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Earthy Empathy
You've heard that self-unfulfilling prophecy? "I love humanity-- it's just people I can't stand." I love healthy humanity-- it's just wealthy and/or snooty people I can't stand I love cooperative humanity-- it's just overly-competitive individuals I can't stand. Not so distant from, I love U.S. society and nationalistic unpatriotic jingoistic culture, absence of non-bully matriarchal-empowered subculture, or whatever I don't feel like thinking too historically or too health systemically about pathology today, it's just Trump as President we all should politically adore salute celebrate his pompous narcissistic defamation while standing naked tall on both empty-headed feet. And to think he gave up a lucrative White business man career over-invested in capturing and raping high end real estate, developing and seductively marketing naked elitism and capital worshiping consumerism, while Earth's climate accelerates to burn and flood, Further polluting rivers and oceans and lakes, Further polluting and thinning what's left of fertile ground soil, Further polluting and strangling healthy food production and consumption, Further stressing slippery non-conservative slopes neglecting health care systems, domestic and exterior, and abusing ballistic pathology receiving war and terror-tool development industries instead of nurturing cooperative gospel multiculturing messages Further bruising and killing internal feelings and external climates for both ego-therapeutic and eco-healing Win/Win peace, composure, dignity, loyalty, integrity, health, synergetic wealth ecosystemic resonance. I'm not sure post-millennial people with or without disabilities, people with sacred faith in God's goddess-laced diversity regathering natural/convex with spiritual/concave images bipolar Dipolar feeling authentic bicameral tensions nationalistic RightWing U.S. capital racism, retributive justice patriarchy, active fear and anger incarnating WhiteGod's Wrath toward Don Trump as failed and bitter and cynical bullying AntiChrist President during this Great RedFlaming Millennial EndTime. In a post-millennial narrative, we all invite ourselves to unfaithfully return to unhealthy Win/Lose capitalistic LeftBrain dominant ly encultured ZeroZone competing nationalistic non-cooperations. I'm not sure about my own transmillennial ZeroZone issues about loving U.S. RightWing economic conservators moving toward green natural organic LeftWing health choices, co-investments in hoarding love experiences of divine humanity within every hue and color of and for fundamental goodnews Win/Win non-violently communicating ultra-violet Grace which embraces all our mythic stages EXCEPT: Evangelistic jihad Trump-praising and Patriarch-defending Great BornAgain elite business dogmatists ignorant of experience with wealth of Holy/Holonic Patriarchal/Matriarchal Balancing Spirit of Natural Integrity Not worshiping capital idols and false gods loyal to Win/Lose messy EarthClimate Futures, betting against Creator PatriarchalGod of Love's kingdom at PCsunshine hand. Such internal dissonance is theologically troubling because RightWing fear- and anger-mongering elite nationalism is so much more like pre-millennial Jealous YHWH than post-millennial God of Green Sojourner Love, Messiahs of Truth, Timeless Bodhisattva Beauty, Harmony, Integrity... Maybe we could do Win/Win better with more green democratic extended family choices. I do believe Christians have special scriptural reasons to actively search for healthier green in organic communion gardens and permacultural cooperatively-owned and operated sheep farms, polycultural EcoSchools for natural/spiritual bilateral nutrition before over-investing in anti-ecological anti-theological capital ungreen vampire-nation gains toward building climate threatening and threatened shore-front high rises destined to fall for heedless old real estate BusinessAsUsual eyes still blind to rainbow promise proclaiming post-millennial wind turbine Paradise as a more long-range patriotic investment choice for coastal MotherLand CoOperatives. Why such living green prejudice? Because it is both historical and scriptural wisdom: Gospel people and sparrows and lilies and mustard seeds are to be known by our love with each Other more than our investments against each other, especially the non-elite and at risk of other alien nations and religions and cultures and maybe ages and gender and color and fragrance and touch and feelings and language and... GreenGrace invites us To include wounded children and their mothers and grandmothers, To include residents of punishing legal systems and insane asylums and old age homes and persecuted sanctuaries from our collective failures, To include people with disabilities and terrorizing spirits and disabling inside voices and lack of outside therapeutic choices, hope including healthy organic medicinal responses to pre-existing unhealthy past conditions. Do I mean pre-existing sinful mental conditions? Not necessarily loved quite so much as pre-existing Win/Lose ignorance of Win/Win humane nature divine spirit healthier multi-lateral opportunities But, yes, pre-existing sinful conditions for those who experience sin as absence of sufficiently healthy multicultural love. Why not open polypathic bridges across value paradigms? What if our love within Earth's divine everyday humanity teaches us to value enchanting love climates comfortable for all green and unseen ultra-violet resources rather than more Win/Lose competing disvalues exploiting no one more chaotically in military-industrialized disarray than disenchanted RightWing Trumpian patriarchs Who originally intended to master long-term economic green and serve Earth's ecological creation stories of GreatGreen Rapture co-relational EarthTribe staged and Win/Win restoratively played co-empathically Humane animals and plants to the loving Left with Divine people in Earth's GreenGrace JustRight.
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