-logical environ-mental (0)-sum cooperative networks, like the synergy of all natural systems, most especially religious cultures delivering a united and interdependent positive teleology that we all created this rapacious, extractive mess together. So, please stop leaving the bathroom of discourse, regardless of how rhetorically insane and polemic, every time we complain about your shitty attitudes about wealthy compost and sustainable, resilient, optimized economic growth. Then you democratically complain, by voting for the one you hate the least, as we go right on doing what we intended to do while we were throwing water on your slippery-floor economics of radical, reverse-hierarchical interdependence and mutual subsidiarity. Much too "solidarity" for Republican taste as True, much less Just to those who prefer their economically entrenched competitive silos soils souls. And, our Democratic family value parents hear their oppositionally disordered Republicans as if they were bionically alien unitarian utilitarians, like honey bees and ant hives, devoid of deductive rational accessibility, of even one of four dimensions of truth, and without capacity to empathize with their well-mentored praxis of continually forgetting you could not climb a higher priority right now than telling your oppositional daughter, or son, Dr. Seuss's The Lorax, Interpreting each voice as your own Lorax Ego-EcoLogos, wondering why you continue competing to reach a Win-Win Cooperative Game, and political and economic and ecological and cultural and biological karmic finish line, alone in your polycultural PolyLife Yum-Yum Tree Paradise. When you think about it, you can see that your competitive political and economic assumption, that Win-Win cooperation will not have our final say, is not ecologically, scientifically, or even permaculturally, metaphysically sound, rational, integrated, sustainably designed to benefit future generations, much less synergetic or holonically comprehensive. You can't win a P=NP, 4-fractal/spiral (0)-sum cooperative economic logistical plan until everyone else has the freedom and integrity and ecotherapeutic orthopraxis comprehension, intention, to win-win with you, coincidentally. With this perhaps un-Christian, and vaguely irreligious perspective that Democratic mutual-redeemer culture is closer to (0) sum Core Value Balanced Heaven rationality, and intuition, than appears to be the case for our benighted Republican wealthy fat-cat anthro-supremacist residents of Earth, we have turned rather too far our spinning cultural revolution pendulum away from the racist sin of monocultural monotheism, poverty and the overpowering commodification of human lives, and the commodification of other species, and the commodification of Earth's fire, water, soil and sky, Under-producing her capacity to regenerate fertile maturing seeds, turning away from sin as sterile insanity, disability and absence of healthy love, to now prophecy the sins of monopolistic drenching wealth, and overly ballistic power; to notice challenging, dissonant tipping points within monocultural, monochromatic, monopolistic bicamerally competing ecopolitical uncertainty and ecological dysfunction for all consciousness all nations, All extending families reconnecting our more humane DNA-informed bicameral information processor branch of EcoTribe, RNA-inscribed, transliterate, multisystemic and polyculturally Climaxing Community, interdependently coincidentally straining and stressing to comprehend Polynomial SpaceTime = Not-Not Polynomial Open Systemic Binomial Prime Relationship Temporal "Now" as Yang-convex/positive = Yin-concave/negative, as +1.00% QBit = +/-(0)% Soul Core-emergent universal Vertex/Dark Recessional Vortex (Perelman, 1993) So, yes, Democrats, not Plutocrats, maybe somewhat closer, but closer doesn't count when playing Win-Win economic ecotherapy. Donkey clown shoes might also fit elephants. Speaking of elephants in too-narrow-minded oppositional spaces, where was I? Oh, yes, she’s in the bathtub again, better watch that wet wild floor.
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