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Prophets and Messiahs

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Charles Eisenstein quote from p. 81, Sacred Economics, 2011, Evolver.

The difference between bad-old-boy competitively evolving egg whites and good-girl revolutionary just-us-yolks is the difference between prophetic intent and messianic practice, said Professor Glory in her Gospel of Permaculture class, one Friday morning while sitting on her crass desk of Primal Theory. What could this dipolarity possibly mean, between prophets of reforming doom and brighter co-redeemers, for science and a more exegetical philosophy? she apparently asked rhetorically as surely no pupil would raise a voice or brow to expansively respond. Prophet Kuhn's Problem of Incommensurability within scientific revolutions, as contrasted to normal-science evolutions, runs logically parallel to Darwin's problem that endosymbiosis appears to conclude that the genetically rich will always get richer, whether these be biological genes or paradigmatic memes, without explaining a more complex phylogenetic recreativity and interdependence resulting in great speciating transitions and scientific revolutions across multiple paradigms, bringing what was individuated into a new, more multiculturally explicated, consciousness of evolving ecto-cooperatively synced co-empathic democratic trust. Culturally synergetic trends across ectosymbiotic revolutions of cooperative Win-Win evolutionary diastasis, or, as we like to say in Permaculture, "climaxing beloved community" conjoins complexly interdependent paradigms species within ecological systems, cooperating networks. So one prophet's competitively incommensurable endo-evolution of Business As Usual shouting for reform could also be a cooperative messiah's meta-commensurable ecto-revolutionary permacultural exegesis rooted in a fractal regenerativity of relativity theory, as Primal Relationship of Left with Right bicameral consciousness. Right-meta-intuitive with Left-endo-ego-deductive balance coarises two nondual, endo with ecto, symbiotic environmental views of culture, nature, form, information, deductively-physical with intuitively-metaphysical function, con-scientific conscience, consciousness of supporting prophetic evolutions promising revolutionary cooperative permacultural design and development of familial and tribal and all ectosymbiotic political and eco-logical eco-normics. Prophets predict scientific revolutions most exegetically and co-redemptively correct, as in historically accurate about Great Transitions, after the fact of swelling intuitive/deductive cultural support. Meanwhile the co-messianic promise of a new cooperative permacultural metaphysical endo/ectosymbiotic evolutionary paradigm may resolve more ectosymbiotic imbalances long before competitive BusinessAsUsual Left-brain dominance realizes he has already lost interest enthusiasm investment in further Win-Lose Evolutionary Prophecies. Permaculturing seasons with deductive/inductive developmental reasons long ago RNA-inclusively proved themselves to be at least as successful endosymbiotically, deductively, reductively within any one paradigm or species, as ectosymbiotically, metasystemically, polyculturally, universally, cosmologically, seasonally/transitionally fractal rhythms of eco-consciousness as Time; a Win-Win Opera in 4 confluent voices with Polynomial Uracil singing full Yang Summer of ReGenesis with Not-Not Polynomial Cytosine's full Yin-Yin Winter DeComposition while Adenine-Springs forward Yin to Yang consumption and Guanine-Falls back Yang toward Yin production, A with G and U with C each bi-elliptically dipolar-fractal (0)-soul centrally regeneratively revolving diastasis; bicamerally functional in-form-ation-- not-not cognitive dissonance theory. Both Left-endo and Right-ecto symbiosis are important to bicameral co-messiahs with scientific-intuitive revolutionary/transitional information processes, autonomic-aptic-endemic steering toward pandemic enculturation. Quoting my colleague Professor C. Eisenstein, "Are people happier now, more fulfilled, for having films rather than tribal storytellers, MP3 players rather than gatherings around the piano? Are we happier eating mass-produced food rather than that from a neighbor's field or our own garden? Are we happier? Has any new need been met?" Intending this quote rhetorically concluded with a question, Professor Glory smiled with pleasure at the smallest person voice far in back of her great assembly hall, "Our new permacultural need on behalf of all EarthTribe species is cooperative networking capacity which might revolve recapacity to gather around a piano to become each other's song sung in exquisite harmonic octaves, with four equally balanced voices co-messianically blending East with prophetic West and exegetically back again, reiterating karmic grace." Well sung. Co-arising revolution is to exegetical regenesis of loving nutritious grace as prophetic evolution is to eisegetical phylogenesis, struggling toward polypathic natural designs of cycling time.

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