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Long Dalmatian Poems

Long Dalmatian Poems. Below are the most popular long Dalmatian by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Dalmatian poems by poem length and keyword.

Star Wars part 2
She pressed a button on the console, the Mighty engines roared, the computer monsters flickered
as Moonblaster 5 space  soared

She said,  Cat Squad Eleven of  Moonblaster 5 , its  "All Systems Go"...

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© john scott  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dalmatian, adventure, planet,
Form: Ballad

The Magical Green Forest
I was walking on a green field when a cyclone came and picked me up,
He wrapped me in dark whirlwind, so I screamed that no one could ever stop;
When he was annoyed, he dropped me...

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Categories: dalmatian, beauty, celebration, imagination, nature, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
dogs that left faux paw prints extant within me life
dogs that left faux paw prints extant within me life 

lids black out and allow me to write
about a petty issue ye aye in vite
while eyes shut tight
bring back four legged friends sprite
and though many...

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Categories: dalmatian, absence, animal, anxiety, beautiful, best friend, care,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Gustybot Melly - not for refined folk
This the story of Gustybot Melly
His really small nose and his very large belly
He'd finished the biscuits, the cake and the jelly
And munched all the crisps like the ones on the telly

And when he was...

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Categories: dalmatian, marriage, sick,
Form: Rhyme

The historical Stone Walker sings gravedigger, dearth songs. 
A warning: the End Times are approaching and almost upon us.

In a land called the Monongahela across the river and down highway 10 west to the northern...

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Categories: dalmatian, humanity, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Prose

contest suggestion
I cannot sponsor a contest but if you can and you are looking for a topic may I 
suggest a limerick contest that requires the poet to base the limerick on a word that 

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Categories: dalmatian, on writing and wordsme, sweet, me, sweet,
Form: Limerick
dogs that left faux paw prints extant within me life
lids black out and allow me to write
while eyes shut tight
bring back four legged friends sprite
and though many years passed quite

I can remember those precious creatures 
   who barked at night
howling at inaudible...

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Categories: dalmatian, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, animal,
Form: Elegy
Ayo, Once upon a time..
There was a absurd world we called it planet earth
The poor people in the dirt, and the rich that didn't work
What's even worse, is I don't even see our worth
Is it...

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Categories: dalmatian, conflict, corruption, dedication, environment, imagery, truth, world,
Form: Free verse
Throbbing sentimental pangs trigger nostalgic memories of yesteryear uno
Mine emotionally fraught days of yore
spilt presentiment tinged blood
into sucker punched battle fatigued
war weary veteran.

He (yours truly) doth
presently ramble, scrabble, and trundle
across gutted landscape
strewn with psychological potsherds.

Oppressive alienation hashtags me as outcast,
where new born babes...

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Categories: dalmatian, 1st grade, 2nd grade, angst, boy, education,
Form: Rhyme
Sweet little feet as she walks,
frame petite in the park on the trail.
Slender and small such a doll
with her ever so Betty Davis eyes.
I want your life.... little sticks hold
her long darkly hair, she can't

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© Izzy Gumbo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dalmatian, peace
Form: I do not know?
Righteous smart left hand
Righteous smart left hand

Short lived amnesia 
(there's no app for that) found
his highness (ha... ha... ha... hm)
drawing a (figurative) blank
today January 54th, 2021,

when the misses asked yours truly
to access Verizon voicemail,
me noggin made a clank,

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Categories: dalmatian, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure, february, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
My Matty Mattel Talking Doll
While meditating earlier today,
a flashback leapt
     clear for me to assay,
those ever receding

     early boyhood daze,
     now subsumed within fifty,
plus nine shades of...

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Categories: dalmatian, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, age,
Form: Free verse
Z is for Zaria
A-Z Latin and Common names of plants.

A is for Acanthus Mollis the Latin name but this does teach us
B is for the common name we know it as bears Breaches.

C is for Campanula some are...

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Categories: dalmatian, nature, tree, beauty, flower, beauty, flower, tree,
Form: ABC
Star Wars part 1
Captain Cleopatra was feeling very pleased today, as she stood, on the bridge of the Federation's Moonblaster 5

This was her first command after passing out of the "Universal Academy of  Feline Officers" and she...

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© john scott  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dalmatian, adventure,
Form: Ballad
Reflecting On Thy Long Doggone Pooch
Reflecting On Thy Long Doggone Pooch -
"Georgie Harris"

At present moment thoughts adrift,
     whereat figurative throne,
     this chap doth 
     emotionally abdicate
no particular reason...

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Categories: dalmatian, 3rd grade, absence, animal, best friend, boy,
Form: Ode
Living Angel
Her eyes spoke of love beyond any comparison.
Simple glances she could speak volumes of words.
No language spoken by voice though much power,
Intently she was observant to her surroundings.
Graciously she painted concern with attitude.
Sometimes so sternly...

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Categories: dalmatian, animals, caregiving, daughter, death, dedication, devotion, faith,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Elegy for a Duchess
Who would believe your slim elegant body would win my affection, 
when you gracelessly step on toes? Your soft doe skin of cream 

spotted brown, floppy ears I threaten to turn into gloves as a...

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Categories: dalmatian, age, animal, best friend, death, dog, loss,
Form: Elegy
Why spoiled misses princess
Why spoiled misses princess...
never wishes to awaken from pleasant snooze

Appellation (with trailing switchback
and/or additional colorful turns
of phrases) emphasizing assigned
nom de plume "princess goldilocks"
hardly flattering compliment

gently aforementioned sobriquet mocks,
jabs, and stings painful as botox
analogous when the...

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Categories: dalmatian, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, anti
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nobody Home
I shook him and shook him but he wouldn’t waken
He had to wake up to take his medication
It isn’t for pleasure or for recreation
But just for the sake of the USA nation

But on second thoughts,...

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Categories: dalmatian, humorous, political,
Form: Monorhyme
What I felt when I looked at you
a life
sized to daily care
which does not occur
regularly nor properly

they don't care

It's just a mere fulfillment of
inflicted patterns
pushing you
to die through those papers

(don't sign them)

they've inserted your heart
in a metal cage
and corrosion imprinted soul
making words...

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Categories: dalmatian, body, death, love,
Form: Free verse
Goebbel Voices

In the lush beer gardens of New Berlin,
fräulein Democracy dalmatian died
giving birth to a litter of surrogate lies

Fourth Reich Vandals with mongrel desires,
now on a demolition blitzkrieg breathe
Wehrmacht vapors rising volcanic once again

Perfidious voices carried...

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Categories: dalmatian, evil, history, holocaust, wisdom,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member Dame Dalmation of Dorcanshire
When she entered the French tea house, we all fell in line.
Everything about her was elegant, she was amazing and refined.
The embroidered frogs on her hand-designed jacket, the latest style.
She outclassed the queen of society,...

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Categories: dalmatian, animal, dog,
Form: Rhyme
Kape Fear
Got kold hatred in their eyes,
so kadaver kold
The killer gaze kuickly komes alive,
whenever the wrong kolor
neighborly arrive

Kagily enter into the dark domain Kape Fear,
where brothas ain’t burning cross welcome here

Mister Kady,
the kosplay kaptain
of kritter kontrol,

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Categories: dalmatian, anxiety, perspective, race, symbolism,
Form: Bio
quadraphonic XXX
Mongoose can rarely tell the time. It is relevant to in flight formation to adjust the seconds using buffalo horns. Wild driving of a boat by a dalmatian on a sunset lake. Spots are great....

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Categories: dalmatian, adventure,
Form: I do not know?

This is the story of a beautiful horse named Glory

Freckled and spotted
She stood but a twig
Lost in a forest
Of abandonment

Tires and barbwire
Surround her by day
And at night she suffers
The coyotes cries, not far away

Left with...

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Categories: dalmatian, animals, death, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, fear,
Form: I do not know?